A Perfect Lunch at Kolonade Wine Restaurant | Riga, Latvia

I had the most perfect chicken meatballs while lunching at Kolonade Restaurant in Riga, Latvia and it was totally unexpected. I was in the capital of Latvia, and on my way to the city park when I spotted a darling one-story columned house across the LAIMA clock. I thought the building looked interesting, and realized that it was Kolonade Wine Bar and Restaurant.

Kolonade Wine Restaurant

I had no idea what cuisine they served at Kolonade, but I knew that I wanted to eat there. I waited several minutes before they opened, and was the first one in. Actually, I was the only one inside for awhile which was great, as it gave some quiet time before I started my afternoon of more sightseeing.

Facebook Live video at Kolonade in Riga

I have eaten my share of great lunches in my lifetime and this was one of them. I am also pleased that I allow my gastronomic intuition to guide me to restaurants such as Kolonade. I had come to find out that the darling one-story columned house that caught my eye was indeed an upscale and gourmet wine restaurant.

A refined and seasonally colourful gourmet menu, a wide and quality wine list, as well as modern Latvian interiors in a short time made the restaurant a place of cult for Riga gourmets and celebration organizers. 

– KOLONADE Website

— On the Table —

Chicken Meatballs

Since I had come into Kolonade during lunchtime, I decided on ordering their meatballs, which seemed to be a specialty. They offered several types from duck, chicken, lamb, venison, and beef. I ordered the Chicken Meatballs, since the only other meat on the menu that I would would be beef. I wanted something lighter than a traditional beef meatball, and the chicken sounded delicious. The meal came with pasta but I had asked for vegetables instead, and I was accommodated well. I was given baby spinach leaves and diced root vegetables, which were a prefect substitution.

When I cut into the chicken meatballs, I took a close look at the texture of the ground chicken. The meat was very fresh, and did not look mechanically over ground like in America. These flavorful chicken meatballs were outstanding, and I had never tasted chicken meatballs that good before. They were lightly crisped on the outside and tender on the inside. They were the most perfect chicken meatball!

Water with Fruits

To cleanse my palate and refresh my system, I decided on the “Water with Fruits” because it sounded delightful. I was also quite parched, and it was a warm morning, plus I had just walked many miles through the city. It was simple sliced oranges in a carafe of water, it looked and tasted wonderful.

Crème Brulee

It is a rarity if I skip over dessert even during lunch time, especially if I am eating at a restaurant serving gourmet cuisine. I had glanced at the dessert menu, and was leaning towards the crème brulee. Then my helpful server confirmed my thoughts after she suggested it. The crème brulee at Kolonade was perfect as the texture of the custard was lighter than what is typical in the States. The presentation was beautiful, and it tasted just as nice.

Pot of Tea

If you have read my food journals or restaurant reviews, you may have noticed that I drink a lot of mint tea at the end of a full meal. Fresh mint tea, which is straight up mint leaves steeped in hot water is very good for the digestion. It is one of my favorite ways to end a great meal.

Kolonade is an excellent restaurant for lunch, and I am positive it is even better during dinner time. I am sad that I missed my evening meal all together here. At least I know that on my next visit to Riga, I will come in for a sumptuous dinner and plenty of wine- Cheers!

For location and restaurant information, please visit their website – Kolonade 

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Yours Truly in Riga

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