What I ate in BAVARIA – A Food Journal

Bavaria is the slice of Germany that you have always fantasized about; filled with lush forests, impressive alps, fairy tale castles, and mighty medieval towns. It is a very special state of Germany in which they even have their own dialect. Bavaria is where Munich is located, which hosts the world’s biggest party every September, Oktoberfest!

Greetings from Munich!

While in Bavaria, I visited many historical cities and landmarks beyond Munich, and ate many delicious things. This is where I ate so much apfelstrudel that by the time I got into the other states of Germany, I completely stopped. I really have no regrets on how much I ate in Bavaria, and I would do it again.

From noshing at Oktoberfest, to my first bite of Kaiserschmarrn, my list of “What I ate in Bavaria – A Food Journal.” 🥨


Ammer Brathähnchen at Oktoberfest

I love a good roast chicken- I love ordering it, making it, and eating roasted chicken. So, ordering from the “World’s Oldest Chicken Stall”, was an obvious decision during opening day at Oktoberfest in Germany. Ammer has been a food vendor at Oktoberfest since 1885, making it the second oldest tent at the festival.

Ammer offers organic roasted duck and chicken, as well as fries (pommes). We ordered the half roasted chicken with a side of pommes, and it was all so delicious. The chicken was juicy, the skin was crispy, and the tasty fries were the perfect accompaniment.

*Hint- Bring plastic cutlery to eat with at Oktoberfest. We were only given little wooden picks, which did nothing when trying to eat this chicken. We ended man-handling this bird!

For more information, please visit- Ammer at Oktoberfest


Eating Steckerlfische at Oktoberfest

Steckerfische which translates to “Small stick Fish” aka “Fish on a Stick”, can be found at the Fischer-Vroni tent at Oktoberfest. This was a very popular food tent, and we opted to eat our steckerfische outside while standing up. It was definitely worth the standing.

They offer different types of fish and we decided on trout, since that is one of my favorite river fishes. It was incredible- very fresh, crispy on the outside, and tender meat on the inside. This is a pricey food tent, so do not be surprised on how much a fish will cost you but it is worth every euro.

For more information, please visit: Fischer-Vroni at Oktoberfest


A Slice of Haustorte at Bodo’s Cafézelt

There were so many delicious cakes and pastries to choose from at the Bodo’s tent at Oktoberfest. I decided on the Haustorte, which translates to “House Torte”. Tortes in Germany are a multi layered cake filled with buttercream , jams, whipped cream, fruits etc. This Haustorte was chocolate with chocolate, topped with chocolate- so it was made for me.

The Bodo’s Cafézelt Tent is a comfortable and a cozy place to chill during the busyness of Oktoberfest. They have a wonderful selection of sweet cakes and pastries created by celebrity confectioner, Bodo E. Müller. There are also cocktails, champange and NO BEER. That was fine with me, since I am not a beer drinker.

For more information, please visit: Bodo’s Cafézelt at Oktoberfest


The Original Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany

A big High Five and Two Thumbs up to HB for hanging around Munich since the late 1500s, surviving several wars, hosting several historical figures, serving traditional German food, and knowing how to throw a party nightly for people around the world.

From being the Royal bier and bier house of the Bavarian King when it opened, to hosting figures as Lenin, Hitler, and Mozart, it is more than being a tourist trap in today’s world.

I came here during Oktoberfest time. Yes, I am sucker for punishment. The restaurant was packed full, and I knew we had to act fast to secure a table. We split up and I scored a table, texted my partner, flagged down our server, and ordered. I knew I could be a lookie-loo after. Work smarter, not harder. The food came quick, and we ordered the sausage plate with spätzle to share. I also purchased an enormous pretzel from the Pretzel Girl, who was being distracted by tourists wanting photos. Hint- if you see a Pretzel Girl, buy one quick as she might not come back around for a long while.

For my complete Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Hofbräuhaus on Yelp

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website- Hofbräuhaus


I Found a Burrito!

Leave it to this ‘Born and Raised’ Cali Girl to find a burrito in Bavaria, Germany. It was a nice change from all the German, Polish, and Czech food that I had been eating for several weeks up to this point. My German burrito was a different interpretation than one you would find in the States, but that is what made it special. I chose the steak burrito, and it was fresh and flavorful. Plus. I liked the seasoned potatoes instead beans and rice because it made this burrito very German.


I devoured this delicious steak burrito at Sausalitos Cantina Y Bar at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Station, which is at the base of the Zugspitze. It is a great place to get a meal and a drink before or after you head to the tallest mountain in Germany.

For Zugspitze information – Discovering The Zugspitze – Germany’s Tallest Peak

For more information and locations, please visit their website- Sausalitos


Dinner at Künstlerhaus

We asked the gentleman at the front desk of our hotel what his favorite restaurant was, and he suggested The Grill at Künstlerhaus. It seemed like this was everyone’s favorite restaurant too, because it was packed. Since there was only two of us, we were seated quickly at the bar. We ordered pasta and pizza, which were quite good but we were astonished at the bar nuts served- pistachios. We love pistachios, and to be given a whole bowl of them to graze on was like a food fantasy.

