La Maison de Maggie | The Best Crepes in Las Vegas

That is my opinion, but also the opinion of the Las Vegas community! Since 2015, Maggie has been creating authentic French crepes, galettes, baguette sandwiches, and other true to her native homeland dishes. This cozy café was such a little French food powerhouse, that in 2018 they were awarded the ‘Best of Las Vegas- Bronze Award’. Then in 2019, Maggie was awarded Gold, which meant that she was the best French Restaurant in all of Las Vegas.

Special Fifth Anniversary Treats – My Favorite is the Olive Bread.

On December 13, 2020, La Maison de Maggie celebrated their 5th Anniversary in Las Vegas, which happened to be the same day that the ‘Best of Las Vegas’ winners were announced. I was at Maggie’s on that Sunday with a friend, to congratulate her for five years while eating my favorite Emily Sandwich. I overheard Maggie mention that she won several ‘Best of Las Vegas’ Awards for 2020, and then asked her to repeat them for me. She laid down these article clippings:

Congratulations La Maison de Maggie!

Best French Restaurant – Silver | Best Power Lunch- Silver | Best Juice Bar/ Smoothies- Bronze | Best Coffee House- Bronze

I was first introduced to Maggie and her house of crepes through my friend, and food photographer, Nitin Bhatnagar. He asked another friend and I to meet him there at her first anniversary in 2016, and after that was when I became a devotee.

Maggie’s French Hot Chocolate

Over the years that I have visited, I became friends with Maggie and have brought others in to try her galettes and crepes. All have enjoyed the authenticity, flavors, and the cafe’s comfortable atmosphere. One of my friends whom I have traveled to Europe with several times before, mentioned how her Nutella and banana crepe reminded her of the ones she ate in Paris. Maggie’s food is so good that it triggers memories of French travels, this place is that special. I feel the same EVERY TIME that I order the Emily Baguette Sandwich with ham, gruyère cheese, butter and French pickles. It has always reminded me of my baguette sandwich with butter, cheese, and ham while strolling the streets of Chartes, France in 2010.

The Emily– Ham, gruyère cheese, butter & French pickles.

The word “Authentic” is a very strong word to use, especially in today’s restaurant scene. A lot of places use that word loosely, and may be using recipes that were passed down from generations. Although they are using “Authentic” recipes, the flavors are not truly authentic. It comes down to using the dish’s ingredients from inside that country, in ‘Wine Talk’, it is the terroir of the region. That is why food in another country will taste very different, sometimes even better, than what we try to replicate in the States.

France Galette – Egg, ham & cheese

La Maison de Maggie, is home of the ‘The Authentic French Crepe’. Not just because she reigns from France, but she also imports her ingredients from her homeland. I like to think of it as having someone make an authentic crepe in France, and having it magically appear in Las Vegas.

LouLou Crepe – vanilla chestnut jam & whipped-cream

As Maggie always says with a certain look in her eyes, “Everything is French!”. This means that her crepes and galettes are not overstuffed like Americans have grown accustomed to. For some reason we want our crepes to resemble a food truck carne asada burrito, and not enjoy the true simplicity of the flavors. Maggie’s crepes are filled with a few ingredients that are in the style of her native country. That is how it is done in France, and how I have always enjoyed it whenever I have visited Paris and beyond.

Quiche and Salad

Our galette and crêpe recipes only include authentic French buckwheat (sarrasin) and wheat flour (farine de blé) which are imported from France along with our unique flavors such as mint (menthe) or grenadine syrups and vanilla chestnut jam.

– La Maison de Maggie Website


The Authentic Flavors of La Maison de Maggie:

Domi Crepe- caramel, vanilla ice-cream & walnuts
Lauren Crepe – Nutella, strawberry, whipped cream
Quiches– Sylvie with ham, bacon & cheese, and the Jimmy with mushroom, spinach & cheese
Alex Crepe- Pear, salted caramel & cinnamon
Flying Baby Galette– Tomato, mozzarella & blue cheese
Matt Galette– cheese, mushrooms & chicken
Italian Coffees
Croissants and Pain au Chocolat

And who cannot resist, La Maison de Maggie’s “Crepe Suzette”!

Bon Appetit!


🏡 La Maisson de Maggie is located at:

3455 S Durango Dr
Suite 112
Las Vegas, NV 89117

For more information on catering, hours and current menu, please visit their website: La Maison de Maggie

For my Five Star, Gold Elite Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of La Maison de Maggie on Yelp

There is no love sincerer than the love of food…

– George Benard Shaw
Yours Truly, Trixie

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