Shakespeare’s Globe Theater | London, England

Do you fancy William Shakespeare? If so and if you are in London, the Globe Theater located next to the River Thames makes for a perfect visit. You can take in a play or take the theater tour, choose one or do both.

On my most recent visit to London, I decided to take the tour since my schedule during the evenings were limited. I figured that when I am back in London, I will make a special effort to see a production. I thought that having prior knowledge to the theater’s history would make it more special, I like to think ahead.

The Shakespeare Globe

The tour was insightful, and the guides were humorous. We were educated on the history of the current theater location, and the one prior. It had put into perspective the background of class structure, culture, and theater over the centuries. The guides lead you into the open air theatre, and were very informative showing where certain society classes sat, how plays were preformed, and the structure of the Globe.

The Stage

The current Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre. It was opened to the public in 1997, built approximately 750 feet from the original sight, and was founded by Sam Wanamaker, an actor and director. The theatre opened with the production of Henry V.

Open Air Theatre

The original theatre located in the London Borough of Southwark, was an Elizabethan playhouse where William Shakespeare wrote his plays. It was built in 1599, destroyed by a fire in 1613, rebuilt in 1614, only to be demolished thirty years later.

Since the 1600’s at the original Globe Theater, the audience had always been an important component for each performance. The open aired seats are arranged in galleries on different levels. The spectators widely surround the performers, and each can see the other at all times. It is similar to an open sports stadium set up during a music concert.

Seating at Shakespeare’s Globe

If you choose to watch a production, take note that the Globe does not only perform the works of Shakespeare. There are different performances here from Renaissance playwrights, to new writings, film screenings, music concerts, education workshops, and family events.

Theatrical Technicians at Work

Hint: Pre-planning your trip to The Globe is essential. I purchased my ticket online prior to my visit with a scheduled morning time slot. I highly recommend that you purchase online tickets to anything when you travel, and the Shakespeare Globe Tour is no exception.

When you purchase your pre-ticket you are guaranteed entry at a certain time and you can skip the queue. This will give you enough time to browse the theater’s memorabilia, use the WC, and not wait in line to buy a ticket.

For ticketing and theatre schedule, please visit – The Shakespeare Globe

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– William Shakespeare
Yours Truly at the Shakespeare Globe in London

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