A Festive Holiday Afternoon Tea | The Plaza in New York City

I have always delighted in the whole experience of afternoon tea; the formality and the deliciousness that comes with a proper tea service. There are many interpretations of afternoon tea from a casual café setting, to the opulence of a Palm Court.

Inside the Palm Court – The Plaza Hotel

There are not many stylish Palm Courts left in the world, a handful at best. The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, is one of the few who maintain this early 1900s palm tree atrium. I have been fortunate enough to partake in afternoon tea in three of these Palm Courts; The Plaza Hotel in New York City, The Ritz Hotel in London, and The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. There is nothing like it when it comes down to the elegance of afternoon tea traditions, inside a historic and sophisticated setting.

The Palm Court – The Plaza

Choosing an afternoon tea in New York can be a task, because there are many places in the city that offer in different varieties. Everyone has their own preference in service and tastes, and there are plenty of options in the city. As for myself, I have partaken in afternoon tea for a couple of decades in different parts of the world, and knew what I was looking for when it came to afternoon tea in New York City. Although the lure of sitting inside another lavish Palm Court for tea, was the tipping point for me.


– Champagne Afternoon Tea Service –

This was a special afternoon tea as it was a Congratulation Tea for my daughter, she had just graduated from University. Afternoon tea has a been a lovely personal experience that I have shared with her for over a decade. What a better way to celebrate this milestone with an experience that we love to share.

Veuve Cliquot Champagne

From the moment we were seated until the moment that we left, having afternoon tea here with all its lovely details was a wonderful experience. The champagne offered with the afternoon tea was Veuve Cliquot, which became an elegant upgrade.

Tea and Veuve Cliquot- The best of both worlds

There was a wide variety of unique and high-quality teas to choose from, and if you have questions, the servers are there to help you select one that will work with your palate. All the teas are served loose leaf, and in personal fine china tea pots.


– The Holiday Afternoon Tea Service –

Tea service for two

As for the afternoon tea delicacies, every bite was heavenly. Everything was served at once on a multiple tiered serving tray. The colorful array of savories and sweets, plus the delicious scones were thoroughly enjoyed.

Freshly Baked Seasonal Scones

Served with Devonshire cream, Meyer lemon curd and house-made preserves


– Savories and Tea Sandwiches –

Thyme roasted prime rib, horseradish aioli, arugula, brioche roll

Napoleon smoked salmon, pikcled onion cream cheese, dill and pumpernickel

Foie gras mousse, chambord-soaked currents, pannetone

Caviar blini, chive creme fraiche, Daurenki caviar

Lobster roll, daikon sprouts, buttered potato roll

Porcini mushroom and thyme quichette


– Dessert Course –

Mandarin citrus white chocolate macaron

Mont Blanc tart sable, chestnut puree, huckleberry compote, vanilla cream

Orange Grand Mariner chouquette, preserved orange

Green Tea financier cake, yuzu cremaux, coconut meringue

Dark chocolate cugelhoph, manjari cognac ganache, mocha coulis

Mandarin orange chocolate, pan d’epice eclair

Fresh seasonal fruit tart


A Personal Favorite

Mandarin orange chocolate, pan d’epice eclair – It was quite luxurious and very tasteful


-Departing Gifts from The Plaza-

Signature classic fruit cake slices


Congratulations Macarons-

My daughter had just graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management from UNLV, and to be treated to a beautiful plate of macarons from The Plaza, was a wonderful way to experience hospitality.

Thank you to The Palm Court inside The Plaza for your thoughtfulness, and a beautiful afternoon tea service.


For afternoon tea information and reservations, please visit their website: The Palm Court The Plaza Hotel

For my complete YELP reviewRead Trixie N.‘s review of The Palm Court on Yelp

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury

– Coco Chanel
Yours Truly at The Plaza Palm Court

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