What I ate in MADRID – Part 2 – A Food Journal

As part of any traveling experience, discovering a region’s food and drink scene are essential to understanding its culture. I found the food of Madrid to be just as flavorful as the city itself. Now before even stepping into Spain, I had already researched several restaurants that I wanted to dine at. This included a list of historical and legendary dining establishments, such as Restaurante La Trainera and Corral de la Moreria. Gastronomic travel is my passion.

Hello from Madrid

Madrid is magnificent, and a beautiful city to visit while traveling in Spain. I loved it so much that I am counting the days until I return, for more delicious dining.

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From and impressive feast at the legendary Restaurante Zalacain, to eating white asparagus from my namesake, region of “Navarre”, I submit “What I ate in MADRID – Part 2 – A Food Journal”.


Lunch at Restaurante La Trainera

For over fifty years La Trainera has been one the city’s top restaurants for seafood. When I travel, I try to seek out seafood restaurants with a history of serving fresh fish and shellfish. Since Madrid is a landlocked city, finding a high quality seafood restaurant was muy importante for me.

Since there were so many incredible sounding dishes on their menu, I decided on several small plates. I still had a full day of eating ahead, and I figured that I would eventually try a couple of their main dishes when I return to Madrid.

On the table:

  • Torres Viña Sol blended white wine
  • Bread basket, and Spanish olives
  • Esparragos Blancos de “Navarra – White asparagus from “Navarre”
  • Sopa de Productos Del Mar – Seafood soup
  • Mejillones Gallegos a La Trainera – Mussels La Trainera style
  • Dessert- Tarta de Santiago, also known as the “Cake of St. James
  • Espresso and cookies

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For restaurant information and reservations, please visit Restaurante La Trainera


Brunch at Arzábal

While visiting Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, I decided to dip into Arzábal which is connected to the museum. Although the wait time to receive my food was a bit longer than I wanted, this café was still a lovely place to have brunch.

I started off my museum day by sitting underneath the shaded patio, and noshing on smoked salmon with avocado on toast, that came with a side of potato chips. I loved the presentation of the salmon toast on a rustic wood plank. It was a good looking dish, and tasted just as wonderful.

After my pleasurable and relaxing brunch, I was ready to explore one of Madrid’s best museums.

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For restaurant information, please visit Arzábal


A Legendary Lunch at Restaurante Zalacain

As for the short of the long of it; A gastronomic icon of Madrid since 1973, Zalacain Restaurante has been a legendary dining establishment for decades. By 1987, they received the highly coveted Three Michelin Stars after earning their first star shortly after they opened fourteen years prior. Zalacain became the first restaurant in Spain to accomplish this top recognition, making them a culinary legend in it’s country and beyond. Although they have sadly lost their stars, this celebrated eatery still holds onto one of the best restaurant reputations in Europe.

🍽 Zalacain has been recognized in Michelin’s Guidebook for- The Michelin Plate and Extremely Comfortable Restaurant.

When I looked back at my food and wine photos, I could not believe how much I consumed at Zalacain. I have no regrets, and everything from the Amuse-Bouche, to my final shot of espresso was tremendous. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ❤

On the Table:

  • Amuse – Bouche of croquettes and phyllo dough birds nest.
  • Goose Foie Terrine
  • Goose Foie Ravioli
  • Center of Fillet, medium rare, topped with a tender garlic sauce
  • Pommes Soufflées
  • Dessert – Fluid Chocolate Rose dessert
  • Espresso
  • Plates of After Dinner Peanut Candy, Macarons, and Cookies

Of all the places that I ate in Madrid, Restaurante Zalacain was my best dining experience. If you have not read my full blog and review on my extraordinary meal at this legendary restaurant, please read:

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For restaurant information and reservations – Zalacain Restaurante


Meracado de San Miguel

Here is where I had a gastronomic affair with many tapas. Many, many tapas! One of the highlights of traveling to Madrid is noshing your way through the Mercado de San Miguel. It is an enticing market that one can taste the different cultures of Spain under one roof.

