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Pâtisserie E. Ladurée | The Original Double Decker Macaron

I fell head over heals with Pâtisserie E. Ladurée two decades ago, but this indulgent French sweet shop selling high-end pastries and candy, has been around since 1862. You may know them for their best seller, the double decker macaron with a luscious filling that holds the colorful cookies together. Ladurée’s macarons are so perfect and divine, that these world famous sweet treats sell at a rate of 15,000 a day!

The Ispahan

Although we may all assume that the macaron was conceived in France, it was originally brought over from Italy by no other than Queen Catherine de’ Medici in the 16th century. It was Ladurée’s grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, who we can all thank for originating the idea of the double-decker macaron back in 1930. He placed two macaron shells together which were held by a glorious creamy ganache filling. It is what we all know today as the modern day macaron.

Ladurée’s inside Harrod’s of London

I am a fangirl in every way possible. The top reason is that Ladurée’s was the originator of this luxurious little treat. I love knowing the history of food and visiting places that originated it. Ladurée’s is also exquisite and delightful with their other confections, pastries and teas. Every bite is enjoyable and sends your sweet tooth asking for more.

Ladurée Madison in NYC

I am so fond of Pâtisserie E. Ladurée that I have visited the flagship store on Champs-Élysées in Paris, as well as numerous visits to their store in Harrods of London. Plus I stop by their U.S. store whenever I visit New York. I know there have been many more that opened, which means to me many more visits to global locations!


New York- Ladurée Madison

Although there are three locations in New York- Madison, Hudson Yard and Soho, I have always gravitated to the Madison one. It has been an easy location for me to visit since I frequent the neighborhood for the museums and Central Park. I will visit the other two locations eventually, as they look like they are different experiences but of course with the same divine desserts and macarons.

The Madison store is quite small but very adorable. If you want to sit down for tea and pastries you will have to make a reservation. I enjoy having tea and pastries at Ladurée, it allows one to have a quiet moment with a silver pot of fragrant tea and one of their sweet French pastries. If you love raspberries, I recommend the Ispahan which has been a great favorite of mine.

For more US location information and reservations, please visit their official website: Ladurée


London, England – Ladurée inside Harrods

I love London and I love Harrods. Whenever I visit England’s capital, I stop in their famous luxury department store for a look around and shop their food hall. One of my favorite stops in Ladurée for a box of macarons, their raspberry pastry or afternoon tea.

If you follow my blog, then you know how much I have written on my love of afternoon tea. My tea at Ladurée in London was divinely different from the traditional menu that is laid out for you. At Ladurée, you are able to choose your tea sandwiches and sweets as opposed to receiving what is plated for you. Plus you may choose from the different Ladurée croissants offered rather than traditional scones. It was a magnificent change of pace.

For more afternoon tea experiences, please visit my blog For the Love of Afternoon Tea – Part One

☕ Reservations are recommended for Afternoon Tea at Ladurée inside the luxurious  Harrod’s Department Store in London, England.


Paris, France – Ladurée on Champs Elysées

Along the Champs Elysées is Ladurée’s Flagship store in Paris. This beautiful patisserie is filled with their famous macarons, daily French baked goods, sweet pastries, teas and chocolates. Additionally, inside this location is a lovely restaurant that offers both International and French cuisine.

When I had visited the flagship store, I was with my daughter when she was fourteen years old. I was telling her all about Ladurée during our trip and we were excited to visit this location. Since we did not have reservations, we were sat at the sleek bar area and delighted ourselves on macaron ice cream desserts. This was a marvelous treat for us as mom and daughter. Plus Ladurée has been a favorite of my daughters since, and she is now 25 years old.

Ladurée Window – Champs Elysée


My love for Ladurée has many memories attached to this patisserie. Not only for the enticing pastries and macarons, but for the history and my personal experiences at each location. There are many locations all around the world now and I have booked marked them to add them to my ‘To Do List’. I take my pleasures very seriously!

Macaron varieties – Madison, New York

For locations, reservations and product information, please visit – Pâtisserie E. Ladurée


Take your pleasure seriously…

– Charles Eames
Yours Truly having Tea at Laduree NYC


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