Piste Mountain Bistro in Jackson Hole, WY | Dining on the Slopes!

Dining at Piste Mountain Bistro in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is far from being ordinary. In order for you to get to the bistro, you will need to take a 12 minute ride on the Bridger Gondola from Teton Village. Piste sits directly on the ski slopes, and can be enjoyed year round. My friend and I dined here when it was not ski season, and enjoyed the fresh mountain air plus the views.

Bridger Gondola

There is a special gondola line for those with Piste Mountain Bistro reservations. Since this is a popular restaurant, it is recommended that you make reservations. The regular line going up may be congested at times, and the restaurant line is a lot quicker. When you arrive, just give the staff member your name and off you go.

As per the Piste Bistro Website:

Guests are highly encouraged to make dinner reservations for Piste Mountain Bistro. Dinner service is from 5:30-8:30pm, and gondola access to Piste Mountain Bistro is free after 5pm. For those with a Piste reservation, there is a separate line for gondola access. Please account for the 12 minute gondola ride when booking your reservation.

The Deck @ Piste opens at 4:30pm. Gondola access to The Deck @ Piste is free after 5pm, but you may purchase a sightseeing ticket for early lift access prior to 5pm. The Deck @ Piste will have limited seating on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information and reservations : Piste Mountain Bistro

The views overlooking the valley, what a great way to start dinner!

Once you arrive to the top the views are remarkable, and the air is crisp. Make sure you time your dinner just right, so you can take advantage of the daylight. There was a large patio outside the bistro, and it was an enjoyable spot with great views. There were people mingling with drinks in hand, and taking photographs while waiting for their reservations.

—— On the Table ——

Specialty Cocktails

Cocktails with views of the patio and mountains

I had requested on our reservations, a table with a window view and it was honored. We ordered a couple of their beautifully hand crafted cocktails after we were seated. Both the Sparrow and The Lucky Charm cocktails were delicious and dazzling, we highly recommend them.


Bread and Butter

Fresh Artisan bread, focaccia and butter. I enjoyed the focaccia so much that I asked for another serving.


Chef’s Soup

A flavorsome and modern take on the classic corn chowder.


Smoked Feta Hummus

A delightful light dish of seasonal grilled vegetables, smoked feta hummus, puffed farrow and capicola


Pork Belly

For my friend’s second course she decided on the Pork Belly appetizer which was our server’s recommendation. He said it was his favorite and it soon became my friend’s favorite. She mentioned that the whole dish was excellent and seasoned well.


What a fun and delicious dinner at Piste Mountain Bistro. We found everything to be solid- The food, the cocktails, and the views.

For my Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Piste Mountain Bistro on Yelp

Travel, Eat, Repeat…

Yours Truly on my way to Piste Mountain Bistro


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