Mountain of the Dead | Siwa Oasis, Egypt

After making the extensive journey into Siwa Oasis, and eating breakfast at my hotel, I hopped inside this tumnayah for a ride. I took a very bumpy and exciting ride with my local guide around Siwa Oasis. Our first stop was Gebel Al-Mawta or The Mountain of the Dead, which is one of the city’s more significant sites.

The ‘King of the Road’ Tumnayah

The Mountain of the Dead is a former burial ground that includes numerous terraced tombs, which were structured along the side of a mountain. The incredible result of these terraced tombs was a pyramid like hill that towers over the palm trees and desert.

The top of the Mountain of the Dead

These ancient tombs date back to the Egyptian 26th Dynasty, and were used for burials during the Greco-Roman Period. Although, there were several important tombs within the Mountain of the dead, none of them were of the Christian or Coptic Christian faith.

While exploring this sandstone burial ground, my guide brought me into one of the tombs inside Gebel Al-Mawta. I was not allowed to take photos inside but what I saw was remarkable. You would never guess from looking at the exterior of the Mountain of the Dead, that the tombs have colorful paintings inside them. Although that many of the walls show damage, the details of these tombs date back many centuries ago and are intriguing to see.

Into the tomb

The trek up to the Mountain of the Dead looks more strenuous than it is. Although it is uphill, the climb is easy and strait forward. Just be sure to wear covered toe walking shoes, sun protection, and comfortable clothes. You can take your time uphill and downhill, you should never hurry.

When you start your easy climb to the top of Gebel Al-Mawta, stop for a few minutes and take a look around. The views from the Mountain are incredible, and you will see how dense the palm tree population is.

Having a well educated tour guide is critical while in Siwa Oasis. There are structured tour guides in Siwa or out of Cairo that you can book through. Also, your hotel can also set you up with a tour guide to help you around Siwa and educate you on the sites.

👉🏻 I booked my Siwa Oasis guide through my hotel, Albabenshal Lodge Siwa

Following my terrific tour guide.

The city of Siwa Oasis is located on the western border of Egypt and is one of the country’s most isolated settlements, with a population of over 30,000 people. It was not until a few decades ago, that a proper concrete road was built to the city. The journey from Cairo was tiresome and long but when I return, I will do it in a more comfortable manner. Siwa is a very remote desert oasis, about thirty miles from the Libyan border and it feels as if you are worlds away from home, even if your home is in Cairo.


It’s a BIG world out there- Go explore!

Yours Truly atop the Mountain of the Dead

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