What I ate in IRELAND – Part 1 – A Food Journal

Ireland has been one of my favorite countries to visit and have visited three times since 2011. My love for Ireland was there even before I had a DNA test done, and found out that I have a wee dram of Irish blood in me. I am sure that is where my love for gin, whiskey, and Irish butter comes from. Also why my Filipino mother celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by cooking up a pot of Irish Corned Beef, Potatoes, and Cabbage. 🍀 She did this by DNA instinct, I assume.

Greetings from Glendalough!

I was longing to go back to Ireland and my friend mentioned that Norwegian airlines had RT tickets leaving from New York for about $260. That was unheard of but it was true, so I booked them on a whim. I flew to New York using my American Airlines points, and stayed for a couple days. Then I was off for a two week whim holiday in the Emerald Isle.

While in Ireland for those two weeks, I did a lot of eating and drinking. Enough to fill three food journals of ‘What I ate in Ireland’. I really had no regrets, nor do I ever have regrets really. I just like to travel and eat!

From accidentally finding myself in the same restaurant from 2011, to eating my fair share of Irish Breakfasts; my list of “What I ate in IRELAND – Part 1 – A Food Journal”.


Flight Food – Next Stop Dublin

This is when I knew that I made the correct decision on booking my inexpensive flights to Dublin. I was sitting in a three seat row, and the lady who was sitting in my row decided to move. She wanted to sit next to her friend. I got the whole row to myself, so I took off my shoes, and spread out.

Since I was flying Norwegian airlines, and did not purchase their bland inflight meal, I bought from the airport a low quality cheese tray of overly processed cheddar and jack cubes. Well, at least I had a good book to tide me over until I arrived in Ireland.


Clifton Court Hotel Breakfast – Dublin

I believe the breakfasts were better than the stay at this hotel. Although I liked the prime location of being on the River Liffey, there was a pub downstairs. On one of the nights I was staying here, either there was a terrible cover band or it was karaoke night. It is an older hotel, so the music was literally in the walls. Luckily, it was only for an hour.

Now as I mentioned, the breakfasts were very good. I ordered the ‘Cooked Breakfast’, and on the plate was a well done fried egg, bangers, rashers, and toast. Great breakfasts for great starts of the day.

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Beshoff Fish & Chips – Dublin

In the three times that I have been to Dublin, I have dined at this chippy. I keep coming back because it is conveniently located on O’Connell Street, the price is decent, the service is quick, and there is a lot of seating.

Fish, Chips and Slaw

Now it seems as if the quality has gone down since 2011 and 2015, which were my last visits to Beshoff. Either that or over the years of travelling I have been exposed to more Euro and UK Fish and Chips, so my palate has changed. I ordered the cod fish and it was pretty good. The fish did seem fresh, not dried out, and of course it was well battered.

As for the chips or fries for you Yanks, they were pretty tough for me to eat. Not that they were hard, oily, or overly salty they just did not taste right. I was not sure if it was the type of potato they were using, but the chips tasted very heavy and starchy. I ate what I could but drowned it in salt and vinegar. I do not know, maybe they were having an off potato day or something. Who knows?

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Jameson Distillery on Bow Street – Dublin

“Oh, show me the way to the next whiskey bar. Oh don’t ask why. No don’t ask why.” Jim Morrison knew exactly what he was saying.

The Traditional Tasting at Jameson.

This was my second time to this Jameson Distillery, and they have changed their tour. If you have been on this distillery years ago, you should come back and do it again. The first time I did this tour was in 2011, and it was more of a walking tour. Then several people were chosen for the taste test. Back in 2011 I was one of those lucky people chosen to try three different whiskies, and decide which I liked. I chose the Scotch because I did not like people convincing me which to choose!

The Secret Tasting Tour

On the most current visit, I was lucky enough to do this tour with a Vegas friend, who happened to be in Dublin that day. Wow, did we have fun! We did the regular distillery tour first, plus the “Secret Tasting” afterwards. I think we had about eight shots/ drinks, and it was LIT! Try walking though Dublin with your friend playing a dangerous game of Frogger.

I really do love this place. It is not that touristy, and the fun times you have during and after make it all worth while- Cheers.

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For tour information, please visit Jameson Distillery Bow St

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Powerscourt Terrace Café

One thing that I love to do is checking out the cafés inside a Castle or Estate in Europe. I have never been disappointed by the quality of the food served. Powerscourt Terrace Café has kept up my love for Castle/ Estate cafés.

There was a lot to choose from, so I went for the Ham Stuffed Potato. I will tell you this, the Irish really know how to do a potato. My potato was thoroughly stuffed with local ham and Irish cheeses, it was phenomenal. Whatever lunch item you choose it comes with three salads of your choice. My favorite was the curried chick pea. Everything served in this café is locally grown, so you know the tastes will be top notch. I just wish I had enough room for dessert.

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A Snack at Glendalough Monastic Site

The Glendalough Monastic Site is an impressive place to visit . Understanding that this Monastic site dates back to the 6th century, and then walking through the cemetery is thought provoking.  There are important buildings on this site including the Round Tower, St. Kevin’s Kitchen Church, St. Mary’s, and the Priest’s house which are all within the cemetery grounds.