If you enjoy olives as much as I do, I recommend finding the olive tapas counter, and choosing several tasty skewers. I had to take it all in, and became quite overwhelmed with all the tempting choices. The shrimp, pepper, and olive skewer was great, but my favorites were the little stuffed olives. Que Rico!

The cheese counter was another of my favorites for obvious reasons. I am a cheese enthusiast, and I was quite enthusiastic gazing this counter up and down. If you love cheese then I highly recommend that you locate this counter. There were many styles of cheeses for you to try and buy, everything from a traditional Spanish Manchego to other fine European cheeses.

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For market information – Meracado de San Miguel


Dinner and Show at Corral de la Moreria

In Madrid, down a small quiet street, in a dark intimate restaurant, upon a small corner stage, a group on musicians and world renowned Flamenco dancers come together, and put on the best shows in the world. They have achieved top recognition as the “The Best Flamenco Tablao in the World” from the International Festival of the Cante de Las Minas, as well as many other awards.

What also makes this Tablao Flamenco the best is the world, is that Corral de la Moreria has achieved one Michelin Star for their exquisite cuisine served with every show.

Michelin Guide: Corral de la Morería Gastronómico

My Michelin Star Meal – On the table:

  • Glass of Ysabel de Mardrigal, a Spanish white wine.
  • Fresh breads
  • First Course: “Coca” (Puff Pastry Base) filled with “Escalibada” which is roasted Aubergine onion and peper, goat chese with a rosemary flavored “Romesco” sauce.
  • Salmon with crispy corn croquettes and sweet potato purée with boiled semolina.

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For restaurant and show reservations, please visit Corral de la Moreria


—— Toledo, Spain ——

👩🏻‍💻 ➡ A Day in TOLEDO, SPAIN – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lunch at Restaurante Plaza Mayor

To one side of Toledo’s Cathedral and anchoring the small Plaza Mayor is Restaurante Plaza Mayor. I decided to stop in for lunch because the restaurant looked interesting. To get to the dining area, you need to walk down a flight of stairs where you will find yourself in a below ground restaurant.

When I was seated, I was not given a lunch menu but was told that lunch had two courses. I was also TOLD what was available. I have heard of places like this, where you pretty much have whatever the chef is cooking. No explanations, just “This is what we got, Lady!”. It might be different during dinner, but I can only report to you what happened during lunchtime.

Paella was one of the first course menu items, and I was thrilled. I love paella which is a traditional Spanish rice dish. The paella was flavorful and was loaded with seafood- Perfecto! I was also told that “Pork” was one of the menu items for the second course. I was not sure how it was prepared so I took a chance. I was not about to ask how it was cooked, I just trusted my instincts. What was served was a tender stewed pork that was flavorsome and hearty. I loved the traditional side of patatas that accompanied the “Pork”.


Dessert at Tabenera El Botero

When I was in Madrid, I dined at the legendary Restaurante Zalacain. The managerial staff at Zalacain highly recommended Tabenera El Botero for their tapas and drinks. Botero is located in quiet neighborhood of Toldedo, and inside a charming old store font.

El Botero had quite a menu of appetizing tapas, but I was quite full from my lunch at Restaurante Plaza Mayor. I decided on dessert, particularly their Lemon Pie because it sounded refreshing on that warm day in Toledo. It was an extraordinary dessert, and a surprise when it was put down in front of me. This scrumptious dessert was a deconstructed lemon pie that was both sweet and tart. The creamy lemon filling was openly placed over a bed of sweet cake crumbs. Then it was topped with mint leaves, and little lemon cookies similar to Madeleines. It was divine!

For restaurant information, Tabenera El Botero


Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

– Ernestine Ulmer
Yours Truly in Madrid

🌍 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are mine – Trixie Navarre

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