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Three Forks Grille – The Most Popular Restaurant in Columbia Falls, Montana

Say you have just finished a day visiting Glacier National Park in Montana and you feel that you deserve a good meal. A very good meal in a casual upscale restaurant that serves dishes made from local ingredients with an Italian twist. We were there and I am sure many others were too because Three Forks Grille in Columbia Falls, was one popular restaurant!

Glacier National Park

Columbia Falls is not a big city, it is more of a big town that is just outside the West Enterance of Glacier National Park. If you ask any local what their favorite nice restaurant is, more than likely the answer will be “Three Forks Grille”.

Typically as soon as 5:00 PM hits, there is a line of people waiting patiently outside their wooden doors. The first night we decided to try this place, it was at least a 45 minute wait so we decided to go to another restaurant. The next night, we arrived at 4:50 PM and were the first ones in line! Since they do not take reservations, it is first come first serve. I recommend that you arrive several minutes before they open, so you will get first seating.

—— On the Table ——

A glass of Dr. Loosen Riesling

My friend and I ordered wine with our dinner and I was impressed by their selection. The Riesling by the glass was from the Mosel Valley in Germany, which always impresses me! I have visited that area of Germany a few times and in my opinion, the Mosel Valley produces the most delicious Rieslings due to their terroir. It was a nice crisp white wine that paired perfectly with my dinner choices.


House Salad

Mixed Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber, Radish with a Housemade Roasted Garlic Ranch Dressing

A very delicious House Salad

While on this two week road trip, I became obsessed with ordering house salads from the restaurants we dined in. Since we were in meat and potato country, I figured this was my best option for intaking anything green. What I found were delicious house salads with fresh local produce at almost every place I ordered one. The house salad at Three Forks Grille was fresh and delicious especially with their housemade dressing.


Grilled Rainbow Trout

Marinated with Lemon, Dill & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Summer Vegetable Salsa,

Lentil Salad, Toasted Almonds

I also became obsessed with ordering the trout if I was not ordering a steak. Trout is prevalent in the local rivers and ordering it is always a wise choice. I was impressed with the freshness and flavors of my grilled rainbow trout. It was cooked perfectly and paired with a healthy lentil salad, seasonal vegetables and toasted almonds. All the flavors complimented each other and were very palatable.


Grilled 11 oz Ribeye

Rosemary & Garlic, Gorgonzola Butter, Charred Broccoli, Hasselback Potato

My friend who is a serious steak eater decided on the 11oz Ribeye. I was debating on ordering the ribeye but my friend allowed me try some of her steak. I will say that it was a delicious elevated meat and potatoes dinner. The gorgonzola butter was an excellent topper to an already choice cut of meat.


Sweet Ricotta Tart

Almond Crust, Ricotta and Mascarpone Cheeses, Seasonal Berries

As for the dessert, we were hoping to try the cannoli since there is an Italian influence to their menu. It seemed they were all out so we both decided the Sweet Ricotta Tart. I do mean that we both decided on the tart because we ordered one each, we did not want to share! The Sweet Ricotta Tart was quite good but our hearts were set on cannolis. 💔 That was okay because there is always a next time.

If you are planning on having one nice meal in Columbia Falls, I recommend Three Forks Grille and I am sure everyone else in the area will too!

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For restaurant information – Three Forks Grille


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