Horse Riding Through the Sahara | GIZA, EGYPT

“This is one of the best things I have ever done in my life!” That is what my friend said while we were horse riding through the Sahara desert, and overlooking the Pyramids of Giza. There are extraordinary experiences that one can do in their lifetime, and this was one of them. My friends and I spent an evening riding horses through a small neighborhood in Giza, then into the desert, viewing the Pyramids from a quiet distance, sharing Bedouin Tea, and ending it with a tasty Egyptian dinner. It truly was a night to remember!

Nicole and I (left) – Pyramids of Giza

While I was planning our trip to Giza, I had come across Authentic Egyptian & Pyramid Immersion Tours, and noticed they offered horse riding tours with Bedouin Tea and Dinner. I had messaged the girls, and those adventurous souls jumped at the chance. Not only did we ride camels at the pyramids, we leveled up with some desert horse riding.

Owner, Ahmed, coordinated everything for us, starting by picking us up from the apartment we were renting. We drove straight to the stables, which also doubled up as a cool event space. It had plenty of comfortable seating, a chill vibe, and this is where we also had our delicious dinner after the ride.

The Stables and Event Space

After we got on our horses, and made friends with them we rode through a small neighborhood, and on to the golden desert sand. I have been on several horse rides in different places, and there is nothing like riding in the desert. There is a sense of openness and solitude, even though you are riding with others. Plus when you come across the views of the Pyramids of Giza, that is when a good ride becomes an excellent ride.

An excellent ride with Harshini, Nicole and Ahmed.

Nicole (right) and myself with the Pyramids of Giza

Ahmed and the additional guide also gave us time for photo taking with the pyramids, before we headed deeper into the dessert to a lit party space for Bedouin Tea. It was a pretty rad scene with floor mats, blanketed cushioned seating, music bumping with people hanging out, and socializing. It was already night time by the time got there, and the city lights of Giza were fantastic.

Bedouin Tea with my travel partners

We were served our Bedouin Tea in glasses, and on a silver tray while sitting on low cushions in the middle of the desert. This was a great moment with my friends whom I have known since my youth. I thought how far away we were from the United States, and the incredible scene we were living at that moment, music bumping and all.

Desert scene with the city lights of Giza

When it was time to ride back, it was already night time which made the ride even better. Our gentle horses knew the way, so it was a safe and peaceful journey back to the stables. Then it was dinner time, and I was not expecting the large feast that was set down in front of us. I know for myself, I was famished and ate all my chicken, kofta, and sides. Everything was delicious!

Dinner after the ride: Grilled kofta and chicken, rice, pita bread, salads and chips.

After all was said and done, Ahmed gave all of us ladies a ride back to our apartment. We had to wake up very early in order to get to the airport, so we could fly to Aswan the next day. I think I can speak for my two friends and say that we had a great time in Giza, thanks to all the guides who made it possible!

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Yours Truly riding through the desert with my keffiyah on.

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