Talkeetna Historic District | Exploring Small Town Life in Alaska

Northern Exposure? That I do not know, but what I do know is that Talkeetna was a picturesque and charming little town in Alaska. I also know that at one time they had a CAT as Mayor. I am actually a dog person, but I will not hold that against them.

While we were in Denali, we had asked a local if there was anything else interesting on the way back to Anchorage. He suggested that we visited Talkeetna, and it sparked our interest when he mentioned that a cat was once the Mayor, until he passed away. We obviously did not meet the Cat Mayor, but we did find a colorful historic town that we all enjoyed.

The town of Talkeetna was where people gathered prior to their climb up Mount McKinley, which is now Denali Mountain. Currently the town is a day destination with several restaurants, historic buildings, fun shops, and the Aurora Dora Gallery. It was a very nice place, and what you would imagine a small Alaskan town would look like. There was a lot of public parking available. You just need to look for it in both the paved, and dirt parking lots or along the side streets.

 As for my personal jetsetter’s opinion, I believe everyone should stop by Talkeetna on their drive between Anchorage and Denali. It is a terrific historic town to have lunch, ice cream, and a do bit of shopping. This colorful little town will add to your Alaskan trip magic.

For more town information, please visit Travel Alaska – Talkeetna Traveler and Vacation Information

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Shirley’s Burger Barn

The ice cream! Even on a cold dreary day, ice cream at Shirley’s is a definite treat. While we were hanging out in Talkeetna, we had kept walking past Shirley’s Burger Barn. There was a bit of a line and we saw people standing around with colorful ice cream cones underneath an awning to keep dry.

My friend said “I want ice cream”, and what that really meant was we all wanted ice cream. We all did want ice cream, we just did not say anything.

We spoke with the gentleman who was working the window, and he informed us on how Shirley’s ice cream was all natural and handmade. You can really taste it. We had tasted a few flavors before all settling on our scoops. I decided on the blueberry ice cream and it was delicious. It was a perfect kind of sweetness and it was very creamy. It is a win-win with any flavor you decide on here. Even if it is rainy, the ice cream at Shirley’s will ‘surely‘ brighten any day.

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Mountain High Pizza Pie

Hot food and a high carb intake was what my friends and I decided on while visiting the historic town of Talkeetna. It was a chilly day, and I am sure we burned off some fat by just shivering. I guess we all figured on replacing it with pizza and strombolis.

I ordered the Chicken and Rice soup to start, which was comforting on that cold and rainy day. I then decided on the stromboli, which had so much cheese inside. It was like a delicious package of melted gooey cheese was awaiting me inside that stromboli. It was pretty fantastic, but tell that to my arteries.

For restaurant information and hours- Home | Mountain High Pizza Pie | Talkeetna – pizza

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Escape and breath air of new places…

Yours Truly in Talkeetna

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