Kenai Fjords National Park | Exploring Alaska

Reserction Bay

Exploring Kenai Fjords National Park, which lies just outside of Seward, was an extraordinary experience while traveling through Alaska. This is where ice, ocean and mountains meet and the best way to visit this national park is by boat or kayak. If water travel is not your thing, you do have the option to visit Exit Glacier by land.

👩🏻‍💻➡ Exploring Exit Glacier | Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

While in Alaska, my friends and I did both Exit Glacier and a full day cruise of sailing through the Kenai Fjords. We decided on using Kenai Fjords Tours which I had five stared on Yelp, it was that excellent. As a traveler, I have been on many day tours in my lifetime. Some were more memorable than others, this was one of them.

Cruising the Kenai Fjords

Since we wanted to experience as much as we could, my friends and I chose the full day tour with lunch included, dinner on Fox Island, glacier viewing and a cruise through the Kenai Fjords. The only way to visit this National Park is by boat and Kenai Fjords Tours was terrific and a class act of a company.

The full day tour covered every detail from start to end. There was so much to see and the Kenai Fjords were breathtaking. We crossed into Resurrection Bay, saw a couple types of whales, different birds, sea lions and PUFFINS! I had been wanting to see a Puffin for over a year since I visited Iceland. I got to see my beloved puffins flying across the water on this trip. I was so excited!

Sea Lions

They also brought us to Holgate glacier, which was majestic and massive. The glaciers along the Kenai Fjords are in recession due to climate changes, so it was very important to view them while on the cruise. If you plan on visiting Exit Glacier by land, you can witness the glacier recession by sign posts along the way. There are destinations on Earth to visit before they disappear and these ancient glaciers are several of those places.

At one point, the crew members scooped up some glacier ice from the ocean and we got to taste glacier ice.

Eating glacier ice

There is no need to bring food while on the full day cruise as lunch and dinner were included. Both meals were good/ very good but not extraordinary. For lunch we were served a casual tray lunch with a chicken wrap, which was just okay. There was more lettuce than chicken inside my wrap; thank goodness there were packages of dressing on the table because I felt like I was eating a wrapped salad. We were also given a granola bar and chips with our lunch tray, which were decent but rounded out this casual meal.

Lunch on board

For dinner we sailed to Fox Island and had our meal inside a wooded lodge. It was a prime rib and Alaskan salmon buffet, which sounded delicious after the long day of cruising. I found both salmon and prime rib of buffet quality. I currently live in Las Vegas, the land of buffets, so I have a good sense of buffet quality dishes. The prime rib and salmon were a bit overdone and dry but it was understandable, especially since they were feeding the masses. The King Crab was pretty good and I could have eaten just that, but we were limited on how much crab to take.

The whole day cruising Kenai Fjords National Park was memorable- everything from the breathing beauty of the various landscapes, riding the waves from the front of the boat, viewing orcas and puffins, and even the King Crab legs for dinner. All in all, Kenai Fjords Tours was top notch and I definitely recommend them to all you Alaskan tourists!

For more park information, please visit Kenai Fjords National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (

Tour company information- Tours Cruises of Kenai Fjords National Park | Kenai Fjords Tours (

For my Five Star Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Kenai Fjords Tours on Yelp

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Boat Docks

Wildlife Viewing

Reserction Bay

Morning sky


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Yours Truly cruising around Kenai Fjords National Park.

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