Hell Hunt | Estonia’s First Pub

Tallinn, Estonia– According to their coasters and signage, Hell Hunt is the first pub in Estonia and established in 1993. I cannot confirm nor deny it, and I am assuming that this pub opened its doors a couple years after the communist regime ended in 1991. There is no better way to declare independence from communism than to open your doors as the first pub in Estonia.

I still have this coaster

I was not planning on eating at this pub when I walked into town. I had come across the friendly yellow building with ‘Hell Hunt’ written in bold letters, a nude lady riding a hell hound, and knew that was the place for me!

Hell Hunt is located in Old Town and on the way to the Market Square. It is a comfortable and friendly pub with the motto, “When you stomach is growling and your throat feels dry.” They offer an extensive full bar of beer, wines, and spirts if your throat feels dry. If your stomach is growling, their full menu offers traditional pub food and international dishes. There is also a wide variety of snacks, pastas, sandwiches, main courses, and lunch specials.

– On the Table –

Spicy Jalapeño Bites – 5 piece

Spicy Jalepeno Bites and a Sample of the Snack Menu

It had been awhile since I ate pub food, and about a month since I was back home in America, so I ordered the Jalapeño Poppers to start. We Americans love jalapenos stuffed with hot melted cheese. It was nice to see these fried favorites on the menu, and the spicy poppers tasted great too.


Fish & Chips

Since I was in a pub, I decided to go with a traditional pub meal and order the Fish & Chips. That seems to be my go to when I travel, and want a familiar casual meal. Hell Hunt’s version was very good, the fish was crispy and so were the chips. The meal was rounded off with a side of tartar sauce and a green salad, which made it a filling late lunch.

– I’m Back! –

I ate at Hell Hunt again purely by accident. A couple days after my initial visit, I was walking through the area and sat at their outdoor seating. It was across the street from their brick and mortar pub, and I honestly thought that I was sitting down at another restaurant’s patio. When I was given the menu it read “Hell Hunt”. I felt like I was in a crazy dream.

Fortunately for me I enjoyed the prior day’s pub food, and it did not bother me to eat here again. I ordered the Meatballs which came with a basket of fresh bread. I thought I would be given two to six meatballs, but as you see I received a whole ring of meatballs. Thank goodness they were house made and very flavorful, all fifteen of them!

Hell Hunt was a great place to relax and catch a meal or TWO. The people were great, and so was the atmosphere. Thank you Hell Hunt for for being the first pub in Estonia, and keeping your doors open since 1993.


For restaurant information and location, please visit their websiteHell Hunt

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Good food is good mood…

Yours Truly in Estonia

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