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Blenheim Palace – A UNESCO World Heritage Site | Exploring England

After reading about the splendor and grandeur of Blenheim Palace, I wanted to see it for myself. Over the years that I had been to England, I could never find a day tour that took me to Blenheim Palace until most recently. I drive very well on the American side of the road, but driving on the British side of the road to get anywhere scares the living daylights out of me. When a day tour out of London came up for a day that I was not busy, I booked it.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace, which is located in Oxfordshire was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and is the current home of the Duke of Marlboro. This extraordinary palace, which sits on a grand park like setting, was presented to the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, in 1704. Blenheim Palace was awarded to John Churchill in recognition of his victory over French and Bavarian troops.

Blenheim Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, as a location for outstanding universal value.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is grandiose in every way, as well as the gardens. If you have been to a great amount of British stately homes or castles, you know that they all look alike after awhile. There are some differences though, but they are all beautiful none the less.

Blenheim Palace was the exception and stood out from the awe-inspiring architecture to the regal grounds. I had time on my own to wander both the palace, and the gardens. Everything was meticulously kept tidy in a grand time capsule. Also, it has always been intriguing to me how the very wealthy lived in the last few centuries.

Palace State Rooms

While visiting Blenheim Palace, you will find helpful guides stationed in many of the rooms to give you information on the art, features, and what the room was intended for. My favorite room inside the Palace was along the backside, which had lovely views of the marvelous gardens. The room was very large, and at one side was a library of books and on the other side was a very large pipe organ. The guide told me that the room used to be a play room for all the children that were sent off into the country during WWII. I have read many stories about this occurrence, but at that moment I thought “Lucky kids”.

Luxurious children’s chairs

He brought this story to my attention because I was admiring the little chairs by the fire place. He also mentioned that the children used to play in this large room, then pointed out a dent in one of the pipes of the organ. Apparently, playing ball was a sport in this room during the winter, and one hit the pipes!

Extravagant Pipe Organ

The formal gardens which surround Blenheim Palace, may take you an hour or two to discover. You will find secret gardens, water terraces, a hand dug lake, and the Churchill Memorial garden, as well as a lovely rose garden.

Formal Gardens

There is a great historical and cultural value of Blenheim Palace. This was the birthplace and home of Sir Winston Churchill, and his family. There were also American ties to Blenheim palace, as a couple of the American Vanderbilts were also buried here, since the Churchill’s married into American money. The generations of Spencer – Churchills are are buried in St. Martin’s Churchyard, close to Blenheim Palace.

Churchill Burial sites – St. Martin’s Churchyard

Although Blenheim Palace and gardens are open to the public, the current Duke of Marlboro presently lives here as well. On my visit to the Palace we saw him driving the courtyard to get to his parking spot.

Duke of Marlboro’s Parking Space

I had finally made it to Blenheim Palace, and I was so very pleased about it. This location was another check-off from my bucket list, and I did not have to drive on the opposite side of the road to get there.

For visiting information, please visit – Blenheim Palace


Photo Journal of Blenheim Palace


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Yours Truly inside Blenheim Palace

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