Beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park | Exploring Utah

Utah is my favorite state when it comes to road tripping, and exploring the beauty of nature. Although it is a smaller state than California, which has the most national parks; Utah is home to many of America’s national parks including Bryce Canyon.

The canyon is known for its hoodoos, which are irregular shaped rock formations. Even though hoodoos exist throughout the world, Bryce Canyon has the largest concentration found anywhere on Earth.

I have visited Bryce Canyon twice since living in Nevada, and it was always on a Utah road trip. The canyon is less than four hours from Las Vegas, and two hours from Zion National Park. In the past, we had done both national parks within a several day trip, since they are very close to each other. It is very easy to do.

My first visit to Bryce Canyon was with family, and we stayed along the top rim. It was a magnificent site to see all the hoodoos standing tall along the slopes of the canyon walls from above. I did not even consider meandering down inside until I saw a few people inside the canyon. I may have asked my family if they wanted to venture down, I do not remember, but I know we did not go. The views were good enough for my first visit to Bryce Canyon.

Down into Bryce Canyon

On my second trip to Bryce Canyon, I had an agenda to hike down into the canyon and see what was below. I was traveling with friends, who I knew would be up for the adventure into the canyon, and then down we went. It was like a whole other world down in the canyon, and until you looked up at the hoodoos, you did not actually know how far you had gone. It was an incredible journey, and I highly recommend it to those who want a little adventure.

Whether you visit Bryce Canyon from above or down below the hoodoos, I know you will have an enjoyable time. The beauty of this canyon is remarkable at any time of the year, especially winter. That is also on my Bucket List, another visit to Bryce Canyon but in the winter when the hoodoos are topped with snow!

For more information and entrance fees, please visit Bryce Canyon National Park.

— Photo Journal of Bryce Canyon —

Switchback into the canyon

Heading towards dayight

Looking up at the hoodoos

For more information, please visit Bryce Canyon National Park


The greatest adventure is what lies ahead…

Yours Truly in Utah

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  1. Utah has some gorgeous places to visit. 😍

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