Laima Candy | Latvia’s #1 Sweets Since 1870

Riga, Latvia– It is not a secret that I always gravitate towards food or an eating establishment with history. It could be the oldest restaurant, the oldest bar, or in this case- the oldest candy company.

Laima Confections is based out of Riga, Latvia and became one of the largest candy manufacturers in the Baltic States and Russia, even during their communist era. It is also independent of the large corporate food player, Kraft. Laima has managed not to be bought out like the other confectionaries in the region. For all those significant reasons, and just because I like sweets, Laima was high on my ‘Food Bucket List’.

“Meet me at the LAIMA Clock!” This city landmark which divides Old Town with the commerce center has been an important meeting spot for almost 100 years, for both personal and political reasons. The clock was initially completed in 1924, and began to carry the name “LAIMA” in 1936. Over the decades it had several renovations, up to the most recent 2017 reconstruction. The photo was from 2019, a couple years after the last renovation.

There are several storefronts to purchase Laima candies, chocolates, and bakery items in Riga. It is best to check their website – LAIMA or google a location close to your accommodations.

– Picking and Choosing –

Over the century, Laima has created a wide assortment of colorful and delicious sweets. Since I could not read Latvian, and the description print was quite small, I started picking and choosing ones with the prettiest wrappers. I figured that I would like any of the candies that I had chosen, and I was correct.

I asked the lady who worked behind the counter which were the most popular or famous sweets. She mentioned that the ‘Serenade’ pieces were the best, and what Laima was known for. I purchased a couple of pieces, and they were divine. It was obvious why they were a favorite. Not surprising, I found all the sweets I chose to be delightful, and I loved all the colorful wrappers too.

The Serenade

Laima also produces gourmet chocolates, holiday candies, and jellies. In addition to all the sweet treats, Laima also has stores with cafes selling baked goods such as brownies, tortes, and cakes. A visit to Laima will nurture anyone’s sweet tooth, and do not forget to purchase candies for your loved one’s sweet tooth’s too- Enjoy!

For locations and sweet shop information, please visit their website – LAIMA

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The problem is that I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have many of them.

Yours Truly in Riga, Latvia

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  2. The website no longer exists, are you aware of any other way one might have candies from Latvia shipped to the United States?


    1. Hi there, try this website address. Maybe they changed their site address at the time I published my post. Thank you!


      1. thank you
        this is going to make someone special very happy

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