Sharm El-Sheikh | Egypt’s Remarkable Resort Town

Prior to flying into Sharm El-Sheikh from Cairo, I had already been in Egypt for three weeks. I had seen many different landscapes in this North African country, everywhere from Cairo, Giza, Siwa Oasis, Aswan, Luxor and a few towns in between. Out of all the cities that I had visited, I believe I saved the best for last. Sharm El-Sheikh was unlike any other Egyptian city that I had come across and it was remarkable.

Sharm el-Sheik is a beach resort town along the Red Sea. It is a very popular tourist destination for Europeans, especially Ukrainians and most of the guides will also speak Russian. This part of Egypt was very laid back and clean, with a relaxing and friendly vibe- it was fantastic!


Hotel – Where I stayed

There are many types of accomodations to fit every traveling style. I had chosen the Hilton Waterfalls Resort, mainly because I had enough points to book several nights with an upgraded room. This was a very good secured resort with spa services, international cuisine and a relaxing pool. I enjoyed my stay, especially with my large room and gorgeous views.

Welcome fruit on my patio

Unfortunately this resort is not taking reservations as of this time due to Covid. Although, there are many other great resorts along the Red Sea like the Hyatt Regency and the Four Seasons, both I would not hesitate staying at on my next visit.


— Tour of Sharm El-Sheikh —

While I was in Cairo, I decided to book a private guide for my time in Sharm El-Sheikh with the thoughts of checking out the Old Market, SOHO Square and a local casual dinner. Considering Sharm is spread out, I was traveling solo and my resort was located far from these sites, I figured a guide would be beneficial. Since I had already taken a Horse Riding trip in Giza with Authentic Egyptian Tours, I decided to book a custom tour with them while in Sharm. It was a great decision!

My private guide had picked me up from the Hilton and educated me about the history of Sharm El-Sheikh, taken me to the Old Market, SOHO Square and dinner at a casual falafel restaurant. It was a wonderful low key evening that I enjoyed very much.

Falafel dinner at a favorite casual eatery for locals.


— Photo Journal —

Sharm El-Sheikh was a very special place with an incredible peaceful vibe to it. This is a tourist town, so many of the shopping areas that I went to were catered towards us out-of-towners. Both SOHO Square and the Old Market were safe, clean and full of spectacular color. I am counting the days until my return to Sharm!

Al Sahaba Mosque

Old Market

The lights of Old Market

Fruit Store in Old Market

Al Sahaba Mosque

Herbs, Crystals and Loofahs

Old Market

SOHO Square

Water Fountain Show at SOHO Square

SOHO Square


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So much of who we are, is where we have been…

– William Langweische
Yours Truly in Sharm el-Sheikh

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📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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