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Henry’s Fork Lodge – A Refined and Rustic Retreat in Island Park, Idaho

Tucked away along the Snake River, unassumingly sits Henry’s Fork Lodge. There is no grand enterance off the main highway to this rustic but ever so posh fishing lodge. You will have to turn down a couple of small Idahoan country roads until you arrive at this modest cedar lodge. Inside that lodge you will find a comfortable yet elegant retreat for a fishing getaway or a low profile fine dining experience.

My friend and I decided on having dinner at Henry’s Forks Lodge rather than staying there. Dining inside this rustic retreat was something very specia! Their restaurant was on my list of places to try in the United States, as it is in my travel bible “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”. Again, my travel bible did not disappoint as the location, the staff, speaking with the chefs and the delicious seasonal cuisine was an extraordinary experience!


Although enjoying a meal here is considered fine dining, the experience is quite casual. I do not mean, come to dinner with what you wore during your fishing trip kind of casual. It was just a comfortable space to dine whether inside or if you are lucky, on the deck. We were lucky and had the opportunity to sit on the deck which overlooked the river. The weather was beautiful and so was the outdoor atmosphere. It was all very relaxing.

For dinner there were only three seasonal entrees: Bison, Lamb or Wahoo Fish. Since I do not eat bison nor lamb, it was the Wahoo Fish for dinner. The fresh fish fillet was hearty and accompanied with the simple sides of spinach and polenta. I thought the composition of the complete dish was quite rustic and wholesome. It felt right at home with the lodge’s environment. I also ordered the Anjou Pear salad to start which was very appetizing, the produce was fresh and perfect. My friend ordered the mint scallop bisque which she loved! I was able to try a bit of it and I will say that the hint of mint in the bisque was a lovely surprise.

Every dish was a marvelous accompaniment to the picturesque outdoor dining experience on Henry’s Fork Lodge’s riverside deck.


Henry’s Fork Lodge Wine List

Wow, such an enjoyable evening view of the Snake River with a glass of wine to start off dinner. I decided on a glass of the house chardonnay, which was a good glass of wine for the price. While sitting there with my friend and my wine, I was very relaxed. I understood why this lodge was one of Idaho’s gems.

—— On the Table ——

Fresh Bread and French Linen

My friend was very impressed with the bright colored French linen used to cover our slices of fresh bread. It is those details, such as beautiful French linen that can transition a meal into an “Experience”.


Tomato Mint and Scallop Bisque

A savory tomato bisque with a hint of mint and a full seared scallop.


Anjou Pear Salad

Mixed Greens, Toasted Walnuts, Goat Cheese and Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette.


Grilled Hawaiian Wahoo Parmesan

Polenta, Sautéed Baby Spinach Lemon Thyme Emulsion, Peppernata.


Since my friend and I are both Dessertarians, we made room for a couple of their heavenly desserts. On the table were the Ice Cream Sundae with Berries, as well as the Chocolate Ganache Torte. Both dishes were a glorious way to end our meal along the Snake River.

Chocolate Ganache Torte

A divine rich chocolate ganache torte slice with fresh raspberries and puree.


Mixed Berry Ice Cream Sundae

A generous serving of premium vanilla bean ice cream with seasonal berries and topped with chocolate sauce.


After Dinner Coffee

Enjoying a hot mug of black coffee, while watching the sun go down on the Snake River.


After experiencing a fine dinner at Henry’s Fork Lodge, I absolutely plan on returning back for several days, although I do not fish. This refined and rustic lodge was bewitching and I felt comfortable, like I belonged there. I could see myself relaxing, writing and eating here as a mini vacation, but what else is new? 😉

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