What I ate in IRELAND – Part 3 – A Food Journal

Part three! I am actually amazed and somewhat impressed at the amount of food I eat when I travel. Now I do not eat like this every day, if you have been wondering. My daily meals are very healthy, and simple plus I make my own green juice daily. It is when I travel that I become a glutton of mass proportions, and I can even grow a second stomach for dessert.

Greetings from Killarney

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From my over the top Luxe Hot Chocolate in Limerick to me throwing a fit at the airport because I had to throw away my Ham and Irish Cheddar sandwich, here is my list of “What I ate in IRELAND – Part 3 – A Food Journal”.


The Buttery Kitchen – Limerick

The Buttery Kitchen, the name of this restaurant just sounds delicious. So yes that is one reason I chose to eat here, the name “The Buttery Kitchen”, just drew me in. Although I did not find a buttery kitchen, I did find a scrumptious lunch place in Limerick, Ireland.

Sweet Pea Fishy Pie

Everything on their menu looked terrific, and I decided to begin with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for my wine-ding down. I wanted to pair it with something seafood like, and chose the Sweet Pea Fishy Pie. It was perfect, and the fishy in the pie was freshy. There was also a lovely pile of lightly dressed greens on the side, which was welcomed because I am a vegetable lover.

Then of course, I ordered the Lux Hot Chocolate. It sounded very luxurious, and I was super curious. Oh my Gawd, ’twas insane! It was a rich Luxe Hot Chocolate with layers of marshmallows and chocolate candies, all doing a balancing act. It tasted as good as it looked– so damn good.

The Buttery Kitchen was definitely my carb and calorie splurge in Limerick. I have no regrets.

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For restaurant information, please visit The Buttery


Breakfast at The Old Quarter Townhouse – Limerick

Formerly The Boutique Hotel, this is a well centralized hotel in the heart of Limerick. When I stayed there before it changed names to The Old Quarter Townhouse, I found it to be a pleasant stay. Now it did get very loud on some evenings because this hotel is located in the shopping and pub area. Luckily, I brought ear plugs or I may have had terrible sleep, and missed these glorious morning fry-ups.

The breakfasts were terrific and made up for me having to sleep with ear plugs. I had a couple different styles of breakfasts while staying here. One morning I had a traditional Full Irish minus the puddings. It was delicious, and I loved the waffle potatoes that were served.

Each day, breakfasts were also served with a pile of warm toast and Irish butter .

On another morning I had a more simpler breakfast of fresh scrambled eggs, crispy skinned bangers, saucy beans, and a pile of that warm toast. I do love breakfasts in Ireland.

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Teatime at Bunratty Castle – Bunratty West

Over the years, I have been to many castles but Bunratty seemed very special. It might have been that Bunratty was not over the top, but majestic all the same. With the admission, you get access not only to the beautifully restored castle, but also to the Folk Park which was enjoyable. In order to get to the castle, you walk down shaded paths, passing farm animals, and village houses. I could not get enough of the baby goat or was it a pigmy goat? Whatever, it was super cute and I wanted to put him in my pocket, and take him home. They really did a nice job with the Folk Park, and I was impressed.

The Folk Park also has a couple of eating establishments, and my favorite was the Tea House.  It was a casual self service place that you carried your tray from the counter to the table. Everything from the cakes, to the tea were all served on toile style plates. It was a very pretty set up.

Scone with clotted cream and jam

I selected the ‘Afternoon Tea’ blend which was steeped in little green tea pot. I was on the hungry side, and I chose two things that I knew would go perfect with my pot of tea. A slice of the heavenly carrot cake that was topped with a cream cheese frosting. Then I also chose a freshly baked berry scone with clotted cream and jam. Having a cozy place for a spot of tea made my day better, although it was going well from the start.

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For castle information, please visit Bunratty Castle & Folk Bark


The Café at King John’s Castle – Limerick

Not going to lie, I think I enjoyed the café more than King John’s Castle itself.  I do understand that this castle was under disrepair for centuries, but it was more of an interactive display with educational videos than anything else. The main reason I returned to Limerick was that I wanted to visit King John’s castle. Keith (former husband) had traced his roots back to King John’s bastard son, and my response to that was “Of course you would be related to his bastard son”.

