Hunt & Gather Restaurant in Torrey, Utah | A Perfect Place to Gather

Who would have guessed that along State Route 24 in the small town of Torrey, which is the gateway to Capitol Reef National Park, there would be a delightful dining establishment named ‘Hunt & Gather’. My friend and I were on a two week road trip, and passing through Capitol Reef for a day. In our usual fashion, we try to locate a high quality dining experience in even the smallest of towns. We found exactly what we were looking for, an inspiring dinner of cocktails, fine cheeses, and hearty dishes.

Capitol Reef National Park

Our meal at Hunt & Gather came after we had checked into our hotel down the road. Our plan was to have a great meal, then shower and sleep. The next day would be a breathtaking drive through Capitol Reef National Park, and then on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Yes, we are that ambitious!

From the Hunt & Gather website:

Hunt & Gather Restaurant features slow-cooked meals from scratch like wild game, prime beef, fish, cheese boards, grains, fruits & vegetables. In-house dynamic sauces prepared from fruits & spices to accompany creatively dressed plates & bowls; as well as seasonal soups & chowders. Chef Chet Saign has worked in fine French restaurants like La Caille and around Salt Lake City at The Park Café & The Santa Fé. For the last 28 years Chet worked his way from line cook to owner at the award winning, French New Orleans restaurant,  410 Bank Street in Cape May, NJ. From the ocean to the mountains Chef Chet and his wife & business partner, Nancy, now bring to Torrey, UT, a passion for quality meals, cooked to perfection in a kind and warm environment. 

For restaurant information and reservations – Hunt & Gather Restaurant


Seasonal Dinner Menu at Hunt & Gather

September 2020 Menu


My friend and I went back and forth when deciding on a main course, but we did agree on the Cheese and Charcuterie Board. We are both cheese enthusiasts and became quite enthusiastic when we read there were local cheese available. For me, tasting local cheeses has always been an interest of mine. Throughout my travels, I have found love for the freshness and quality of local farm cheeses. Hunt & Gather offered Mesa Farm Market Cheeses which is located in Utah, not too far from Capital Reef.

For our main courses, I decided on the High Mountain Trout. I have learned over my travels to order the trout if it local and available. It is a quirky thing, but I have done that throughout this country and Eastern Europe. Well, this trout did not disappoint as it was a very filling fillet, both fresh and cooked perfectly.

My friend ordered the Mushroom Risotto, which was something that I was debating on. The whole risotto dish was filled with many types of mushrooms, and she really enjoyed it. I was able to try some, and it was a very good rice dish, very flavorful and hearty.

—— On the Table ——

Vodka Martini

One of my favorite classic cocktails!

A martini, either vodka or gin, with a pick full of olives.


Cheese & Charcuterie Board

A sensational board of smoked, organic and local cheeses from Mesa Farm Market, salt-cured meats, olives, nuts & seasonal fruits.


High Mountain Trout

A very hearty grilled 8oz trout fillet with lemon, tarragon tartar sauce, served with rice pilaf and vegetables.


Powell Forrest Mushroom Risotto

Such a flavorsome and colorful risotto created with Arborio rice, portabella, morrell, bolete, porcini and button mushrooms. Topped with shaved Mesa Farm Market Tome.


Hunt & Gather Restaurant is opened seasonally, so please check their website for their opening and closing dates.

Reservations are recommended especially during high season. If you have good weather while dining, request an outdoor table. There is comfortable seating indoors, but sitting outside makes for a pleasant and relaxing dinner.

🧀 OH, and do not forget to order that Cheese and Charcuterie Board!


“People will travel anywhere for good food”

Yours Truly on the road in Capitol Reef National Park

🌍Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me, and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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