Cruising Up the Nile – From Aswan to Luxor, Egypt

If you are looking to cruise the Nile River in Egypt from Aswan to Luxor, I highly recommend the experience. Deciding on a boat cruise aboard a mid-size luxury liner is an extraordinary way to see the riverways of Egypt, as well as many of the important temples in Upper Egypt.

Aswan, Egypt

After doing a little research, my friends and I booked with Egypt Gift Tours who I recommend. They handled everything for us, from setting up our cruise to professionally coordinating us on private shore excursions from Aswan to Luxor.

— UNESCO World Heritage Sites —

With your Nile Cruise, you will be scheduled on several exceptional excursions with professional Egyptologist guides. These guides will meet you on board in the main entrance, and return you to the ship when the excursion is done. Many of the sites on the shore excursions are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which for me made the cruise even more special.

In 1960, UNESCO launched a campaign that lasted two decades, which moved both Philae and Abu Simbel to higher ground. These magnificent temples that were built by King Ramses II are now part of the Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae- UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ancient Thebes, now modern day Luxor, with its Necropolis was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The remaining temples in this ancient city by the Nile River, which are still standing and are popular visitor attractions are- Karnak, Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple, and the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.

— Shore Excursions —

The itineraries might change depending on how many days you will be cruising or what tour company you choose, but more than likely you will be touring the same sites as we did. Listed here are the sites we visited, and my posts with reviews of each excursion.

Click to view each shore excursion:

— Cruise Fun —

The cruise itself was very fun, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely onboard. The crew was very hospitable, and made sure that we well taken care of. My friends and I shared a triple room that was tight because we opted for three beds, but we made it work.

Main Entrance of cruise ship

The ship was well maintained, very clean and nicely updated. Please note that every ship will be different, and you may not board the same one that we did.

My friends and I had taken full advantage of the great rates on their massages and I think we had all gone multiple times. We also did some fun shopping on board, and I still have the painting of Aswan that I purchased from this man while we were docked.

We did have plenty of downtime in-between the shore excursions, and nothing beat putting your feet up while cruising along the Nile River.

Relaxing along the Nile River

Since the cruises are catered to international tourists, you will find alcohol on board. This is Egypt, and it is generally a dry country, but you can always find alcohol in tourist locations. The cost is additional, but you can purchase drink packages during your cruise.

On board we were treated to red wine, then a very strong Pina Colada, and we also met a bunch of drunk Americans who quickly became our cruising friends – Ahoy!

Since the cruises are all inclusive, every meal was included from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All meals were international dishes, and served buffet style inside their main dining room. There was a great variety of food, which was delicious.

On our last night, we had asked the kitchen if they could make us a pizza, which they did. It was quite good considering it was not something they make on board regularly. We were charged extra since it was not included in the meal plan, but it was well worth it.

Our cruise up the Nile River was a memorable once in a lifetime experience for my friends and I. The scenery along the river was very peaceful, and the trip was relaxing while we were on board. We saw everything that we wanted to from various UNESCO World Heritage sites, to temples along the Nile, and lastly a hot air balloon ride on our final morning. This trip was another ✔ off the Bucket List!

Extraordinary Nile Sunsets


More than likely if you are visiting Aswan or Luxor for the temples, you will be hiring a private guide to take you there. It is very important that you hire an official guide in Egypt to take you to the sites, and just not someone on the sidewalk asking you if you want to take a city tour.

On our trip to Aswan and Luxor, plus our cruise along the Nile River, we chose Egypt Gift Tours who I highly recommend. They had professionally coordinated us on private tours for all of our trips from Aswan to Luxor.

Adventure Awaits- Go Find It!

Yours Truly catching some rays on deck


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