What I ate in AMSTERDAM – A Food Journal

It was my second visit to Amsterdam, and this time I was on my own and stayed longer than a day. I gave myself several days of museum hopping, tip toeing through the tulips, and straight up eating. I had a list of places that I wanted to try, and I hit all of them. Thank goodness for all the walking I did, just to burn off everything that I ate.

Greetings from Amsterdam!

From several ‘First Food Try’ experiences, to eating a croquette from an automat, my list of “What I ate in Amsterdam – A Food Journal’.


My First Syrian Food Experience

It all started when I told my Airbnb hostess that I was a food and travel blogger, and if she could suggest a place that locals enjoyed. She recommended Restaurant Sham, after asking if I wanted to try Syrian food. I have never tried it before, and was very curious. Luckily, Sham was a couple blocks down from my accomodations.

With the recommendations of my helpful server at Sham, I ordered the various kebabs. so I could taste each one. My favorite was the traditional minced meat kabob, as I have always been a fan of minced meat. I also tried the hummus, Syrian salad, rice, Syrian tea, and baklava. Everything was full of flavor and my dining experience was extraordinary.

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For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Restaurant Sham


Noshing at Keukenhof Gardens

The restaurants inside the famous Keukenhof tulip gardens were delicious, and very accommodating to everyone.  They offered international dishes such as Asian noodles, traditional croquets, sandwiches, and salads.


I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad that was layered inside of a jar. I adored the presentation, and was very tasty and filling. It was a very large jar of salad!

The meat croquet was creamy and savory, it was very good. The serving of thick chips was an added bonus and a tasty accompaniment.


I also found an ice cream stand amongst the tulip garden, and it was a definite must. The hand packed strawberry ice cream was very fresh and light, and made for a lovely accompaniment to the gorgeous gardens.

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For gardens location and information, please visit – Keukenhof National Gardens


Dutch Apple Pie and a Caffe

I had been on the move for hours, and needed one of my caffeine-carbs-wifi breaks that are part of my travel routine. I was close to the Amsterdam Central Train Station, and ducked into the New York Film Academy Café. It looked like a cool place to hang out for awhile, I liked it.

I ordered the Dutch apple pie because it was on my To-Eat list, and I was floored. Where have you been all my life? I do like American apple pie, but the Dutch have mastered it. Now, in my future travels I will be making a Dutch apple pie pilgrimage when I visit the Netherlands again; just as I have done with apple strudel in Germany.

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For café information and location, please visit their website – New York Film Academy Café 


A Huge Dutch Pancake at the Famous Pancake Bakery

Pancake Bakery was high on my list of places to eat in Amsterdam. I did not get a chance to try it out on my first visit to Amsterdam in 2015, and I made it a point to visit it in 2019. The Pancake Bakery has been opened since 1973, and has been serving sweet and savory pancakes to tourists and locals alike. It was a very delicious place, and is on my rotation for Amsterdam restaurants.


I chose a simple savory pancake of ham and cheese. It was delectable, and I wish I could have tried a sweeter style too. The pancakes are huge, and can easily be shared.

Dutch pancakes are not like American pancakes. Do not expect a stack of fluffies that are loaded down with sweet toppings and whipped cream. Dutch pancakes are flat like a crepe, but stronger to hold the heavy fillings. They are filled with savory or sweet ingredients, and are one of the best foods you can try in the Netherlands.

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For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – The Pancake Bakery


A Beautiful Avocado Toast at the Beautiful Café Americain

Café Americain is an Art Deco Grand Café dating back to 1905. When I say that it is a Grand Café, I certainly do mean a Grand Café. From floor to ceiling it was elegant in that Art Deco style that I find stunning. It was like taking a step back in time.

For breakfast, I ordered a cappuccino and the Avocado Toast. It definitely was a café for Americans if they served avocado toast.  This was one gorgeous avocado toast with eggs, and one lovely cappuccino. Both were picture perfect and very delicious. I had a beautiful start of the day at Café Americain.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Café Americain

For my Five Star Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Café Americain on Yelp


A Visit to the Cheese Museum

It is no secret that I enjoy dairy in all its forms. Which leads to cheese, it is such a glorious thing that it has its own museum. There is also a Butter Museum that I went to in Cork, Ireland but that is another story. At heart, I am a Casophile aka cheese lover, there could be worse things in life. I missed this cheese museum on my first visit to Amsterdam, and I made sure that I made time for it on my most recent trip.

The Cheese Museum is actually a store with a museum inside. You can try all of their flavors and types of cheeses, while you stroll the store. You know I sampled every cheese that was available for sampling, right? I really have no shame when it comes to free cheese.

For location and store information, please visit their website – Amsterdam Cheese Museum



I had to try this out when I read that this was a thing in Amsterdam. I used to watch cartoons growing up with automat food scenes, and was always amused by them. There are several throughout Amsterdam and the Netherlands, so just find one and go to it. They are kind of fun.

I decided on getting there croquette which was €2. For vending machine or I should say automat food, it was quite good. Well above American standards if they were to do something like this. They also had other foods like burgers, fries, and sandwiches. It was pretty cool!

For my Yelp Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Febo on Yelp

For restaurant information and locations, please visit their website – FEBO


Chocolate and Cheese at Café ‘t Smalle

Café ‘t Smalle in Amsterdam is one the oldest brown cafes that is still opened. It is a wonderful feeling to sit inside, have a drink and a bite. Thinking if these walls could talk, what would they say? This café is a definite must for those who live for older establishments.


Enjoying my Hot Chocolate with Rum by candlelight.


You know I can eat a lot of cheese in one sitting. This warm goat cheese with honey, nuts, and thyme was incredible. You bet I ate it in one sitting.

For café information and location, please visit their Facebook Page – Café t Smalle 


All Aboard De Pannenkoekenboot

Aka ‘The Pancake Boat’. Yes there is a pancake cruise in Amsterdam, and by now you should not be surprised that I took that cruise. What happens is that you find yourself on a river cruise with a guide telling you all about the sights. All the while you are munching on AYCE (all you can eat) pancakes.

You can make both sweet and savory pancakes, it is your choice. All the pancakes are freshly cooked while sailing, and you just add your toppings to create your perfect AYCE pancakes.

For cruise information and tickets, please visit – Amsterdam Pannenkoekenboot!


Food is the ingredient that binds us together

Yours Truly in the Netherlands

🌎 Thank you for visiting my blog and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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