Noshing on the Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour | Big Onion Walking Tours, NYC

As a chronic traveler, I have been on my share of walking tours on both hemispheres; I have also been to The Big Apple many times over. The funny thing is that I have never done the Big Onion Walking Tour before, although it had been on my radar for over a decade. There was one specific tour (Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour) that I was interested in but it was not offered daily, and I kept missing it on my numerous visits. Then as luck would have it, the eating tour was available on one of my trips to NYC.

I understand there are many people who do not like group tours, and want to do it themselves. I am a yes and no with that thought. I believe in the freedom to wander, but I also believe in educating oneself when you come across a great walking tour company. The guides of the Big Onion are all PhD students working their way through the last years of their degrees. You know that you will have a brilliant mind leading you through the city on their tours.

The Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour was perfect for what I was looking for, food in an exciting outdoor classroom setting.

New York’s first food & history tour! This tour combines the history of the diverse Lower East Side with a series of small food sampling or “noshing” stops from local shops and markets. The main focus of our tour is the history of the multi-ethnic Lower East Side with an emphasis on the neighborhoods of the Jewish East Side, Little Italy, and Chinatown

– Big Onion Tours Website

— Noshing & Walking —

A food journal of the delicious foods we were offered while exploring the many ethnic communities, that make New York one of the best cities in the world.

— Plantains —

Sweet plantains while discovering the Dominican Neighborhoods of NYC


— Onion Bialys —

Kossar’s Bagels & Bialys – Fresh bialys while learning about the long standing Jewish Communities of New York.


— Garlic Pickles —

The Pickle Guys– The last pickle store that still exists on Essex Street.


— Pickled Pineapple —

The Pickle Guys– A Caribbean Specialty at the last remaining pickle store on Essex Street.


— Mongolian Beef Jerkey —

Ling Kee Beef Jerky – Tasting tender jerky while exploring New York’s Chinatown.


— Vegetarian Spring Rolls —

Vietnamese Spring Rolls while strolling Chinatown


— Cheese and Salami —

Saving the best for last while learning about the history of Little Italy


— Cannolis —

Traditional cannolis as we ended our very filling Original Multi-Ethnic Eating tour, in Little Italy.


Educating yourself on a city or country through its food, is a great way to appreciate the diversity in cultures. The Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour, was an extraordinary couple hours of eat, learn, walk it off, repeat.


Big Onion Tours offers many other historical and educational walking tours through the various neighborhoods of New York. Whether this is your first time or your tenth time to NYC, the Big Onion can give you insights on the many layers of this city.

For information on tours and schedules, please visit BIG ONION WALKING TOURS

For my Gold Elite Yep Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Big Onion Walking Tours on Yelp

You have to taste a culture to understand it…

Yours Truly in the Big Apple

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