A Taste of Spring Wine Dinner with Master Sommelier, Carmelo Messina | Tuscany Gardens in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fine dining in Las Vegas has always been a favorite past time of mine, especially when it is a multiple coursed dinner with wine pairing. It gets even better when dinner is hosted by a Master Sommelier as he discusses each wine, the regions of which they came, and how to taste the food with the wines themselves. This is the type of dining experience that I enjoy. I like the hands on knowledge of elevating my senses towards the food, and wines that I am partaking in.

A Taste of Spring Wine Dinner Menu

“A Taste of Spring Wine Dinner” was not a structured lecture class, but a fine four coursed dinner paired with Italian wines at Tuscany Gardens Italian Steakhouse, inside the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas.

At the start of each course, a special presentation by Master Sommelier, Carmelo Messina, was made. He spoke about each wine, the region of Italy from which it came, and how to taste the wines with each dish.

Gold Pin Sommelier, Carmelo Messina, leads his wine presentation.

Carmelo Messina is a Gold Pin Sommelier of the Italian Sommelier Association, with an additional Master in Professional Wine Tasting. He teaches Italian wine classes in Las Vegas, as well as holding first class wine and food tours in Italy, with his company Italy’s Best Wine Tours.

Carmelo Messina of Italy’s Best Wine Tours Testimonials

Imagine having your own personal Master Sommelier with you while touring Italy. Carmelo’s wine and food tours are starting to book for small groups on week long excursions, of Sicily, Veneto, Tuscany or Piedmont. If you are interested in more information, please visit his Facebook page and website Italy’s Best Wine Tours

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– On the Table at Tuscany Gardens Italian Restaurant –

I have been to Tuscany Gardens once before, but it was only for dessert and I did enjoy it. When I came back in for their “Taste of Spring Wine Dinner”, I was very impressed with their service, food, and wine pairing. This multi-coursed event was a magnificent dining experience, and was executed well. We were treated to hearty and flavorful dishes with perfect wine pairing, plus information about Italy’s regions, as per Carmelo Messina.

— Bread and Focaccia —

An assortment of fresh bread, parmesan crisp and focaccia served with herbed balsamic vinegar & olive oil.


— First Course —

Antipasti Platter paired with Ca’ De’ Medici Lambrusco

The Lambrusco I found to be a delicious sweet red wine that paired splendidly with the salty cheeses and meats on the Antipasti Platter. I typically do not favor sweeter wines, but this Lambrusco had the luscious flavors of berries, and was extraordinary. I especially enjoyed the sweet and salty balances of the Lambrusco when eaten with the strong flavorful gorgonzola- Fantastico!


— Second Course–

Gnocchi with Pancetta and Kale Pesto paired with Villa San Zeno by Campagnola, Soave

I was very impressed with this particular food and wine pairing. This Northern Italian wine was crisp and dry, with a good acidity to it. The acidity made for a perfect palate cleanser after each bite of this colorful and flavorful second course. The gnocchi was delicious, and it was my first time to try “kale pesto”. It was not as strongly flavored as I thought it would be, which was nice. The sauce’s flavors and consistency worked quite well with the heaviness of the gnocchi, and the saltiness of the pancetta- Delizioso!


— Intermezzo —

Raspberry Sorbet

Palate cleansers are typically sorbets and always welcomed. If you are not familiar with this in-between course, it is served to remove food residue from the tongue. This allows one to more accurately assess a new flavor or dish. In this case, this luscious tart Raspberry Sorbet cleansed our palate prior to our third course, which was a more flavorful meat dish- Bravo!


— Third Course–

Herb Marinated Rack of Lamb OR Prime Fillet Mignon, paired with Colli Trevigiani Wildbacher

This was my favorite wine for the evening. It was a lovely full flavored red, which was bold and intense. It had a nice acidity and tannins that helped cleanse the palate. What I noticed most was the delicious finish that lingered on. My choice for dinner was the Prime Filet Mignon, medium rare, and it balanced perfectly with the Colli Trevigiani Wildbacher.


— Fourth Course —

Chocolate Mousse paired with Rubigalia Malvasia

This was a magnificent dessert pairing. The richly flavored chocolate mousse was delightfully matched with a tall glass of light and fruity Rubligalia Malvasia, which is a wine that is typically reserved for the end of a meal. This beautiful dessert wine was sweetly fragrant, and had the crisp flavors of apple and pear- Magnifico!


Eating sumptuous dishes along with drinking luscious wine and cocktails, are a couple of my favorite things to do in life. Now, my true passion in life is travel but when combined with my other love for gastronomy, that sets in motion an extraordinary experience, which I know will fulfill all my senses. If gastronomy and travel are also passions of yours, consider booking a luxury tour with Italy’s Best Wine Tours. Food, wine, and travel with a Gold Pin Sommelier, Carmelo Messina; now that is First Class Excursion!

🍷 Tell Carmello that I sent you and receive a $100 discount!

If you are interested in other wine and dinner events at Tuscany Gardens, please visit their website- Tuscany Gardens – Tuscany Suites and Casino (tuscanylv.com)


To wine. It improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it…

Yours Truly, Trixie

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