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Canyonlands National Park | Exploring Utah

Canyonlands is a breathtaking national park in Utah that is located close to the town of Moab, and over two hours south of Arches National Park. There are numerous canyons, mesas, and buttes that contribute to this park’s magnificent landscapes. Canyonlands is a terrific place for hikers, nature lovers, campers, and road trippers. It is one of the many impressive red rock parks that reside in the beautiful state of Utah.

Mesa Arch – Above & Below

Canyonlands is divided into four sections: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze, and the combined river of the Green and Colorado, which carved two large canyons into the Colorado Plateau. A frequent visitor, author Edward Abbey, described Canyonlands National Park as “the most weird, wonderful, magical place on earth—there is nothing else like it anywhere.”

Greetings from Dead Horse Point

Visiting Canyonlands can be done in a variety of ways, you can hike the hundreds of miles of trails, explore the back country, or drive to the many overlooks and short trails, which is what we did. Exploring this wonderous place depends on how much time you have, and your fitness ability. We would have liked to explored this area more, but we were on a road trip to the Mid-West, and our time was limited. I will be back one day and explore more, as there will always be another time.

If you are exploring by vehicle, there are several lookout points and trails that you should not miss. The walks are easy, but be sensible and wear covered shoes with good traction when walking the trails. The points can easily be done in a day, and are some of the most spectacular landscape views in this part of the country.

A one day iteniary:

  • Island in the Sky
  • Mesa Arch and Trail
  • Grand View Point
  • Dead Horse Point

If you can do several days in Canyonlands that would be more ideal. There are many other things to see and do here, such as long guided hikes, viewing ancient rock paintings, and my favorite- horse riding. However you see Canyonlands, I am confident that you will take back with you many magical memories of this magnificent place- Enjoy!

For more park information, please visit- Canyonlands National Park


— Photo Journal of Canyonlands National Park —

Easy hiking trails

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

– John Muir
Yours Truly in Utah

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