Not only did Künstlerhaus have great food, the Haus has a great local history. In the late 1800s, the Künstlerhaus building was a gathering place for local artists, musicians, writers, and Munich socialites. This Haus would have been my choice of hangouts, if I lived in Bavaria over 100 years ago.

For more information and location, please visit their website- Künstlerhaus


King Ludwig II Chocolate by Reber Confectionary

After a day trip into Bavaria to visit both King Ludwig II’s Linderhof and Castle Neuschwanstein, I impulse bought this chocolate. That was no surprise after learning about ‘The Fairy Tale King’, who was quite mad, and exploring his charming residences in Bavaria. Seriously, who does not impulse buy chocolate?


Reber is a German based confectionary that is known for their themed chocolates. They are famed for their Mozart Balls, as well as gorgeous chocolate gift sets that revolve around Mozart, Constanze Mozart, and Bavaria. Check it out, they are delicious and fun.

For Reber Confectionery information, please visit their website: Reber.com


My first bite of Kaiserschmarrn

It was probably my 10th serving of Apfelstrudel (right) while in Germany, but it was my first time to have Kaiserschmarrn (left). For one, it was a delicious and a surprising change of pace from all the strudel. Secondly, I wish that I ordered it for myself because I had not seen it on any menu after that while traveling through Germany.

Kaiserschmarrn is a shredded caramelized pancake with small fruits (rum soaked raisins, cherries, apples) and nuts. It is traditionally served sprinkled with powdered sugar, and accompanied by a fruit compote.

These two scrumptious desserts were eaten at Brauhaus am Schloss Regensburg, Germany. *When we had visited, the brewery was named Furstliches Brauhaus and has been renamed.

Kaiserschmarrn is a known dessert around Bavaria and Austria, as it was named after Austrian emperor Franz Joseph, who was also a fan of this dish. From what I had learned, Kaiserschmarrn is also popular in countries that were once part of the Hungarian-Austrian rule, but I had never seen it on a menu in those countries.

For Regensburg city information – Old Town Regensburg – A UNESCO World Heritage Site | Exploring Germany

For information please visit their website- Brahaus am Schloss


Ad Quality Shot of my Chocolate

This was another impulse chocolate buy while in Bavaria. I love Ritter Sport chocolate bars, and I love Nougat more. If you have tried a Ritter Sport, a German based confectionary, then you know how delicious of a chocolate square bar this is. It deserved its own photo session with the Bavarian Alps in the background.

Chocolate and the Bavarian Alps

This photo was taken at The Kehlsteinhaus or Eagle’s Nest close to the Austrian border. This historic location was originally used by the Nazi Party for meetings, and was visited by Hitler more than a dozen times. An interesting fact about this location is although this was built with Hitler in mind, he hated the location because he was fearful of heights.

The Kehlsteinhaus in it’s current day, is a tourist destination with a restaurant and souvenir stand. How time changes things.

For more information – Das Kehlsteinhaus – Hitler’s Eagles Nest | Exploring Germany

Official website: The Kehlsteinhaus


Schnitzel und Pommes in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

From my first visit to Germany and up to my third, one of my favorite dishes is Schnitzel. Although now I mix it up with a side of Spätzle instead of Pommes, which I enjoy more. Schnitzel is pounded meat, typically veal or pork, battered and fried. It is so tasty when done right, and the Germans definitely do it right.


This crispy pork cutlet and fries was enjoyed prior to a small shopping spree inside the famous Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop. I left Keith inside the pub, which was across the shop so he could drink beer- It was a Win-Win situation.

For Rothenburg information – Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria | The Storybook town of Germany


Apple Pie and the Zugspitze

So I ventured off my Apfelstrudel Pilgrimage, and ordered a slice of Apple Pie. Yes, I do have an apple dessert obsession, although I do not eat raw apples on their own. I could not help but order something, and take in this gorgeous view of the tallest peak in Germany.

Both my apple pie and my trip up to The Zugspitze were WUNDERBARE!

The Zugspitze is located along the mountainous border of Austria and Germany. If you are in Munich, it is not too far and can be easily reached by train, coach or car.

For more information – Discovering The Zugspitze – Germany’s Tallest Peak


A Bag of Klein Schneeballen, Bitte

“Eins nougat klein schneeball und eins dunkel klein scheeball, bitte.” I was so proud of myself that I put together this German sentence, and was looking forward to the lady’s German response. “That will be 3.80 Euros, please!” was the response I got. I cannot tell you how sad I was to not have a response in German. My German friend told me that if a person has a British or American accent, people answer back in English but they appreciate the effort- Still sad.

