Sandra’s Place and Cheristo Seafood Restaurant | A Perfect Pair in GIZA, EGYPT

Giza, Egypt– I have found that over the years of traveling, that finding an apartment or house to stay in with multiple people is the best choice. My two female friends and I were traveling into Giza from Cairo, and we were looking for a comfortable place to stay. I had researched hotel and rental options, and then found Sandra’s Place that had balcony views of the Pyramids. I will not lie in saying the pyramid view was one of the reasons that we chose this apartment.

Nader Soliman, was a terrific host during our stay, and went out of his way to make sure that all our needs were met. He first picked us all up from two different locations in Cairo, a hotel and the airport, then drove us into Giza. Before we settled down into our apartment, he brought us to a trusted convenience store where we purchased water, snacks, and cigarettes. It was good to have a few basic supplies in the apartment that we did not have to go out, and find on our own.

Video of Sandra’s Place in Giza

The apartment was terrific and just what we were looking for. It was tastefully decorated and clean, had two large bedrooms, a bathroom, and a full kitchen- plus that incredible view of the pyramids. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable apartment that is close to the pyramids, I would recommend staying here.

🏠 Airbnb Link ➡ Sandra’s Place


On the way to the Sandra’s Place, I had asked Nader where would be a good place to have dinner that was close to the apartment. He asked if we enjoyed seafood and knew of the perfect place, and that he would pick us up in a couple of hours to take us there. That was unexpected and a very cordial thing to do. As I mentioned, Nader was a great host.

Cheristo Restaurant in Giza

Nader brought us to Cheristo Seafood Restaurant which had rooftop dining and a beautiful view of the pyramids. This place was the perfect choice for all of us, as we love fresh seafood and the pyramid views My friend Nicole said that Cheristo was her favorite place to eat while we were in Egypt because the seafood was very fresh and flavorful. I will have to agree with her on that one.

There was so much delicious food brought to our table, from traditional Egyptian dishes to shrimp, and a special fileted fish. It was a true feast! This was the first meal for my friends and I together as a group when we visited Egypt. So having a delectable first meal with great conversation, provided by Nader and my friends was the perfect beginning to an unforgettable Egyptian adventure.

Thank you once again Nader, for being a gentleman and incredible host to us three ladies, while in Giza.


For apartment and EGYTIAN TOUR information, please contact Nader Soliman or Sandra’s Place.

For restaurant information and location, please visit Cheristo Seafood Restaurant

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We had this much fun in Egypt!

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