Museums in The Netherlands – Exploring Dutch Art and Culture

Culture, art and history- they are all intertwined. Personally, I am a fan of all three and incorporate them within my travels. I have traveled out of my way into smaller cities to visit well known museums, as it is that important to me. That might not be everyone’s bag, and I understand that people have their own traveling agendas, to each their own!

Although Amsterdam has first-class museums, there are other first rate museums outside the capital. While I traveled through The Netherlands, I journeyed outside of capital into cities and towns like Den Haag and Oterllo, to visit remarkable works inside glorious museums. Either I am that dedicated or that crazy!


Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

I missed this museum when I first came to Amsterdam in 2015. I am glad that I waited because I was able to spend more time here. The Rijksmuseum is extensive, and a must for those who visit Amsterdam.

While at the Rijksmuseum there was a Rembrandt exhibition happening, which was outstanding.  There were other remarkable pieces of art from other Dutch and European artists. Plus a stunning collection of Pre-Renaissance art and artifacts.

I arrived shortly before the museum opened, and there was quite a long queue. That was fine because at least I had my ticket, which made entering the museum quicker. Purchasing your ticket prior online is essential with any museums.

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For ticketing information and location, please visit their website – Rijksmuseum


Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

The remarkable life of Van Gogh can be experienced here. If you are not familiar with Van Gogh’s life, this is a wonderful walk through from his beginnings, his family tree, the letters between he and others, artist friends, as well as mental instability, and suicide. This museum has been articulated with such care, and thoughtfulness for this remarkable artist, who was ahead of his time.


If you stop to read the walls, and take your time as you should in a museum- you will come to understand Van Gogh. His inspirations, his dealing with mental illness, and why he decided to end his life. I was familiar with his story prior, but this museum certainly put things into perspective.

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For ticketing information and location, please visit their website – Van Gogh Museum


Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Considering ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ has been translated into 70 different languages, I am hoping that this story has been read by all those who have access to it. If you have or have not (please do so), a visit to the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam brings her true story into reality.

This is where a thirteen year old Jewish girl hid with others from the Nazis during WWII, and wrote her diary. They were eventually found, separated, and died in concentration camps except for Otto Frank, her father. He eventually published her diary, created the Anne Frank Foundation, and opened the museum in May 1960.

The blackened windows on the top are where a total of eight people hid, including Anne Frank and her family. You will be taken behind the secret bookcase, and into the the small annex quarters where she was in hiding for two years. The walk through is heart wrenching, and it is real.

It is essential that you purchase your tickets prior to arrival. This is one of Amsterdam’s most visited sights, and the lines are around the building. When we visited, I had pre-purchased our tickets online so we walked right in, although we were 15 minutes late. Always buy your tickets to anything on line, if possible.

For museum information, ticketing and location, please visit their website – Anne Frank House 


Mauritshuis in Den Haag

Visiting this Museum was the very reason I came to Den Haag. As most of you know, I am an art lover, and I have been since I was a teen. Johansen Vermeer’s masterwork, ‘Girl With a Pearl earring’ was high on my list of works to see. She was the first masterpiece I saw in the museum. I already knew what room she would be in, and that is where I hightailed it to.

She was absolutely stunning!  I recommend a trip to Den Haag, with a visit to Mauritshuis while in The Netherlands. The museum also contains countless artworks from other Masters.  It is not a large museum, and you can easily see all the paintings within in an hour or two.

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For ticketing information and location, please visit their website – Mauristhuis Museum


Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo

The Kröller-Müller was my favorite museum in The Netherlands! It is outstanding, and has the second largest collection of Van Gogh paintings, after the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Also the museum’s grounds has one of the largest sculpture gardens in Europe. The sculpture garden opened in 1961, and has created Kröller-Müller concept of nature, art, and architecture all working together.

👩🏻‍💻 For more photos and area information The Kröller-Müller Museum – Second Largest Van Gogh Collection!

For my Five Star Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Kröller-Müller Museum on Yelp

For museum information and location, please visit their website – Kröller-Müller Museum


The best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end…

– Pico Lyer
Yours Truly in the Netherlands

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