Zlata Ribica | A classic restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Triple Bridge in Ljubljana

As a traveling gastronome, one of my goals is to taste as many traditional dishes in the country or city that I am visiting. Slovenia had several regional dishes that I was curious on trying, and I found three of them under one roof. Restaurant Zlata Ribica is considered one of the oldest eateries in Ljubljana, and was an obvious choice for tasting three classic Slovenian dishes.

Zlata Ribica is one of the oldest Restaurants in Ljubljana. Zlata Ribica draws upon the culinary diversity of Slovenia, from the sunny beaches in Isola, to the mountainous ridges of the Alps. Our menus are truly special.

-Zlata Ribica Restaurant Website

– On the Table –

Zalata Ribica is a timeless upscale restaurant located across the Ljubljanica River, in the heart of the city. Their specialties range from fresh seafood to classic Slovenian dishes, while using the finest ingredients available. Zlata Ribica was an excellent find for myself, considering three traditional dishes were on the menu, and served exceptionally well.

Gin and Tonic

Although Zalata Ribica offered an excellent wine list, I decided to take advantage of their full bar, and order a Gin and Tonic. This classic mix is a typical drink for myself when I want to keep it simple prior to a meal. It was a great start to an excellent late lunch.

Sirovi Truklji

Cooked curd strudles or Sirovi Truklji was one dish that had caught my eye while researching Slovenian food, because it was a simple cottage cheese dumpling. In this part of Europe, I had noticed a crossover of various filled dumplings, or the common use of cottage cheese in dishes. I was curious to try Slovenia’s rolled cottage cheese dumplings, and found them to be a simple yet tasteful dish.

Kranjska Klobassa with Rustic Polenta

The Carniolan Sausage or Kranjska Klobassa, was one traditional Slovenian dish that I was excited to try. Over the past decade of traveling Europe, I have tried a variety of sausages, and have become a fan of the delicious diversities of this continent. Carniolan is very similar to a smoked Kielbasa Sausage, but it tastes fresher than what we purchase in the United States.

The Kranjska Klobassa at Zlata Ribica was very flavorful, and although smoked had a cleaner taste than the store bought ones in the States. For obvious reasons, this tasty sausage became a hit with me as I ate it while in Lake Bled too. Carniolan is typically served with fresh bread and mustard, and can be served simply or dressed up as the one at Zlata Ribica.

– Prekmurska Gibanica –

Another great Slovenian dish to try is the Prekmurska Gibanica, which is a traditional Slovenian pastry cake. It is a classic and rustic style dessert with layers of apples, walnuts, raisins, and poppy seeds. It was very delicious, and a timeless way to end a traditional Slovenian meal.

For location and restaurant information, please visit their official website –Restaurant Zlata Ribica .

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