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Have we met? You know I LOVE butter right? I understand what makes great butter, and I can taste quality dairy right away. Whenever I visit Ireland or France, I gorge myself on that creamy yellow spread on fresh bread. So when I was told by a friend that Cork had a Butter Museum, I had to take a couple of breaths. Were they serious? Yes, very serious!

The Butter Museum

The city of Cork does have a butter museum, but unfortunately no tasting room. Although I did see signs for butter making demonstrations, which I did miss but would have definitely gone to if I had the time. The Butter Museum is walkable from the center of Cork, about a 10 – 15 minute walk. If you are taking the Hop on Hop off Bus, I did see it stop by the Butter Museum.

The gentleman who ran the Butter Museum was an amazing man, and he loved Irish butter just as much as I. He was genuine and friendly, we spoke for awhile about almost everything from visiting America to what makes butter great.

My butter wrappers that I hand printed.

The museum itself is small, only but a couple of stories. Be prepared to stay for about an hour, depending on how fascinated you are with the history of butter.

If you are truly interested in the history of butter in Ireland, and how it effects their economy then this a good museum for you. As a lover of higher quality food, one can expect a good time inside The Butter Museum. It gives you an appreciation of Ireland, the butter industry, and how it got on the butter map through commercialism. There is an interesting video by Kerry Gold that I enjoyed because of the information, and retro commercials.

In the museum, there are displays of butter making equipment from the past and my favorite, the old butter labels.  I found everything about this food museum interesting.

I am very glad that I came to the Butter Museum, no disappointments. I love butter, and am always up for understanding the history of food. If you are too, then a trip to Cork’s Butter Museum should be on your to do list.

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Laughter is brightest where food is best…

– Irish Proverb
Yours Truly in Cork

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