What I ate in BELGIUM – A Food Journal

Eating and drinking your way through a country can be a fulfilling expedition, especially if you combine the food in with the culture. While I was in Belgium, I had a list of foods that I wanted to try. They were either traditional dishes or found at the one of the oldest establishments. Then there were several other foods that I consumed, which I found surprising and tasteful.

Greetings from Belgium!

From consuming a hearty plate of Flemish Stew with beer, to my ‘Extra’ Sea Bass for lunch in Antwerp, my list of “What I ate in Belgium – A Food Journal”.


Noshing in Brussels

I gave myself a couple of days to eat my way through Brussels, and I think I did a good job. All you foodies, gluttons, and epicureans out there understand what I am talking about. Where eating your way through a city, is just as important as visiting a museum. That is how I worked my through the city of Brussels.

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My Pretty Little Waffle in Brugge

When your waffle is as pretty as the city you are wandering in. When I was in Bruges, Belgium I stumbled upon Otto Waffle Atelier. Their updated version of traditional waffles are made from oats, which makes for a delicious and healthy alternative.


The toppings were flavorful, healthy, and seasonal. I chose the “Pink Ginger” which was a Rhubarb-Ginger compote, chia seeds, and daisies. My flavorful waffle from Otto was both delightful and adorable,

For location information, please visit their website – Waffle Otto Atelier

For city information – A Day in Bruges, Belgium | A UNESCO World Heritage Site


Flemish Stew in Bruges

Wandering around Bruges built up an appetite. My need for protein and carbs gave me the opportunity to try the traditional Flemish Beef Stew. Fortunately, I found it on the menu at the first restaurant that I walked into. I found Flemish Beef Stew at Place De Brugge.

Traditional Flemish Beef Stew is similar to the what we serve in the States, only that the flavor is richer and enhanced due to the added beer. As you know, I am not a beer drinker but I definitely do not mind it in a beef stew.

For city information – A Day in Bruges, Belgium | A UNESCO World Heritage Site


Nougat & Marzipan from Brown Sugar Brugge

Two of my favorite sweets in one store. It was like an unseen force that drew me to the store window. Inside Brown Sugar, I saw rows and rows of various flavors of French nougat and marzipan. It was a sweet intoxication.

After milling around the store and joking with the lady who worked at the shop, I finally decided on two of my favorite flavors: pistachio and raspberry. I left with one Pistache Marzipan, and one Framboise Nougat packaged sweetly in a bright pink Brown Sugar bag. My day in Bruges was now complete.

For shop location and information, please visit their website – BROWN SUGAR

For city information – A Day in Bruges, Belgium | A UNESCO World Heritage Site


At the New Radisson Blu

While in Bruges, I stayed at the newly opened Radisson Blu located by the Central Train Station. My accomodations were very nice, and the food served at the hotel was impressive for an American hotel chain. The breakfast offered and the hotel restaurant was a definite level up for a moderate priced hotel chain.

Breakfast served was a traditional European style breakfast with breads, meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, fruit, etc. What I appreciated was the upgraded cheeses offered such as local Old Bruges, Chaumes (French), and Brie (French).

The restaurant inside the Bruges Radisson Blue was enjoyable and delicious. I started off with a Cosmopolitan to take the edge off the day of traveling into Bruges. We all need a little something now and then. I was offered a tasteful Amuse Bouche of Salmon on a Crostini, very nice. I decided on the Seafood Risotto, and it was excellent; a generous serving of cod over risotto with shrimp and mussels. It was all very impressive.

For my complete Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Radisson Blu Hotel on Yelp

For city information – A Day in Bruges, Belgium | A UNESCO World Heritage Site


Coffee & Tea in Antwerp

Coffee in the morning and a tea to kill time. That uneventful cup of morning caffeine was at my uneventful hotel across the Antwerp Central Train station. My view was of the Central Train station. Sometimes travel memories are like that, right?

Now my hot tea was more eventful because I was waiting for the Antwerp Cathedral to open, and I had a lovely view while sitting at De Kleine Post. I just loved how I was given a little waffle and a Lait Melk chocolate with my tea. I suppose that is how you know you are in Belgium- the waffle.

For my complete review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of De Kleine Post on Yelp


My ‘Extra’ Sea Bass at the Duke of Antwerp

For the eateries close to the Central Train Station in Antwerp, I believe that the Duke of Antwerp was one of the better restaurants. The blocks close to the train station can be very chaotic with hordes of people dragging their luggage, smoking cigarettes, and in your face. Many of the eateries in the area are counter service, fast food, or bars. I found that the Duke of Antwerp was a quiet and comfortable restaurant to grab a meal by the train station.

I ordered the sea bass, which was presented beautifully. My server said that their seafood was top-notch, and I will have to agree with her on that. The food here was delicious from start to end. It was also a nice place to catch my breath while in the area of the chaotic Central Train Station.

For my complete Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Duke Of Antwerp on Yelp


RAS in Antwerp

There is no such thing as a coincidence, especially when it comes to a food seeker and glorious food. I came across RAS by “accident”, but I do believe that it was meant for me to have landed at their doors when they opened for lunch at 11:00 AM.

My serendipitous lunch started of with a Gin and my favorite Fever Tree Tonic. Next were olives and brown bread with butter to start. Then I moved onto a delectable dish of rolled chicken, seasonal asparagus, Morel mushrooms, and mini hash browns. Finally it was topped off with a phenomenal chocolate mousse with four different types- white chocolate, hazelnut, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. What a glorious lunch!

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Yours Truly in Belgium

🌎Thank you for visiting my blog and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property- Trixie Navarre

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