What I ate in GERMANY – Part 2 – A Food Journal

Germany is one of those countries that I can go, and will go back to over and over. Since 2015, I have visited Deutschland three times, and do not plan on stopping. This is a country that has rich history, charming villages, cultural cities, and glorious food.

Greetings from Oktoberfest – Munich

This blog is Part TWO of two parts, for now. I am looking forward to creating multiple food blogs (Part Three, Part Four, etc) for Germany in the coming years.

From having a German bowl of Mexican Chili Con Carne to noshing on a slice of Original Black Forrest Cake,  my Part Two List of “What I ate in GERMANY – A Food Journal”. 

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What I ate in BAVARIA

While in Bavaria, I visited many historical cities and landmarks beyond Munich, and ate many delicious things. This is where I ate so much apfelstrudel that by the time I got into the other states of Germany, I completely stopped. I really have no regrets on how much I ate in Bavaria, and I would do it again.

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A Welcoming Lunch in Weimar

After a morning of travel, I arrived by train early to my hotel in Weimar, Germany. Understandably, my room was not ready so I stored my luggage, and headed into their restaurant. Just based on the restaurant food and service alone, this casual hotel by the train station was a marvelous find.

I loved the service at Kaiserin Augusta Hotel, and as a solo traveler it is important to feel comfortable. My server at the hotel restaurant was the sweetest thing, and since I was the only one in the restaurant, the service was fast. I ordered the beef marrow consume, and it was delicious and welcoming on that chilly day. For my main entre, I ordered the pork cutlet steak and Weimar sausages that were grilled with onions. Everything was beyond perfect.

For my complete YELP Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Kaiserin Augusta on Yelp


Restaurant Texas in Weimar, Germany

When I travel I definitely eat local foods, and try not to eat American but by the end of a long six week trip, one does miss home. I saw Restaurant Texas reviewed online, and I went straight away. Now I have eaten at American style restaurants through Europe, Asia, Mexico, and S America and if you have too, then you know it is always off. So my expectations were just that, close but no cigar. Boy was I wrong.


I ordered the Chili con carne, Mexican style, and it was 100% spot on. They offered a Texas style and to be truthful, I did not know the difference as my menu was in German. I chose Mexican because simply I like Mexican food, and was born and raised in SoCal. Now it was not as spicy as I liked, but there was a bottle of Emilio hot sauce staring at me- I may of used the whole bottle.

For my complete YELP Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Restaurant Texas on Yelp


Original Black Forest Cake- A Bit of Cake With Your Liquor?

While in Triberg, in the Black Forrest, I stopped in for a quick lunch at Café Schäfer. I also wanted to try piece of their original recipe Black Forrest Cake. If you come here keep that in mind, this is the original so variations have been made to accommodate local taste. Do not expect it to be the sweet chocolate layered cake with whipped frosting suitable for children. What the original tasted like was very different.

The taste really came from the frosting layers, as they were pretty liquored up. It was like *bite* “omg liquor”, *bite* “there it is again”, * bite* “Good lord it’s stronger now. It’s on!” So, with that said, I loved it.

We also ordered the white sausage with pretzels, they were OK but I understood this café is known for the cakes. What I really got a kick out of was the mustard from a toothpaste tube. It is just the simple things, I guess.

For my Complete Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Café Schäfer on Yelp


A Sausage Roll and a Strike

This sausage roll from Panos was in-between two moments in time. I had just finished taking a taxi from Maastricht, Netherlands to Aachen, Germany. There was a transportation strike that morning in the Netherlands, and the trains and busses were not working- It happens, The only thing you can do in these situations is make sure that you have a lot of EUROS on you, not kidding.


My only option was taking a taxi into Germany, which set me back €110. I am not complaining, I got to the  Aachen Train Station in the middle of a rain down pour, and my only consolation prize was this sausage roll from Panos.


