Café Belvedere | Cream Cake + Views of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bled Cream Cake, Rosé, Caffe and a Fairy Tale View – That was all that I needed to seal the deal on my love for Slovenia. It all happened at Café Belvedere, a graceful spot along Lake Bled, which boasts the best church and lake views. Café Belvedere not only had breath taking views, but a heavenly Cream Cake, which is well known in Lake Bled.

The Church on Lake Bled

I found Café Belvedere in a serendipitous way when I was walking a full loop around the lake. I had no plans, only to walk the full lake and eventually find a hilltop view of the church, as well as try the Bled Cream Cake. At about the 1/4 mark, I started to see signs for Café Belvedere, which boasted the best views of the church and Bled Cream Cake. It sounded perfect and it was perfect, just as advertised.

Location of Café Belvedere

There are two ways to get to Café Belvedere, by road and by trail. There is a road that will take you to the front of the café, if you are not trekking around the lake. The walking trail to Café Belvedere is marked with signs, and up a series of stone steps. Once you get to the top of the stairs, turn RIGHT. I made the mistake of turning left, and had to backtrack, which was no problem. I had just burned extra calories,

This way to Café Belvedere

Once you arrive to Café Belvedere, you will find patio seating to the left of the hillside café. That was a lovely seating area, but the best I had found were inside the restaurant. Once you enter the building and directly in front, you will see a glass wall with balcony seating. That balcony is were the best seats in the house are, as you have unobstructed views of the church on the lake. Since the café was not busy when I arrived, I was seated along with other lucky patrons with the best views of Lake Bled.

For Lake Bled information – Lovely Lake Bled | Discovering Slovenia

– On the Table –

I must recommend that you hold off on eating Bled Cake until you arrive to Café Belvedere, it is worth the wait. You will enjoy both a divine slice of Lake Bled’s famous Cream Cake, and stunning views of the lake in classic and elegant atmosphere.

Slovenian Rosé

As the saying goes, “Rosé All Day”, and what a way to spend all day.

— Bled Cream Cake —

Bled Cream Cake is a tasteful layered dessert, with luscious layers of vanilla custard, cream, puff pastry, and powdered sugar. It paired nicely with the glass of Slovenian Rosé, as it kept the tastes light and simple. Both made for an exceptional Lake Bled experience.

One of the dishes that was on my list to try in Slovenia was the traditional Bled Cream Cake. Although at the time that I was creating my list, I did not know that I would be enjoying it with this enchanting view.


Although I kept my dessert light with a glass of Slovenian Rosé, I bumped it back up with a shot of Caffe Espresso. It is not uncommon to finish up your meal with espresso, especially when one is attempting to extend their moments here at Café Belvedere. In my own mind, “Just a few more minutes, just a few more minutes.”


There are moments and places that create beautiful memories. Lake Bled was one of those places, as well as the café that I came across while trekking around the lake. There was no false advertisement with Café Belvedere, it did offer the best church lake views and cream cake on Lake Bled.

For café information and location- CAFE BELVEDERE in Bled

When there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake…

– Dean Koontz
Yours Truly at Café Belvedere

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