The Black Sheep | Award Winning Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine in Las Vegas

I am not ashamed to say that I have always been considered the ‘Black Sheep’ of my family. I believe that is why this Southwest neighborhood Las Vegas restaurant and I have clicked since they opened. The Black Sheep has been the restaurant that I frequent most regularly for dinner with family and friends. This is also my daughter’s favorite restaurant, and we have come here for dinner celebrations, or just for a cocktail at the bar. It is a magnificent establishment of Asian fusion cuisine and award winning libations.

La Flama Blanca- 2017 One of Ten Best Cocktails in America

2017 was a great year for Las Vegas when it came to restaurant openings and recognitions. That was the year the Black Sheep and Chef Jaime Tran, won both the Las Vegas Eater’s ‘Restaurant of the Year’ and ‘Chef of the Year’.

As for the cuisine, the genius vision of Chef Jamie creating upscale Vietnamese-American fusion dishes sets this restaurant apart from others in Las Vegas. Chef Jamie is genuine, with an upbeat and joyful persona. Every bit of her spunk translates into the dishes she creates. I have dove into many of The Black Sheep’s delicious dishes and unique cocktails, and they have all been astounding.

—– On the Table —–

A personal food journal of the well executed and sophisticated flavors of The Black Sheep.

— Libations —


— Beef Crisps —


— Black Sheep ‘Hot Chicken’ —


— Seasonal Pumpkin Cheesecake —


— Thai Basil Ceviche —


— Whole Fried Trout —


— Vietnamese Herb Chicken —


— Grass Fed Ribeye —


— Steak Tartare over Beef Crisps —


— Poached Pear Salad —


— Vietnamese Imperial Rolls —


— Grilled Peach Salad —


— Chocolate Tres Leches —


— Sea Bass —


— Octopus —


— West Coast Oysters —


— Scottish Salmon —


— Vietnamese Crepes —


— Braised Durac Pork Belly —


— Hamachi Crudo —

_______BON APPETIT!_______

For restaurant information and reservations, please visit THE BLACK SHEEP

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Yours Truly at The Black Sheep

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