Lunch Break at Harry Potter’s “Birthplace” | The Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland

The majestic and magical city of Edinburgh has been a favorite of mine for several years. Old Town was just as I had pictured it, the alluring medieval buildings paired with the haunting vibe of the Royal Mile, created many stirring stores in my mind. It was no wonder that Edinburgh became the “Birthplace” of Harry Potter.

The Royal Mile

I will admit that I am not part of the Harry Potter Fan Club, but I do appreciate J.K. Rowling’s storytelling. When my daughter was younger, the HP books and movies were being released, and we had watched them enthusiastically. Then we both got older and moved on to other things. I feel that is what Harry Potter was to most people, but that does not mean that we do not appreciate the imagination of Rowling’s stories.

On my most recent visit to Edinburgh, my cousin and I decided to visit the “birthplace” of Harry Potter for our lunch break in the city.

Opened in 1995, The Elephant House has established itself as one of the best tea and coffee houses in Edinburgh. Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J.K. Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle

– The Elephant House website


Although the Elephant House is known as Harry Potter’s ‘birthplace’, and many tourist visit for that reason, this location is still an excellent café. Even if you are not part of the Harry Potter fan base, you can still venture in for a delicious meal or a cup of coffee.

The Elephant House is a gourmet café serving scrumptious and hearty dishes, as well as a variety of tempting desserts.

—— Lunch is Served ——

Old Fashioned Scots Fish Pie with Cheesy Mash

This was one of my favorite casual meals on my most recent visit to Scotland. It tasted as wonderful as it looked- A hearty pie with fresh fish, creamy mashed potatoes, and topped with melted cheese. It was a heartwarming meal on that chilly Edinburgh day.


Traditional Scottish Cranachan

The third time was a charm, and I had finally found this traditional Scottish dessert, Cranachan. It took me three visits to Scotland to find this dish, and all the while it was at The Elephant House.

Cranachan is a dish for those who enjoy anything with oats, such as a sweet oatmeal cookie or a filling bowl of oatmeal. It is traditionally made with Scottish Oats, whiskey, and berries. The Elephant’s House’s version of cranachan was warm, hearty, and delicious in every possible way.

The delightful dessert and cake display case at The Elephant House.

The Elephant House was voted best coffee shop in Edinburgh by The List Magazine, and is home to over 600 elephants, which many are for sale. This café is an enjoyable and lively place that offers a great selection of teas, coffees, beer, wine, plus a full menu. It is a great place to be, even if you are a muggle.


I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

– J.K. Rowling
Yours Truly at The Elephant House

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