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Bistro Agava | A Michelin Bib Gourmand Awarded Restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, the charming and historic capital of Croatia is an exciting city to visit while traveling through the Balkan States. The region of Zagreb dates back to the Roman times and is saturated with history and culture. There are many excellent places to visit, as well as to dine, while exploring Croatia’s capital city. For city information – Visiting Zagreb | The Capital of Croatia

Greetings from Bistro Agava

I have always enjoyed mixing an upscale dining experience when I travel, especially if I travel solo. For myself, it balances long days of exploring, picking up street food or eating at a local café. It just allows me to feel a bit more civilized and relaxed while traveling. Just remember to always create some type of balance in anything that you do.

Bistro Agava

As I was walking through Old Town and taking in the charm of Zagreb’s old world feel, I glanced to the left and saw Bistro Agave. It was a handsome looking restaurant with white linen tables, inviting tiered seating, and it was calling my name. This is where I decided on being for the next couple hours in Zagreb- drinking local wines and dining on Modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Bistro Agava is recommended in the Michelin Guidebook for Croatia – Bib Gourmand Award.  What an outstanding find in Zagreb!

– On the Table –

However, above all, this restaurant stands out with its excellent offer and it is no wonder that many gastronomes and sincere connoisseurs of food consider Agava and chef Belizar Miloš to be the best in the city of Zagreb.

-Bistro Agavae Website

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV

A glass of champagne to begin with, of course! As soon as I was seated on the terrace with a view of Tkalčićeva ulica, the lovely street that I had wandered on, my kindly server offered a glass of champagne. A glass of bubbles was exactly what I needed after my long journey from Sarajevo, and he brought out an award winning French champagne, Billecart-Salmon Brut. It was perfectly chilled, crisp with a light fruit taste; it was a beautiful beginning.

Agava has an impressive wine selection that has been hand selected by Award Winning Master Sommelier, Darko Lugarić.


Rosemary Herbed Focaccia

This bountiful basket of fresh focaccia was a splendid start to my meal. I remember tasting this flavorful bread and thinking, “Either this is the best focaccia ever or I am very hungry.” I know that I was famished, but I am heavily leaning towards this being a great focaccia.


Foie Gras de Canard

Foie Gras de Canard with Pear Cream and Almond Crumble

It is a very difficult task to direct me from not ordering any type of foie gras once I have seen it on a menu. Especially an exquisite and tasteful plate of foie gras such as this. I loved the presentation of this dish, it was fanciful and colorful, plus the paisley shape was playful and creative. This was an extraordinary tasting foie gras with a slightly sweet pear cream, and a nice texture of almond crumble- phenomenal flavors.


A Glass of Griffin

The staff at Bistro Agave are professionally trained to pair your courses with wine. In cases like this, I always have my servers choose my wine with my meal to get the full gastronomic experience. For my next course, I was offered a glass of Ivancic Griffin Single Vineyard, which was a nice and lightly fruity white wine from Plesivica, Croatia.

To have your wine professionally paired with your courses, should be experienced in every country that you visit. When you pair your dishes with the country’s regional wines, it is even better. Agava Restaurant in Zageb  is noted in the Michelin Guidebook for Croatia – Bib Gourmand Award. This gorumet bistro has a fine selection of Croatian wines that can be perfectly paired with their Modern Mediterranean cuisine.


Pasta Fuži with Truffles

Another favorite luxury of mine are truffles, white or black, I love them both. Bistro Agave offered a well executed traditional Fuži pasta tossed in a black truffle cream sauce, with a flowering display of shaved truffle leaves, and a bright golden flower.


Guanaja Grand Cru Chocolate & Almond Tart

Tart drizzled with Inglaise Custard

Take your pleasure seriously

– Charles Eames

And that I did with this delectable sweet chocolate and almond tart. Another of my favorites is to delight in a dense almond tart, and I had noticed that in the Balkans almond tarts are a favorite. Bistro Agave served up the ultimate in almond tarts, with their Guanaja Grand Cru Chocolate & Almond Tart. It had the almond flavors that I enjoy, but elevated with the luxury of Grand Cru Chocolate.



The beauty of wine paring in different countries is the discovery of favorite regional wines. During my dessert course, I was offered a lovely wine that I had never tried before. Prosek is a Croatian dessert wine, which for me was not too heavy. It was subtle, and a terrific way to finish up my early dinner that was paired with a lot of wine- živjeli!


For restaurant location and information, please visit their official websiteAgava Restaurant in Zageb 

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Wine is a passport to the world

-Thom Elkjer
Yours Truly in Croatia

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