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Al Solito Posto | Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have been waiting for this!” That was the message I had received from a serious fine dining friend in Las Vegas. She then sent me an article about Al Solito Posto opening in Tivoli Village and I responded, “I have my calendar out, when are we going?” You see, I am fortunate to have friends who keep track of which great dining experiences are opening up in Las Vegas. I have the tendency to locate restaurants abroad and not in my own backyard. I may need to adjust that way of thinking.

Beef Carpaccio

Since we dined at Al Solito Posto during their soft opening and we were still socially distancing, reservations were mandatory and limited to only four guests per table. We made it a girls night out, with friends that we knew would enjoy this restaurant in Tivoli Village. These friends and I are food fans of Chef James Trees and his restaurant Esther’s Kitchen in the Arts District of Las Vegas. This is his new restaurant and that is why everyone wants in!

Chef James Trees made his rounds that night, making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and everyone was. I can not tell you how excited we were for this place because, my God, we love an excellent dining experience. Also, Al Solito Posto opened during the pandemic and this gave us a sense of normality, although everyone was socially distanced and wearing masks. It gave us the same excitement of a great restaurant opening, as from the days prior to the pandemic, and for that we were grateful.

Grilled Octopus

Al Solito Posto was magnificent from the grand and swanky interior, to the incredible flavors. My friends and I were already talking about returning, even before ordering our food because we knew it would be amazing. The menu offerings all sounded delicious and we were a bit overwhelmed with food excitement. Our expectations were met and were exceeded, with all of the excellent dishes that we tried.

If you are familiar with Esther’s Kitchen and Chef James Trees, then you know to expect some of the best Italian food in Las Vegas. He was a 2020 James Beard Finalist for his work at Esther’s Kitchen. The same quality and passion went into the cuisine at Al Solito Posto. I enjoyed everything from the Fried Burrata Scapetta, the Beef Carpaccio, the Caesar Salad, the Cioppino and Rainbow Cake. The Cioppino was crazy good and served with the same delicious sour dough bread from Esther’s Kitchen.

To start- Espresso Martini

The Rainbow Cake was excellent and it was a massive slice. I love Italian Rainbow cookies and this was like a big cookie, but so much better. My friends and I all ordered our own desserts, so there were three large slices of cake on the table plus the Chocolate Bundino. In circumstances like this, we really do no share well with each other!

Rainbow Cake

Al Solito Posto was a terrific dining experience from the beginning until the end. I already know that this restaurant will be on my frequent places to dine in Vegas. Delizioso!

For reservations and more information, please visit Al Solito Posto.

— Food Journal of Al Solito Posto —

— Seafood Cioppino —

King Crab Legs, Mussels, Clams, Scallops, Shrimp


– Fried Burrata Scarpetta —

Tomato Pepper Stew, Super Green & Fried Basil


— Little Gem Caesar —

Focaccia Croutons, Anchovies, Parmesan Cheese


— Focaccia —

Served with Tableside Made Herb Garlic Oil


— Chicken Parmesan —

Rosemary Breadcrumbs & Fresh Rigatoni


— Mushroom Risotto —

Parmiggiano Reggiano


— Cacio E Pepe —

Housemade Pasta. Pecorino & Toasted Black Pepper


— Linguine & Clams —

Housemade Pasta, White Wine, Parsley and Lemon


— Chocolate Budino —


For my Five Star Yelp Review, please visit Read Trixie N.‘s review of Al Solito Posto on Yelp

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