Sausage Roll and Crisps

After learning more about Limerick than I ever thought I would, I found myself inside the café and gift shop. Of course I was hungry, and decided on something simple- a sausage roll, crisps, and a cup of Americano. I actually do like sausage rolls, as we do not have them in the States. So yes, I may have enjoyed the café more than the castle itself.

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Dinner at Sakura Japanese Restaurant – Cork

One of my oddities when I travel, is after about a week I start craving Asian food. Not Mexican food, nor Italian food but straight up whatever Asian food I can find. Also, it is interesting to me how other countries interpret Asian food depending on the ingredients or the local palate.

Chasu Ramen

While I was staying in Cork, I found Sakura and it was exactly what I was looking for. The weather outside was chilly, and I may have been a wee bit tipsy, so I ordered a hearty bowl of Chasu Ramen. The broth was flavorsome and the chasu was tender, not at all fatty. I also ordered a side of kimchi, although that is a Korean food, because I wanted to spice up my ramen. It was all very comforting.

For us Yanks (Americans), we should always be flexible when it comes to Asian food outside of the States, as it will be slightly different. The Spicy Tuna at Sakura was tuna topped with a spicy red sauce, rather than mixing it into the tuna. They are also accommodating as I asked for a Spicy Tuna Handroll, and it was not on the menu but they made me one. My Asian fix was completed.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Sakura Japanese Restaurant on Yelp

For restaurant information, please visit Sakura Japanese Restaurant


Jameson Experience in Midleton

Lush life! No shame here. I have been to both Jameson locations in Dublin and in County Cork. The difference you ask? The Dublin location is the original distillery that was opened up a of couple centuries ago. The Midleton location is the more modern distillery, and is where their whiskey is currently being produced. Jameson outgrew their Dublin facility, although that location is still opened for tours. If you are debating on which one to go to, do both.

At the end of both Cork and Dublin experiences, you have the opportunity to taste test three whiskeys (American, Jameson, and Scotch). Then you make your own judgement on which is better. Additionally, you are given a ticket for a free Jameson drink at the bar. If you are not liver shy, that equals to three shots and a drink.

For my Five Star Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Jameson Experience on Yelp

For tour information, please visit Jameson Whiskey

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Lunch at Ramen Asian Street Food – Cork

How I wish I could have liked this place more. This modern Asian eatery lacked in a lot, including the service and flavor. The food was average, and so were the people who worked there. I was helped by two people who were not very friendly, and seemed preoccupied like I was bothering them.

Also upon ordering, I was not asked what spice level I wanted as most Asian restaurants do. If not asked, the customer can forget- like me. According to their menu, this place can bump up the spice levels, which I always do. It is not like everyone who walks in eats at the same spice level. OK, I am done bitching.

Pad Thai

I decided on the Pad Thai with beef and tofu, it was good but I wish it had more flavor. For the price, it should have stood out more with bolder flavors. I never thought Pad Thai could taste this boring. The presentation was very cute though, as it was brought to me in a paper box on a tray. I think the cuteness of the presentation was to detract you from the uninspiring flavors.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Ramen Asian Street Food on Yelp


Irish Coffee at The Mauretania – Cobh

On my last visit to Ireland, which lasted two weeks, I think I may have drank whiskey every day. My God, they stick it in coffee how could you not! Sometimes I did not overthink my coffee order, and asked for an Irish Coffee, especially when I sat in a pub. Then if the pub advertised it like The Mauretania in Cobh, you would find me sitting in a dive bar with a glass mug in my hand.

Hello from the Mauretania

I popped into the Mauretania after wandering around Cobh because it was drinkie time. What caught my attention was a sign for Irish Coffees and thought, “why was I not inside this bar yet?” The creamy sweet coffee with a bit of whiskey was strong and warm, which is what I needed on that dreary Cobh day.

