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Capitol Reef National Park | Exploring Utah

Capitol Reef was the most peaceful of the National Parks that I had visited in Utah. Many people road trip it to the more popular parks like Zion, Bryce Canyon or Arches National Park but Capitol Reef is just as stunning. It might be due to the location as it is not off the main highways, and can take a couple of hours along the beautiful backroads of Utah to reach. If you find yourself road tripping through Utah, I recommend spending a couple of days in Torrey and Capitol Reef for a restful and grounding break.

Capitol Reef National Park is located in the Waterpocket Fold, a geologic monocle or a wrinkle on earth, which extends almost 100 miles. This stunning park is in the heart of red rock country and has many canyons, domes, cliffs and bridges. It is a terrific place for outdoor and nature enthusiasts who enjoy camping, hiking or just taking a beautiful drive.

Capitol Reef National Park and the campgrounds are open all year round and 24 hours a day, but please check their current conditions before you travel. The fees are some of the lowest I have seen to enter into a national park and were $20 per vehicle or $10 a person with no vehicle, 2021 prices.

For more park information, please visit Capitol Reef National Park.

— Torrey, Utah —

The tiny town of Torrey is at the base of Capitol Reef National Park. If you are not camping inside the park, this is where you will find comfortable accomodations and dining. We stayed and dined in Torrey, which is literally a one road town. We slept at one of the better hotels and dined at a couple of great restaurants. If you are looking for recommendations, I have listed where we stayed and what we ate- Enjoy!

— Hunt and Gather —

Who would have guessed that in the small town of Torrey, we would have found a delicious fine dining yet casual restaurant.  Hunt and Gather is definitely the restaurant to eat at while in the Capitol Reef area.

👩🏻‍💻➡ Hunt & Gather Restaurant in Torrey, Utah – A Perfect Place to Gather

For my Five Star Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Hunt & Gather Restaurant on Yelp

— Capitol Reef Inn & Café —

There are not many places for a decent breakfast in Torrey, Utah. Especially a place opened early and on Mondays. This café was a great place to fill up before our drive in Capitol Reef National Park.

For my Gold Elite Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Capitol Reef Inn & Cafe on Yelp

— Red Sands Hotel —

I found Red Sands to be a very comfortable and friendly place to stay in Torrey. It is also very close to the enterance of Capital Reef National Park and the local restaurants.

Outside there was a relaxing firepit as well as seating that overlooks a green pasture with cows. It was very fitting for the location in Utah and made for nice quiet time after a long day of hiking and driving.

For my Gold Elite Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Red Sands Hotel on Yelp


Photo Journal of Capitol Reef National Park


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Yours Truly, on the road in Capitol Reef

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