Well besides my German language fail, I will say the Schneeballen were very nice to eat, while walking around Rothenburg. Actually, the Schneeballen pastries are very popular in the medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. They are worth trying out while visiting one of the worlds best persevered medieval towns.

For city information – Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria | The Storybook town of Germany


German Candied Pecans

I was walking through the Munich train station when I got a whiff of the sweet nutty scent of warm candied pecans. I smelled them before I saw them, and when I saw them, I smiled. I also bought a cone of them, and walked to my hotel noshing after a long day of touring Bavaria.


In future travels to different European countries, I started to gravitate towards buying freshly made candied pecans. They are crunchy sweet perfection in any language. Whenever or wherever I buy them, I remember the day that I bought a red and white striped bag of candied nuts in Germany. I can still smell them before I see them.


Kartoffelpuffer at a Third Reich Hangout

Over the last decade, I have found myself photographing my food in very interesting places. For instance, these crispy potato pancakes I ate at Eagle’s Nest in Germany. I have tried potato pancakes before but none quite like this. The pancakes I have tried in the past were flatter while this version were thicker, and just as tasty. I loved the pour of sour cream sauce with chives on top, it totally made the dish.


Eagle’s Nest was one of the locations for the Third Reich during WWII, and was visited by Hitler. To get to the top of Eagle’s Nest you have to take a golden elevator that runs inside the mountain, it is fascinating. Currently, it is an active place for hikers and a tourist destination with a delicious restaurant.

For more information – Das Kehlsteinhaus – Hitler’s Eagles Nest | Exploring Germany


Brauts mit Kraut at an 870+ Year Old Sausage Kitchen

The historic Wurstkuchl in Regensburg is perhaps the oldest restaurant and public house in the world, dating back to 1135 AD. The restaurant sits along the Danbue River close to The Old Stone Bridge, which the Crusaders had crossed centuries ago. It is just fitting that this historical restaurant resides in a very historical city in Bavaria. This is worth a visit if you are in the area, not only for the delicious Bavarian sausages but for the historical factor as well.


We ordered a very generous portion of Brauts mit Kraut, which were very delicious. All the sausages were made in house, and cooked over an open charcoal grill. The kraut and mustard that accompanied the brauts were excellent, and so was this classic German meal.

For more information – Historische Wurstküche zu Regensburg | The World’s Oldest Sausage House


Plum Cake and a Cappuccino in Bamberg

After a few hours of checking out the charming Bavarian town of Bamberg, I needed my usual ‘Carbs and Caffeine’ fix. If you have read my previous Food Journals and Reviews, you know that that duo plays an important part of my day. I always enjoy these little breaks because I get to spontaneously choose a café, and find out what their house specialty pastry is.


Before I decided on this Plum Cake, I asked my helpful server what was their dessert specialty, and she said the apfelstrudel. I told her that I had already eaten about a dozen apfelstrudels in Germany. and she was clever in her reply, “Well let us not have thirteen, I will bring you plum cake!” I could not say no to that. I was very happy because the plum cake was divine, and paired with a cappuccino it created a delicious duo.

For Bamburg city information – Beautiful Bamberg in Bavaria- A UNESCO a World Heritage Site | Exploring Germany


The BEST Apfelstrudel so far

I ate my way through Germany on Apfelstrudel should be a blog post on its own. Unfortunately, I lost many of my photos when my phone was stolen in Hamburg. All I can tell you is that I had many versions of Apfelstrudel in Germany, and this one was the best I have ever tried. Thank goodness that I uploaded many of my pictures to Shutterfly prior to the phone theft.


So what made this apfelstrudel so delicious? That warm puddle of vanilla cream which the strudel is swimming in. That sweet vanilla cream was a game changer, and added another dimension to this already delicious dessert.

Now where to find this luscious little creature? If you are visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, there is a small café at the the bottom of the hill that I do not remember the name of- sorry. There are several little cafes, but I suppose the best way to narrow it down is to either show this photo or look on the menu for the ‘Vanilla Cream’.


Coffee and Art

The Alte Pinakothek Museum in Munich, is impressively one of the oldest art galleries in the world. I am an art lover and have visited many of the greatest museums in the world, where I have also sipped a cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso, or a latte.

Cafe Kinst Genuss now Cafe Klenze

The café inside the Alte Pinakothek Museum is now Café Klenze, which from what I read is just as lovely. One of my travel rules is to always take a break while checking out a museum. Sometimes when you are soaking in a lot of art or visual stimulus, you can become very overstimulated. Finding the museum’s café, taking a short break, and processing what you have seen allows you to be ready for ‘Round Two’.

For Museum and Café information, please visit their website: Alte Pinakothek Museum


Danke schön, darling, danke schön …

– Wayne Netwon
Yours Truly taking a sip for Oktoberfest!


🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property- Trixie Navarre

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  2. […] 👩🏻‍💻 From noshing at Oktoberfest to my first bite of Kaiserschmarrn, please visit my list → “What I ate in Bavaria – A Food Journal.” […]


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