I trekked through the Monastic Site and Glendalough Park on a chilly day, and needed a little something to warm me up. I especially wanted a little something for the bus ride back to Dublin, so I picked up this cute little snack. It was a packaged tasty handmade Irish Fruit Cake and a coffee, quite perfect for the road back to Dublin.

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Casey’s Bar & Bistro – Glendalough

Not a great lunch experience here. Since this bistro was the only sit down eatery at the Monastic Site, this hotel restaurant was packed. That would have been okay if they were not so short staffed. I never thought I was going to get out of there.

I ordered tea and a roast beef sandwich on brown bread, and it took quite some time to receive my food. It also took longer to get flatware. I had to remind my server twice, and catch his attention so I could eat like a human being. Yes, I was going to eat my sandwich with a fork and knife because the brown bread was breaking. Plus I had a salad that accompanied my sandwich. I ended up picking at my sandwich because one half had a good amount of roast beef, and the other had one small sliver. I had to move the meat around. I know, I sound picky but I felt as if my food was just thrown together, and it probably was.

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The Old Mill Restaurant – Dublin

I really do not know how I found my way back to The Old Mill. Apparently I was here years ago in 2011. I just did not remember the name of the restaurant, but when I climbed the steps, I remembered. Plus when I posted on IG, my friend commented that we ate at The Old Mill years back. Anyhow there probably was a reason that I came back, and I am sure it was for the food.

I do not remember what I ordered in 2011 because I did not take a photo of it. This time around I ordered a delicious ‘Lunch Duo’ of the local mussels, and seafood chowder. I love eating fresh mussels while I am in Ireland, and these were to be loved. They were very fresh mussels, and that seafood chowder was creamy and flavorful.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of The Old Mill Restaurant on Yelp

For restaurant information, please visit The Old Mill Restaurant


Fishy Fishy – Kinsale

Fishy Fishy- from the sea to the table. Fishy Fishy is definaltey Freshy Freshy!

The town of Kinsale is a fishing village within a harbor, so it just made sense for me to eat the local seafood. Fishy Fishy boasts several dishes that are freshly caught, and then on to the table. That is exactly what I was looking for.

I asked my server which dishes were freshly caught, and which were his favorite. He directed me to the fresh cod with orzo, and I realized why this was a favorite of his. The cod just melted in my mouth, and it was accompanied perfectly with a parmesan cheese crisp and orzo. The composition of flavors and textures complimented each other perfectly.

My server was also keen on the local gin, and he recommended me Black’s Gin from Kinsale. It really was a lovely gin, and it was presented in the prettiest glass with a Blackbird. I wanted to nick that glass, by the way!

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For restaurant information, please visit Fish Fishy Restaurant

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Food U – Kinsale

I so enjoyed this adorable café in Kinsale. It was as sweet as the freshly baked cakes they sell. Food U is located at the end of the boat dock beyond the center of town. It is not that long of a walk, maybe 5-10 minutes. It is a nice treat if you are down by the boats for a stroll or taking a harbor cruise.

A sweetly plated slice of orange coffee cake

It is small but there is enough seating inside and outside. I chose to sit outside, and it was very relaxing to watch the harbor from my bar stool in front of the café while eating my cake.

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Poet’s Corner – Kinsale

What a lovely little cafe in Kinsale. I was wandering around town looking for a coffee place that would catch my eye. I wanted a coffee for takeaway, and possibly a snack. Poet’s Corner caught my eye. It looked so inviting with her cute tables, chairs, and a wall of books.

For the traveling folk who like to read along the way, here is your book exchange café. I did bring a book with me on this trip, but I was not ready to trade it in at the time. If I were, I could definitely do it here.

I opted for a cappuccino and it was very stunning. I felt terrible that I had to cover it with a takeaway lid. As for snacks, they had a wonderful selection of home baked goods. I chose the Sponge Cake with jam, that was covered in chocolate and coconut. I was very happy with both, and it made for a delicious journey back on the bus to Cork.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Poet’s Corner – The Reading Cafe on Yelp

For location and information, please visit Poet’s Corner – The Reading Café

For my Kinsale Blog – Kinslale – A Colorful Seaside Town | Exploring Ireland


Butters Chocolate – Dublin

The first time I visited Ireland in 2011, I was introduced to Butlers Chocolates. I fell head over heels, especially the chocolates from the walk-in shops. I once asked my friend to bring me home a box of Butler’s chocolate when she went to Ireland. She came back with a huge box of assorted chocolates, and a smaller box of truffles. I have such lovely friends!

If you are in Ireland and run into a shop, do just that, run into the shop. My favorite is to order their creamy rich Hot Chocolate in the mornings before I do some touring. At most locations, you will be given a little piece of chocolate with your order.

For location information and online ordering, please visit Butlers Chocolates


After I drank way too much at Jameson and thought that I needed to buy this beanie!

Yours Truly in Dublin


🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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