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What I ate in LOUISIANA – A Food Journal

I had spent almost a week in Louisiana while taking a road trip from Las Vegas to Florida. I had never been to this state before and found it very friendly, pleasant and slow paced. New Orleans was a fantastic city to visit that was full of beautiful architecture, deep culture and history, plus a delicious creole cuisine scene.

If New Orleans is on your Bucket List or you are driving through Louisiana, here is my food journal of the delicious eats and restaurants that we experienced while in the area. If you love great food just as much as I do, I am sure you will find this food diary helpful.

From polishing off a plate of powdered sugar beignets while wearing black to eating way too much gumbo, my “What I ate in Louisiana – A Food Journal”.

— Café Amelie —

New Orleans– When I first arrived into New Orleans, it was raining quite hard and I just finished a five hour drive from Shreveport. After I checked into my hotel, I started walking in the rain and saw Café Amelie. It was both inviting and charming, even in the rain. There was a large courtyard with overgrown palms and trees, plus a fountain that was overflowing with more water than it needed.

Since I was driving for awhile, I was very hungry although I did eat along the way. I just like to eat, I suppose. I started off with a cocktail which was severely needed and then moved on to a lot of delicious food.

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

Since I was in New Orleans, I started off with the Chicken and Andouille Gumbo which was very good and flavorful. I was also offered a little loaf of bread that was baked at ‘Angela Genduso Bakery’, which is home of the original Po’ Boy, and a bit of Cloverdale butter. My main entre was the special of pork loin with a mango pepper jelly sauce, over creamy mashed potatoes. Then I completed my full meal with a slice of traditional Doberge cake. I told you that I enjoyed eating!

Everything was magnificent at Café Amelie and I highly recommend it for the beautiful atmosphere, great service and flavorful dishes.

For restaurant reservations and menu information, please visit Café Amelie.


— The Court of Two Sisters —

I was recommended this restaurant and in turn, recommending it to you. The Court of Two Sisters was a terrific dining experience and I would not mind dining here again, and again. The restaurant is located inside an old mansion that was built around 1726, with the rooms of the home used as dining rooms. The restaurant’s atmosphere is classic and the menu is traditional to the region, it was a wonderful dining experience.

My adult daughter and I started off with a couple of cocktails, which lead to a delicious feast of appetizers, hearty entrees and a couple of sweet desserts. We kicked off our meal with the Jalepeno Bacon Wrapped Duck Breast which was delicious. It was both savory and spicy, along with being sweet from the Wild Berry Gastrique.

My daughter ordered the Veal Oscar that she enjoyed very much. As for myself, I ordered the Louisiana Crabmeat Au Gratin which was made with a Mornay Sauce, baked in a casserole and served with asparagus and hollandaise. It was magnificent and I recommend it to those looking for a filling seafood dish.

We also ordered two desserts because we could not decide on one to share. We were very interested in the Bananas Foster that was flambéed tableside. It was fun to watch and great to eat. I also tried the Bread Pudding which was fantastic because it was made with a whiskey sauce.

The Court of Two Sisters was one of my favorites in New Orleans, everything was delicious in this classy and classic restaurant. I am looking forward to my return to try their tasty looking Brunch Menu.

For more information and reservations, please visit Court of Two Sisters.


— Cafe Du Monde —

New Orleans– Who doesn’t go to New Orleans and not try the famous Café Du Monde? This open-air cafe, which was established in 1862, is world famous for their powdered sugar French beignets and café au laits. In this part of the world, one goes with the other and they are truly a divine pairing.


The coffee used is a dark roasted blend with chicory, which is New Orleans Creole style coffee that has been served during the Civil War times. You can have your coffee black or au lait, which is the way I had tried it although I favor black coffee. It was perfect with the hot and sweet plate of beignets we were served.

Tip: Do not wear black!

For more information on online shopping, please visit Café du Monde.


— Ambrosia Bakery —

Baton Rouge– I believe at the time I took this photo I had been on the road for quite sometime. I had started to take silly food selfies! So under my large hat is myself and a giant cream filled almond croissant. This proves that everything is bigger in the South!

Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge is a highly rated deli and bakery offering breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, specialty cakes and outstanding pastries. They pretty much serve everything!

For more information and hours, please visit Ambrosia Bakery.


— Tableau —

New Orleans– Tableau was voted #1 for the best place for balcony dining in New Orleans and that is exactly how we dined at Tableau. This creole restaurant is located in Jackson Square in the midst of the French Quarter, reason why their balcony scene is so terrific.

We came in during Happy Hour for their cocktail specials but ended up eating a couple of their tasty dishes. On the table was their seafood gumbo served with rice, and a Po’Boy sandwich with fries. We enjoyed everything about this restaurant from the chill balcony afternoon vibe, the luscious happy hour drinks and their delicious creole food.

For restaurant information, please visit Tableau French Quarter.


— French Market District —

New Orleans– Making good choices while traveling! While at the French Market District we picked up a couple of NoLA snowballs which were ice cream scoops, topped with flavored shaved ice and condensed milk. It was pretty great especially on that hot and humid summer day.

For shopping and dining information, please visit French Market District.


— Dat Dog Frenchman —

New Orleans– Dat Dog Frenchman was not only a tasty hot dog place but a fun environment for a casual bite. This famous restaurant has been acclaimed by the New York Times, USA Today, WSJ, Travel Chanel and the Food Network. Dat Dog offers a variety of gourmet sausages, all-beef hot dogs and award-winning French fries.

My daughter and I had sat on the colorful balcony and polished off a plate full of chili cheese fries and a couple of sausages. I chose the Hot Sausage with Andouille sauce, grilled onions and cheddar cheese. Madeline decided on the Duck Sausage with grilled onions, creole mustard and a side of crawfish ettoufe. Everything was flavorful, messy and delicious.

