The Jameson Experience | Whiskey Tasting in Midleton, Cork, Ireland

Whiskey has been tied with the Irish culture for centuries, with the word “whiskey” having Gaelic roots. Some of the first recordings of Irish whiskey dates back to 1405, and it is one of Europe’s earliest distilled beverages. So visiting whiskey bars and distilleries while touring the Emerald Isle, should always be included. I have been to Ireland three times, and have never left without a drink of uisce beatha – the water of life.

Uisce Beatha – the water of life

A terrific place to visit to learn about the Irish whiskey culture are the Jameson Distilleries. The Jameson Experience in Midleton, County Cork is one of two in Ireland. The second one is in the city of Dublin, which I have visited as well. The difference is the Bow St location in Dublin, is the original site where Jameson Irish Whiskey was distilled from 1780 until 1971. The Midleton Jameson is a much larger location, and where their whiskey is actually produced. My advice in visiting is to check out both!

Jameson Distillery – Midleton, County Cork

Over the years that I have traveled to Ireland, I visited the Jameson Experience in both Dublin (twice) and Midleton. On my most recent visit to Ireland, I hit both locations a week after each other, which were great experiences. The Dublin experience had a video and visual interactions, but gave a good history lesson on Jameson, the city of Dublin, and how both affected the world of whiskey.

Read Bow St location 👩🏻‍💻➡ Jameson Distillery – Bow St | Whiskey Tasting in Dublin, Ireland

Jameson Bow St location

The Jameson Experience in County Cork was quite different, as you were given a walking tour of the working facility. At the end of the tour, you will clearly understand the process of whiskey making from beginning to end, plus its evolution over the centuries.

Jameson Experience Entrance

Guided walking tour of the Midleton location:

At the end of both the Midleton and Dublin experiences, you will get to taste test three whiskeys (American, Jameson and Scotch), and make your own judgement which you prefer. It is fun to hear everyone’s choices although that they all tend to side with Jameson’s. Even better, you are given a ticket for a free Jameson drink at the bar. If you are not liver shy, that equals to three shots and a drink.

The Jameson Distillery tours should not be overlooked, even if you are not interested in whiskey. The history behind the distillery and how it played an important roll in Ireland, as well as learning how the ‘water of life’ has been part of Irish history is fascinating.

For information and ticketing, please visit – Jameson Experience, Midleton Cork

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