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5th & Wine – The Coolest Wine Bar in Great Falls, Montana

We were about half way through our two week road trip and landed in Great Falls, Montana. I speak as if arriving into this ‘big town – small city’ was by accident but it was definitively intentional. We were spending the night in Great Falls just to have a drink at the Sip n’ Dip Tiki Lounge with the swimming Montana mermaids. If you have ever traveled with me or know me personally, then all this should be no surprise.

Sip n Dip Tiki Lounge


Since we were in Great Falls for just one night and both my friend and I enjoy upscale dining, we found that 5th & Wine was the city’s finest. It was also minutes from the tiki lounge, so we headed over after a couple of drinks and mermaid watching. Just remember to visit Sip n’ Dip for cocktails and then head in for your dinner reservations at 5th & wine. It makes for the perfect evening in Great Falls. ๐Ÿงœ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Welcome to 5th & Wine! Located in a funky industrial area of Great Falls, this great space restaurant is housed inside an old sheet metal warehouse. Some of my favorite restaurants are inside creative reworked spaces such as mansions, old homes and warehouses. 5th & Wine has done a magnificent job redefining this vast space into a cozy wine bar with restaurant.

The open space has a comfortable and urban rustic charm to it. My friend and I enjoyed the relaxed environment with down to earth food and excellent wine.

Considering we were in Montana and my friend and I are both O Blood Type carnivores, the obvious choice was BEEF! We were in Montana, the land of meat and potatoes and of course we wanted to fit in. Actually we could care less about fitting in, we just knew what states had the best beef!

—— On the Table ——

Wine and a Reserved Table

Since 5th & Wine is Great Falls’ most coolest wine bar, the wines offered were both impressive and well thought through. I decided on the pinot noir since that has always been a nice red wine for my palate. The wine choice was a magical combination for our steak. Even my friend who is not a wine drinker said “There is some wonderful stuff happening with my taste buds”, as she drank her pinot noir and ate her Wagyu.


Cedar Plank Mushrooms

Grilled and smoked wild mushrooms with goat cheese , roasted thyme and a drizzle of arbequina olive oil.

Being fans of the shrooms, my friend and I kicked off our appetite with the Cedar Plank Mushrooms. Yes- They were as delicious as they looked, probably more! This delectable feast of grilled and smoked wild mushrooms was accompanied by fresh goat cheese. It was a glorious dish! The fresh mushrooms were tender and had a smoky flavor to them. The smoky flavor made them quite masculine, if that makes sense. The mushrooms were not served delicately but very heartily which was a wonderful start to our Wagyu Beef Tenderloin.


Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

Drizzled with a huckleberry demi-glace with a celeriac puree and grilled asparagus.

The tenderloins served at 5th and Wine were from a local Montana ranch that raised Wagyu cattle. How perfect was this steak dinner that our Wagyu tenderloins were raised close by. It was obvious that this dining establishment was thoughtful in choosing local ingredients and meats, to help support the local economy. Plus if you are looking for a true Montana meal experience, you need to eat local and not at a chain.


Medium Rare Perfection

In my opinion, the only way to eat a steak is medium rare and any other way is a damn tragedy. Ssshhhhh but I sometimes enjoy my steak a little bloody! Well, this beautiful slice of Wagyu was cooked to a perfect medium rare and glazed with a Huckleberry demi-glace. As we learned, huckleberry is a local fruit and you will find it served in creative ways throughout the region. In this case, huckleberries were made into a lovely sauce that accompanied the steak wonderfully. My Wagyu tenderloin was also served with dreamy creamy celeriac puree and fresh asparagus. Both just happen to be a couple of my favorite comfort food sides when eating beef. It was like a Win-Win dinner for me.


What an extraordinary meal and an introduction to the local beef in Montana. Everything at 5th & wine was outstanding from the service, the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful wine and to the delicious cuisine. No wonder this restaurant was noted as one of Great Falls’ finest.

For my complete Yelp review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of 5th & Wine – formerly Wines By Wednesday on Yelp

For restaurant information and reservations – 5th & Wine


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