Making it Better With Chocolate…

Over the years, I have learned to just splurge and pay the extra money for First Class section on trains. For some people it does not matter if they are in coach, but I like the spaciousness, quietness, and the optional meal if included.


I was riding the DB Train from Colonge to Berlin, which was a very long ride, and I purchased a First Class seat. Luckily, I got on early in the ride because it seemed that there were more people than First Class Seats. After stopping at several stations, we picked up so many people that there were no seats left. From my back corner window seat, I could see people resting over backs of seats, and standing toe to toe in the aisle. So much for riding in style in First Class. Anyways, one of the staff members would come by often to pass out waters and chocolates. Everyone seemed in decent spirits, especially when handed these little DB Chocolates- Good Call Deutsche Bahn! 🚅


VarieTee is Quite the Special Place

My friend who is a Bonn local told me VarieTee was a very special place, and was excited to take me here. I have always trusted her judgement, and in this case she was right again. VarieTee was quite the special place.

The tea menu is quite extensive, but also categorized according to what taste you prefer. The tea is served in pretty little tea pots with cups and saucers, which does make it special. They also have rock sugar on the table, which I have never seen before in all the places that I have had tea. I saw my friend put a spoonful in her tea, and questioned her about it. When she told me it was rock sugar, I added a spoonful in my tea. It must have been special in my mind because I do not add sugar to any of my drinks.

The wonderful thing about VarieTee is they also serve incredible food. So you can have a filling and tasty meal with your lovely tea. My friend ordered a pasta dish which was a very generous serving. I decided on the Chili Salad with chicken, which was very delicious and filling. It was tangy but not too spicy, and had generous amounts of everything.

For my Five Star YELP Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of VarieTee on Yelp


Spaghetti Eis – Round II

The first time I had Spaghetti Eis was in Königswinter, with my friend who lives in the area. That was back in 2015, and I remember asking about it while we were walking around. She brought me to an Eis (Ice Cream) café ,and I had my first Chocolate Spaghetti Eis.   

👩🏻‍💻➡See my “What I ate in GERMANY – Part 1” For more information.  

Several years later I revisited that same friend who lives in Bonn, and we went for Spaghetti Eis again. I believe it is “A Thing” now that we share as friends- Ice Cream! Not a bad way to connect.


Having a Hamburger in Hamburg

*Parump-pump* Sorry, I could not help saying that! Actually, this McDonald’s burger is not a hamburger, but a Quinoa Burger. This was from 2015, and we still do not have these in the States. As with a lot of things in Europe, we, the United States are still behind.


I normally do not go to McDonalds in the States, Yes Europe, we non McD’s poeple do exist but I wanted to use my credit card for my meal. It was decent, I would not go out of my way for this, but I thought it was a good option

For my YELP Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of McDonald’s on Yelp


The Perfect Duo in Dresden

Schnitzel and Spätzle, the perfect duo, is what I ate in Dresden after I took an early morning train from Prague, and before a bus back to Prague all in one day. WHY? So, I could go back to the Zwinger in Dresden, and view Raphael’s Sistine Madonna with the famous cherubs. Then after the museum and this S & S lunch, I headed back to Prague so I could check out another gallerie by the end of the day. I definitely like to push things.


What is Schnitzel? What is Spätzle? Schnitzel is pounded meal, such as veal or pork, that is battered and deep fried. Spätzle is German pasta, and can be served in various ways, depending if it is a side or an entre. The spätzle served with my schnitzel was simple with butter, chives, and cheese which is how I make it at home.


What I ate in BERLIN

On my two visits to Berlin, I experienced just a sprinkling of delectable dining although I know this city has a tremendous amount of incredible restaurants. I am sure that I will have my work cut out for me the next time I visit Berlin, when it comes to eating and noshing. I am looking forward to the challenge!

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Danke schön, darling, danke schön…

– Wayne Newton
Yours Truly and my Music Man! Bonn, Germany

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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