What I ate in ESTONIA – A Food Journal

Crossing into Tallinn, Estonia by bus from Riga, Latvia marked a huge travel milestone for me. It was the moment that I had accomplished one of my big travel goals; to visit every Baltic State, Eastern European, and Balkan country.  I did it in four years from the time that I fell in love with this region, after I visited Krakow, Poland in 2015. When I first started to cross these countries off one by one, I did not realize that my last country would be beautiful Estonia.

Greetings from Tallin

The food in this part of the world has always been interesting. It changes from region to region, but has many similarities. I do love the food in this region of the world, both traditional and modern. Estonia had more dishes that I wish I had time to indulge in, like their ‘New Nordic Cuisine’, but that will have to keep until my next trip. What I did find in Tallinn was a fun pub and bar scene, plus some surprise tasty treats along the way.

From accidentally eating at the same pub twice, to drinking a ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ at the Depeche Mode Baar- My list of “What I ate in Estonia – A Food Journal”.


Hell Hunt – The First Estonian Pub

According to their coasters and signage, Hell Hunt is the first pub in Estonia opening in 1993. I cannot confirm nor deny it, but I can confirm that they do serve very good pub food. Hell Hunt is also one of Estonia’s top rated pubs, which is popular with both locals and tourists of all ages.

I had just arrived into Tallinn by bus from Riga, Latvia and wanted a quick bite before I toured the town. I came accross Hell Hunt, and it looked interesting enough, but I will admit that I was drawn in by the name.

The menu offers traditional pub food and international dishes, so I ordered the Jalapeño Poppers and Fish & Chips. Both were very good and I especially enjoyed the fish & chips.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Hell Hunt

My full review – Hell Hunt | Estonia’s First Pub


Hell Hunt – Round 2 Meatballs

I ate at Hell Hunt again by accident! It was purely by accident that I sat at their outdoor seating across the street from their brick and mortar pub. I honestly thought I was sitting down at another restaurant’s patio. When I was given the menu it read “Hell Hunt”. I felt like I was in a crazy dream.


Luckily, I enjoyed my pub food from the day before, and I ordered the Meatballs which came with fresh bread. I thought I would get two to six meatballs, but as you see I received a whole ring of meatballs. Thank goodness they were house made and very flavorful, all fifteen of them.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Hell Hunt

My full review – Hell Hunt | Estonia’s First Pub


Raspberry and Sugar Mini-Pancakes

Behind the church in Old Town Market Square, there is a cute little stand that sells cute little mini pancakes. I found Van Kook by luck when walking through the square. I had to stop and buy a plate of raspberry mini-pancakes, because I love pancakes and love raspberries even more.

Everything is made to order, so you know that you will be served fresh and warm pancakes. You can order them ‘sweet’ with berries and powdered sugar, which are very good. They also offer a ‘salty’ option, which are cheese pancakes. This was such a tasty little place that I recommended it to anyone who was visiting Tallinn.


Salty Pancakes From Van Kook

So yes, I came back the next day for the ‘salty’ cheese pancakes. I made sure to do so because I was going to leave the following day to London. I was on my way to a morning walking tour, and showed up noshing with this plate of mini cheese pancakes and a wooden pick- That’s how I roll.

The location of Van Kook is behind the church in Old Town Market Square. You can not miss the cute little wooden stall selling these tasty little pancakes- Enjoy!


Marzipan Cake at the Oldest Café in Estonia

Maiasmokk Café in Tallinn was a twofer for me. I love anything considered the oldest, and I love marzipan. This delightful slice of marzipan cake was light, sweet, and full of that marzipan almond flavor that I enjoy so much. I accompanied it with a cup of tea, which made my visit to the oldest café in Estonia just perfect.


Maiasmokk Café is noted as the oldest café in Estonia, dating back to 1864. This café offers coffee, tea, pastries, on two different dining floors. I found it a lovely historic place to unwind and collect myself mid-day, with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

For location and dining information, please visit their website – Maiasmokk Café

For my full review – Kalev-Maiasmokk Café | The Oldest Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia


Berry Smoothie at Kalev

Within the same building of Maiasmokk Café there is another enterance to their full service café, and marzipan shoppe- Kalev. Inside you will find a marzipan museum with hand painted candies that are too beautiful to eat. Upstairs there is a charming café with a full restaurant and bar menu. It is worth the visit even to sit down for a drink and unwind.


I had been eating ALL day and wanted something light before the Depeche Mode bar opened. I decided on this light berry smoothie that was served in a pretty pedestal glass. I was sitting in a second story window nook that had lovely street views, and had beautiful natural lighting.

For location and dining information, please visit their website: Kalev- Maiasmokk Café

For my full review – Kalev-Maiasmokk Café | The Oldest Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia


I Stop for Candied Nuts

This is true, I definitely do stop for candied nuts especially ones that are freshly made. I have found fresh candied almonds and pecans throughout Europe. Since my first trip to Germany in 2015, they have been one of my favorite sweets while walking around a city.


I found these Gourmet Candied Almonds while on a free walking tour in Tallinn. We were given a water break, and I bought a box plus a water bottle.


Hold Up… A Depeche Mode Baar?

Being a New Wave turned Goth Girl in the 80s, finding a Depeche Mode Baar in Old Town Tallinn was a “Stop what you are doing and take a second look” moment. I was on my free walking tour when we walked right by it. My eyes caught the small black sign with the familiar Violator Rose, I would know that flower anywhere. My High School boyfriend painted a Violator Rose on the sleeve of my black leather biker jacket when I was 18, but that is another story.

The Depeche Mode Baar has a full bar serving drinks that are named after many of DMs famous hits, as well as other artists. In my hand is a drink named after one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs, “Just can’t get enough”, which is cranberry and gin. My drink name was my theme of the moment as I soaked in all the Depeche Mode vibe around me. It was brilliant.

For bar information and location, please visit their website – Depeche Mode Baar

For my review that did go viral – Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode Baar | Tallinn, Estonia


Lounging at Tallinn Airport Lounge

I need to give Tallinn’s airport lounge a nice round of applause for the beautiful canapés and toasts that they offered their guests. Everything was fresh tasting and creatively presented. The food and comfortable atmosphere made for a quiet place to chill before I flew off to London.

Farewell Tallinn, until we meet again. Next time I will certainly hit the New Nordic food scene, and drink more at the DM Baar!


My eating habits range from super-model yoga enthusiasts to hungry unsupervised child in a candy store…

Yours Truly in Estonia

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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