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Lunch at Inat Kuca | Sarajevo’s Legendary Spite House

The capital city and cultural hub of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo. This fascinating city sits within a basin surrounded by a lush green mountainous valley. Sarajevo has been known for its many cultural layers and various civilizations, once being considered a great melting pot of the world’s major religions. It is an interesting city of old world meets modern, with historic tales and delicious traditional dishes.

City of Sarajevo

Visiting B&H was an eye-opener for me on how a country could dramatically change after communism and recent war. Actually, my whole six week visit through the Balkans was an education for me and I have been forever changed, but that is another story!

Inat Kuca, to the right of the bridge

During my two hour walking tour of Sarajevo, I had learned about the Inat Kuca restaurant. I was so engrossed by the story and history of this place, that I decided to have lunch there. To make a long story short, the house, Inat Kuca restaurant, was located on the left side of the river. When the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy started to construct on that side of the river, the original homeowner would not give up his house and property. After awhile, he finally relented and asked for a bag of gold coins. Additionally, he requested to have his entire house moved brick by brick and reconstructed on the opposite side of the river. The Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy did just that. A bit of stubbornness and spite- Now that is a great story!

The ‘Spite House’ has been turned into a restaurant that serves traditional Bosnian food and wine. It was a delicious place to relax, have a good meal and all the while sitting inside a bit of Sarajevo history.

—— On the Table ——

Red Wine

Wine-ding down with a glass of regional Bosnian red wine. This was my first try of Bosnian wine and this glass was very full bodied and dark burgundy in color. It was a good table wine that paired well with my traditional meat skewers.


Bread Basket

As the saying goes, “I have never met a bread basket that I did not love”.


Veal Skewers

As any good gastronome would do, I did a bit of research on traditional dishes. On my food bucket list were Bosnian meat skewers, which were on the menu at Inat Kuca. My only issue was that the meat skewers were veal and that is one meat, besides lamb, that I rarely eat. Once in a while, I will eat veal and I made that exception here.


Sarajevo’s House of Spite was a comfortable and casual restaurant that I recommend for its traditional food and historical value. Plus I enjoy a good story and what a great restaurant to dine in; a place that has remained standing during changing governments, wars and uncertain times. I doubt that Benderija, the original owner, ever imagined that his stubbornness would lead to an enjoyable restaurant on the other side of the river.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Inat Kucka Spite House


Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled…

– Mohammed
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hergonziva


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