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Historische Wurstküche zu Regensburg | The World’s Oldest Sausage House

Regensburg, Germany – I am a full fledged jetsetting gastronome and will travel for food. I must confess that I decided to take a day trip to Regensburg just so I could eat at one of the world’s oldest restaurants, The Historic Sausage Kitchen. I was not expecting this old world Bavarian town to be as intriguing and colorful as it was. I found the city to be full of charm with cobble stone streets, eye-catching architecture and of course, delicious food.

Part of Regensburg’s food scene are the prized sausages at The Historische Wurstküche or the Historic Sausage House. This is perhaps the oldest restaurant and public house in the world, as it dates back to 1135 AD.

The Historic Sausage House sits along the Danube River and close to The Old Stone Bridge, which the Crusaders had crossed over centuries ago. It was just fitting that this historical restaurant resides in a very historical city of Bavaria.

— Brauts mit Kraut —

We ordered a very generous portion of Brauts mit Kraut, which was very flavorful. All the sausages were made in house and cooked over an open charcoal grill. The kraut and mustard that accompanied the brauts were excellent and so was this classic German meal.

Traveling for food is more extraordinary when you arrive in a culturally rich city. The two always go hand in hand because everything is always connected. Regensburg had the perfect intertwining of culture, history, food and atmosphere.

Historische Wurstküche

For more information and location, please visit their website: Wurstkuchl

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The Old Stone Bridge in Regensburg

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