What I ate in London – Part 2 – A Food Journal

The United Kingdom is my most frequented country that I have visited and explored. I have been traveling to London time after time since 2009, and am not done yet. In over a decade, I have watched the food scene evolve, and am always excited about it. England is not all about fish and chips or English fry-ups, although those are a couple of my favorite British meals.

English Fry-up

For those who are looking to visit London and wanting a few ideas of where and what to eat, I have compiled several food journals of ‘What I ate in London’. All along with links to my other food blogs and reviews. Happy reading and happing eating!


The Mac Factory

The Camden Market has a plethora of tempting food options including terrific Mac and Cheese. Growing up in the States, I grew up on this dish and enjoy the creative varieties that it comes in. The Mac Factory at Camden Market offers a tasty menu of different Mac and Cheese’s, from the classic to ones loaded with grown up ingredients.

It was a tough choice but I decided on the Super Mario Mac and Cheese. It is your classic Mac and Cheese with sauteed mushrooms, truffle oil, and garlic. It was wonderful cheesy goodness with a nice zest of garlic and truffle. I do not typically consume truffle oil, but I made an exception here.

For location and information, please visit – The Mac Factory


The London Double Tree

I have been known to play the point system when it comes to booking free hotel rooms and flights. It does take time and investment, but the results can be worth it. I had done just that when I stayed at the Double Tree by Hyde Park in London. I booked a free room on the Hilton Honors floor, and was offered delicious food, besides the lovely gourmet espresso in my room.

Upon check-in, I was given a couple bottles of water and a warm cookie, which was part of the Hilton Honors program. The morning buffet offered was great and had continental options, as well as items to create a traditional English breakfast. Playing the point system is a wonderful way to upgrade your travel experience, as well as earn free travel- more travel advise for the day!

For my Yelp review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Hyde Park on Yelp


Pick Up!

It is not everyday that you are walking the streets of London, and a group of marketing people are handing out Pick Up bars. I had just come out of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre when I walked passed a few young people handing out some of these chocolate cookie bars. I am not sure why, I am sure they mentioned it though. I was just happy to have a little snack for later.

I know this went against the rules of not taking candy from strangers, but I made another exception in this case. Free sweets? Yes, please.


Fish and Chips at Geales

Geales is the oldest chippy in Notting Hill, London. It is also a delicious seafood restaurant with great fish and chips. It was first opened Pre-WWII in 1939, and it has seen its share of history throughout the last century. Although the look has changed of this chippy, the concept of fresh fish and chips are the same. Maybe why it has been around for 70+ years. Every fish and chip lover needs to come here.

On my visit to Geales, I ordered a bubbly prosecco to start, then the white fish soup, and the fish (cod) and chips. Everything came out in a timely manner, I did not feel rushed, and I took my time feasting on crispy battered fish and chips. The fish soup was excellent, it was a creamy broth with plenty of tender bits of white fish. I enjoyed everything about Geales from the historic atmosphere, the wonderful service, and the delicious food. This place definitely has my love.

For my complete Yelp review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Geales on Yelp

More Fish & Chips ➡️ Fish and Chips | The Love of a Good Chippie


Indian Food

Whenever I am in England, I love eating Indian Food. I eat it a couple of times per visit to the United Kingdom.

There is a strong historic connection with England and India, although all not good history. The good thing that did come out of it is the amount of quality Indian restaurants throughout the country.

There are numerous places in England to try Indian food, so google or yelp your closest location. In London, I do recommend Dishooms, Salt an Tandoor Chop House. I believe their Indian food is better than what was offered in America up to a few years ago. We are slowly catching up, thank goodness.


A Drink at The Red Lion

The Red Lion is no ordinary pub. This historic drinking establishment located at 2 Duke of York, Mayfair, London is one of London’s rare examples of original ornate Victoriana at its finest. The Red Lion was opened in 1788, but the one you see today was constructed in 1821. It also survived the Blitz completely intact. Miracles do happen!