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Donuts at Sticky Fingers – Cork

I was walking through Cork on a Sunday morning, and came upon this brightly colored shop that said there were DONUTS inside. Donuts are the same in any language, so you know I was going to hit it.

I settled on two donuts the Banoffi and the Sticky Spacer. I also ordered a cup of coffee to wash it down. Something my father used to tell me even before I was drinking coffee, “Always drink a cup of coffee with your donut, Trixie. They taste good together”. Yes, and the two taste good together in any country.

The Banoffi donut was topped with chocolate and some fun bits. Although it was a filled donut, it was quite lite. The sweet filling was whipped, which was perfect with the light raised donut. I have tried filled donuts that the cream was so heavy, that I thought the donut would break. The Sticky Spacer was just a fun donut to eat because of the brightly colored vanilla frosting, and the sherbet spacer candy on top. If I were to choose, my favorite would be the Banoffi, all the way.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Sticky Fingers on Yelp

For restaurant information, please visit Sticky Fingers


Tea at Kent Station – Cork

I typically do not drink berry teas, but for some reason I thought I would give it a go. I was waiting for my train to leave Kent Station in Cork, and wanted to sit down apart from the general seating. There was one place in this small station called AMT, and it had a private area with tables and chairs. I would have to buy my way in with a cup of berry tea.

Okay, actually I did not want to next to anyone, and wanted some elbow room. That is the reason that I find myself in cafes, while waiting for transportation when traveling. I get a little claustrophobic around too many people, so this is my way to get around it. I spend a little money, and I get my own table- problem solved.

For my Yelp review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Kent Station on Yelp


The Last Supper at Premier Inn – Dublin

I was not dining with Jesus, nor his apostles but this was my last supper on my whim of a trip to Ireland. Since I had an early flight the next morning, I chose to stay at a hotel by the airport with a shuttle. The Premier Inn was a comfortable hotel, and surprisingly it had a very nice restaurant inside.

For a Premier Inn hotel restaurant, this place was pretty solid. There was a full bar and many tasty looking menu options. I decided on the Tandoori Mixed Grill, which was a large plate of flavorful meats, basmati rice, and dips. If Indian food is not your thing, you will find just about anything on the menu from sandwiches, to burgers, to Asian food. Since I do have a second stomach for dessert, I ordered the coconut sorbet which was a nice palate cleanser after the spicy dinner. AMEN!

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Premier Inn on Yelp


Buy Chicken at Dublin Airport

Two Words- “Eat. Chicken.”

Everything was going great at the Dublin airport until I had to throw away my ham sandwich. Listen up travelers, NO PORK beyond US customs. No, that is not a euphemism, it is a literal fact. Even if you buy a ham sandwich after the first security check point in the airport, do not dare to bring it past the US Customs entry point. That US Customs entry point is still in the same damn airport in Dublin!

Chicken & Stuffing Sandwich

I enjoy the fact that I can clear US Customs before I leave the Dublin airport, but l just wanted to eat my ham and Irish cheddar sandwich. According to the World Entry Agent, I was supposed to declare it. Declare my airport ham sandwich? I told the agent I thought that meant if I was trying to bring in a couple slabs of Irish bacon, or a lot of pork bangers. No, it meant my airport prepackaged ham sandwich. I asked her if I could just eat it before I crossed over into another part of the Dublin airport, but no it was too late. I did not declare it, and she made me throw it away. Ok, done bitching.

So I ended up buying another sandwich on the other side of US Customs, and it was chicken. It wall all chicken sandwiches. So if you purchase a sandwich prior to crossing over US Customs, inside Dublin Airport make sure it is chicken.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Dublin Airport Terminal 2 on Yelp


And so it goes, the last entry of my food journal while in Ireland. There were three parts, this one being the third and the last. I enjoyed writing this because it brought back many memories of not only food, but of exploring a country that I love. I know there will be more Ireland food journals in the future, which means more exploring of the Emerald Isle!

Yours Truly, on the road in Dingle

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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