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Restaurant Sham in Amsterdam – First Time Syrian Food

While staying in Amsterdam, my Airbnb suggested that I should try Restaurant Sham since they knew I was food curious. I have tried different types of Middle Eastern food before, both in the States as well as in the Middle East. Although I have never tried Syrian food, Restaurant Sham in Amsterdam was a delightful introduction into Syrian cuisine.

The service at Sham was outstanding. Everyone was full of smiles and very helpful in explaining how the food was made. They suggested that I try the various kabobs so I could taste how each one was different. They were very excited to share their love for food with me. My server also went on to explain what the other side dishes were comprised of, as well as offering me Syrian baklava at the end. We even spoke about visiting Jordan and the differences between the flavors of the foods. The service, friendliness and conversations were all quite endearing.


The trio of Kebabs were very delicious and everything was seasoned perfectly. I love minced meat, so that was my favorite out of the three. Now I do admit that I was a little intimidated by the large sword like skewers! I am not the most graceful when I slide food off a skewer. You will be glad to know that everything ended well and I did not impale anyone or anything!

If you enjoy hummus, I highly recommend ordering it from Restaurant Sham. It was beautifully presented and accompanied with delicious olive oil and tahini. Their hummus was very creamy and appetizing when eaten with the Arabic bread.


If you order the kabobs, it does comes with a refreshing Syrian salad which is very similar to the cucumber and tomato salads served in that region. The produce was very fresh and I enjoyed the light herbed olive oil dressing very much. You could taste the quality of the vegetables, it was an incredible salad.


I especially enjoyed the rice that was served at Sham. It was a mix of seasoned rice, grains and peas. I loved the flavors and the different textures of this side dish. It was a perfect addition to the already wonderful meal!

As for the baklava. It was very good and different from the Jordanian or Mediterranean Style that most Americans know. The Syrian baklava has more of a pistachio taste to it which I adored because I do love pistachio! Do not forget to have Syrian tea after dinner. It is made from a concentrate with hot water added to it, which gives it a specific taste.

My dining experience at Sham was extraordinary from the start to the end and from top to bottom! Thank you Restaurant Sham for introducing me to the taste of Syrian Cuisine!


For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Restaurant Sham

For my Five Star YELP Review – Read Trixie N.‘s review of Sham on Yelp


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