Yes, we can eat!

For more information and menu, please visit Dat Dog Frenchman.


— Huddle House —

Somewhere in Louisiana– I was driving from Shreveport to New Orleans and had been driving for over a week from Las Vegas. Along the way, I had seen many Huddle Houses and I was not that curious because I tend to not eat at too many chains. Well, I was driving and nothing was in the vicinity for breakfast except a Huddle House off the side of the highway. So, this is where breakfast was to be served!

It was not bad at all although this restaurant really liked to serve pork. I ordered a breakfast with grits, pork sausages and smothered hash browns with ham. It was all good though and I may have become a Huddle House breakfast fan, for a short hot minute.

For locations and menu information, please visit Huddle House.


— Red River Restaurant —

Shreveport– The small city of Shreveport was my sleeping stop on the way to New Orleans, where I was going to meet up with my daughter. I researched restaurants close to my hotel and one of the better places to eat that I found was the Red River Restaurant. When I drove there, I found it to be located inside the Holiday Inn Hotel. I read that it was but thought they meant located next to the hotel, but it was inside the Holiday Inn.

I typically do not like chain hotel restaurants in the United States and was hesitating eating here. I was tired and hungry, so I gave it a go. It really was not that bad and I did enjoy the plump firecracker shrimp and the lemon meringue pie for dessert. Not bad for a Holiday Inn!

For more information, please visit Red River Restaurant.


— Verti Marte —

New Orleans– Verti Marte is opened 24/7, is a delivery service and a God send. My daughter had arrived by plane and to the hotel past midnight. We decided to order from Verti Marte and were pleasantly surprised by the stuffed grilled shrimp on French bread sandwich that was delivered. It was a tasty after hours meal.

For menu please visit Verti Marte on Z-Menu, Uber eats, Door Dash or Grub Hub.


— Coop’s Place —

New Orleans– Coop’s Place located on Decatur Street has been a staple for authentic New Orleans flavors since 1983. The casual dive bar vibe was friendly and comfortable, and you have to be 21 to enter since this is bar. For those who want adult conversation with Cajun food, it is Coop’s!

The best restaurant jambalaya I’ve found, by far, comes from Coop’s Place, a veritable late-night emporium of good Cajun-style eating in the Quarter.” – Ian McNulty

– Ian McNutly

Since Coop’s is know for its Creole we ordered a bowl and it was very flavorful. We also ordered the Seafood Gumbo and the Sampler Plate which were also just as good. I will not lie, I ordered the Sampler Plate because of the fried chicken.

For more information and menu, please visit Coop’s Place.


— Breakfast Sandwich To Go —

New Orleans– I cannot tell you where I picked up this breakfast sandwich but I can tell you where we were heading. We were walking through the streets of NoLA and onto a street trolley, to take us to LaFayette Cemetery No. 1.

My daughter was leading the way and I was just following, eating my egg sandwich. It is great when your kid enjoys exploring just as much as you do.


— Old Absinthe House —

New Orleans– We were walking down Bourbon Street and came across the Old Absinthe House and had to come in for an afternoon drink. This iconic building on one of the most famous streets in New Orleans has seen many transformations since the 1800s. One being a coffee house, “The Absinthe Room”, that created the famous Absinthe House Frappe in 1874.

We did not order the frappe but decided on the Bloody Mary Chile and the Mother’s Milk. I cannot say what the Mother’s Milk tasted like but the Bloody Mary was spectacular, and it was made with St. George Green Chile Vodka.

For more information, please visit Old Absinthe House.


— La Divina Italian Café —

New Orleans – La Divina are known as some of the best gelato makers in the United States. My daughter had quickly researched the best gelato in New Orleans and La Divina popped up. I will admit that this was one of the better gelatos that I have tried in the United States.

La Divina is the only place in the State of Louisiana to make gelato (or ice cream for that matter) from scratch without pastes, powders or bases – and you can taste the difference!

– La Divina Website

La Divina, located in the French Quarter, is a full café that sells gelato. They offer a tasty menu with breakfast, lunch, panini and vegetarian dishes, plus traditional coffee drinks.

For more information and menu, please visit La Divina Italian Café.


— CC’s Coffee —

New Orleans– I did not realize that I was walking around with this scowl until I had my morning coffee at CCs and was taking a selfie. I suppose that I am not a morning person in any part of the world. Thank goodness CC’s was close to my hotel and this became my regular place for my morning brew while in New Orleans.

Community Coffee or CC’s has been a family owned for four generations. The shop was named Community Coffee after the community of friends and customers that the founder, Cap Saurage, served. Over the decades CC’s has been picking coffee from around the globe and roasting it themselves. If you cannot make it to New Orleans, you can order great roasted beans from their online store.

For location and online shopping, please visit Community Coffee.


— Antoine’s Restaurant —

New Orleans– Our last meal in New Orleans was breakfast at Antoine’s Restaurant located in the French Quarter district. I genuinely love breakfast sandwiches and found a delicious one filled with fresh eggs, sausage and cheese. Plus a side of grits to round up this filling meal before our drive into Florida.

Antoine’s Restaurant in the oldest family run restaurant in America and was opened in 1840. This is where Oysters Rockefeller was invented and was given the name due to the “rich” sauce. Next time I come to New Orleans, this is where you will find me again. I will be in Antoine’s eating one of my favorite dishes, Oysters Rockefeller along with their Pommes de Terre Soufflés. I will travel for food!

For restaurant information and reservations, please visit Antoine’s Restaurant.


Keep Calm & Drive On…

Yours Truly on the road in Louisiana

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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