You must come in for a drink, even if it is something simple like a gin and tonic. The Red Lion is marvelous with commissioned glasswork, and rich wood features. It is a wonderful older establishment that allows you to step back in time with a drink in hand.

For more information, please visit – The Red Lion Mayfair


Hotel Food at the Hampton Inn

I had just flown in from Tallinn, Estonia to the Stansted Airport in London, and decided to stay the night. I figured I could relax a bit before I traveled into the city, which I found to be a great idea. The Hampton Inn was a nice modest stay, with decent pub style hotel food, and a full breakfast buffet.

I decided on a coronation chicken sandwich, fries, and an avocado chicken salad. I did not eat it all at once of course, this was spread out between lunch and dinner. I love coronation chicken sandwiches, which is a curried chicken salad sandwich. It is one British creation that I enjoy in tea sandwiches, or for a fast lunch.

For my Yelp review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Hampton by Hilton London Stansted Airport on Yelp


North Sea Fish Restaurant

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy a solid plate of fresh fish and chips? There are plenty of places in the UK to have this mainstay dish, but you have to find a good chippy in order to appreciate this dish. I have eaten very bad fish and chips from ordinary take aways, but I have also tried terrific ones too.

The fish and chips served at North Sea Fish Restaurant was one of the better places that I have tried. This family owned chippy has been open since 1977, and has over ten varieties of fish delivered daily. They also give you fresh tartar sauce, and a large basket of chips with your order.

For more information, please visit – North Sea Fish Restaurant


Lunch at ffiona’s

For over two decades ffiona’s in Kensington has been a well known neighborhood establishment for locals and travelers alike. This tasty restaurant offers British cuisine using fresh ingredients that I found delicious. The atmosphere is casual cozy, and the service was very friendly.

I decided on ordering a couple of dishes that I really enjoyed. A bowl of vegan vegetable soup with fresh artisan bread. Plus a dish of ffiona’s duck pate with toast that I found delectable. It was a very tasteful light lunch while in Kensington.

For restaurant information, please visit – ffiona’s Restaurant


S & M Café

Let’s take it back to 2009, and visit the now defunct S & M Café. Although this tasty restaurant has closed its doors, I felt the need to include it in my journal of London eats. The name was what drew me in, and I will admit that it got my attention.

S & M stood for Sausage and Mash. This tasty café offered many types of sausages from your regular bangers to exotic meats like wild boar. All on top of a plate of creamy mash and a ladle of brown gravy. It was the meat and potato lovers dream of a restaurant.


Ice Cream at the Royal Observatory

Double scoop side by side, how brilliant! Two scoops of ice cream is a common concept everywhere, but this cone is strictly an Eastern Hemisphere thing. We do not have this style of cone in America, instead we top one scoop on top of the other. One on top of the other means that we have to finish one scoop before we get to the other. With this cone you can alternate flavors, which I did!

I had this luscious ice cream cone on the grounds of The Royal Observatory. It was a very warm day actually, and I remember locals calling it an Indian Summer day in September. I do believe that this butter pecan and raspberry swirl ice cream cone kept me cool, on that Indian Summer day in London.


Airport Lounge Life

I have been an airport lounge lush for quite sometime, and have frequented them throughout Europe. How can one not enjoy complimentary drinks, food, quiet space, and private restrooms prior to a long flight. Sometimes the food can be ordinary and uneventful, but other times it is something quite wonderful.

The premium lounge inside Heathrow airport was magnificent from the glasses of champagne, the spicy Bloody Mary, to the full English breakfast served. They also offered me the lunch menu in case I wanted an extra meal. I was tempted but I had a flight to catch back home, and I was going to be fed on that flight as well. Invest in first class airport lounges, another bit of travel advice from me!


What I ate in London – A Food Journal – Parts One and Three

If you are looking for more food ideas while in London, feel free to read my other food blogs. I have several London food articles, from food journals to restaurant reviews.

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Yours Truly at Paddington Station in London

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