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Kalev-Maiasmokk Café | The Oldest Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia

Crossing into Tallinn, Estonia by bus from Riga, Latvia marked a huge travel milestone for me. It was the moment that I had accomplished one of my big travel goals; to visit every Baltic State, Eastern European, and Balkan country.  I did it in four years from the time that I fell in love with this region, after I visited Krakow, Poland in 2015. When I first started to cross these countries off one by one, I did not realize that my last country would be beautiful Estonia!

Greetings from Tallinn!

On my first day in Old Town Tallinn, I came across a sweet looking café with a tea cup Ferris wheel in the front window, and a gold letter sign stating ” The Oldest Café in Tallinn, Beloved Meeting Point Since 1864″. Seconds after reading it, I had stepped into Maiasmokk Café .

Stepping into this splendid café was a twofer for me. I am a fanatic for any eating establishment that is considered the oldest, and I have a true love for marzipan. Maiasmokk Café offers marzipan desserts, coffee, tea, and pastries. I found the place to be a charming and significant café to unwind, and collect myself mid-day with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Stepping into the city’s oldest café was like stepping back in time. The rich interior had an old world elegance that has remained almost unchanged for one hundred years.

The café obtained its luxurious look, which has been preserved until today, in 1913. Even more so than rust-colored wooden display cases and counters with bronze ornaments, the exceptional glass ceiling with paintings catches the eye of the customers

– Kalev- Maiasmokk Café Website

Tea and Marzipan inside the elegant Maiasmokk Café

Although the café had an elegant feel, it was more comfortable and casual. Maiasmokk is a counter service eatery with a glass case displaying the daily cakes and pastries.

Amongst all the delicious baked treats, I chose this delightful layered marzipan cake. It was light, sweet, and full of that marzipan almond flavor that I enjoy so much. I accompanied it with a cup of tea, which made my visit to the oldest café in Estonia, perfect.


Kalev Café and Confectioneries

Within the same building of Maiasmokk Café, there is another enterance to their full service café and marzipan shoppe- Kalev. Inside you will find a marzipan museum with hand painted confections that are too beautiful to eat. Upstairs there is a charming café with a full restaurant and bar menu. It is worth the visit even to sit down for a drink and unwind.

Kalev Café enterance

I enjoyed watching this talented marzipan artist bring to life the many whimsical confectionary creatures. All the marzipan sweets sold at Kalev are hand painted and original. Not only are they magnificent looking, but the marzipan’s flavor is perfectly sweet and nutty.

Hand painted Marzipan


I found myself back at Kalev Café on my last day in Tallinn. I was very curious on the upstairs levels, and I came in for a drink. Since I had been eating ALL day, I decided on this light berry smoothie that was served in a pretty pedestal glass.

The upstairs levels were charming, and I took a seat in the second story window nook, which beamed with natural sunlight. It was a lovely moment with my sweet smoothie watching the activities of the streets below.

Kalev- Maiasmokk Café is a delightful and delicious piece of Tallinn’s history. If you are visiting the city, be sure to have a slice of cake or purchase a couple pieces of hand painted marzipan from the cafes.


For location and dining information, please visit their website: Kalev- Maiasmokk Café

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Yours Truly in Tallinn, Estonia

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