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The Petrossian Bar – Caviar and Afternoon Tea | Las Vegas, Nevada

The Petrosian Bar inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas offers the best of both posh worlds; caviar service and afternoon tea, as well as a Caviar Afternoon Tea! This place shows off the more sophisticated side of this city, especially when it comes to enjoying the finer things.

Petrossian Caviar Service

Petrossian Caviar

How do you enjoy your caviar- with champagne or vodka? However you love your caviar, you can experience it at the Petrossian Bar. Petrossian Caviar has been offering the world’s finest for a century and has always been a solid choice. There are a few other locations worldwide including Paris, Brussels, New York and Los Angeles. I think it wonderful that there is a location in the heart of Las Vegas.

Enjoying a vodka tonic.

The Petrossian Bar is located by the front lobby inside the Bellagio hotel. Although I do enjoy the services at this location, the bar sits within the busiest area of the Bellagio. I am quite a private person and do not like a lot of crowds. If you are the same, you can always ask to be seated inside the back room or behind the piano. If you are making reservations for the afternoon tea, more than likely you will be seated in the back but you can always request a quiet seating upon making reservations.

When it comes to how the caviar is served, you can enjoy it in the classic style with toast points and blinis. If you want a more modern twist, they offer caviar tacos and cones. How ever you want to enjoy your caviar, the Petrossian Bar is great place to experience it.


Caviar Taco

Noted as one the world’s most opulent and decadent tacos. This tempting dish features two thin and crispy potato shells that are layered inside with the flavors of Hamachi, lemon, chives, olive oil, and then topped with Daurenkie caviar.

Tuna Cones

Tiny cones filled with fresh raw tuna, lemon oil and topped with caviar and chives.

Caviar Service

Choice of Petrossian caviar, toast points, blinis soufflé, creme fraiche, eggs mimosa and red onion.

For restaurant information, please visit The Petorssian Bar


Afternoon Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable then the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea”. Thank you Sir Henry James for those inspiring words. I have been a lover of this ceremony for almost two decades and have experienced it around the world. No matter how it is done a cup of quality tea, finger sandwiches, scones and pastries are always an agreeable hour or two.

The Petrossian Bar offers a lovely afternoon tea service that is served on elegant china and silver service ware. I enjoy little details like this because a lot of these little details definitely add up.

‘No Big Deal’ Gin Cocktail

The Petrossian Bar offers alcoholic beverages that you can consume prior to your afternoon tea. I have never said no to a cocktail while waiting for my friends or with my friends, prior to tea. On my last visit to the Petrossian Bar, I tried their ‘No Big Deal’ cocktail which had gin. I found this a wonderful cocktail, very light and refreshing. This was a great option before the heavy afternoon tea that was about to happen.

Afternoon tea comprised of the traditional scones, savories and sweets.

  • Bellagio’s Signature Scones with clotted cream, bordier butter and seasonal jam
  • Tea Sandwiches: Farm Egg Salad, Jamon Iberico, English Cucumber, Truffle Gougere
  • French Pastries: Raspberry Macaroon, Triple Chocolate Cake and Spiked Lemon Petit Gateau

The Petrossian Bar also serves a Cavair Afternoon Tea which I have been meaning to try. Once I go and experience it, I will be sure to write about- stay tuned!

For my Five Star Yelp review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Petrossian Bar on Yelp


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