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What I ate in LITHUANIA – A Food Journal

When I dined in Vilnius, I dined well. The cuisine in Lithuania revolves around a heavier food source such as meat, potatoes, mushrooms and berries. Everything was fresh and local and my O-Type blood was fed quite well!

From eating a Hesburger with a travel day friend to eating at the oldest restaurant in Vilnius, my list on “What I ate in Lithuania – A Food Journal”

Lunch at Lokys – Vilnius’s Oldest Family Run Restaurant

One of the benefits of taking a Free Walking Tour is that you will get insights and locations for great restaurants with a bit of history. Our guide spoke about Lokys being the oldest family run restaurant in Vilnius and I bookmarked it on my app. I had the intentions on returning and returning I did.

Lokys has a terrific wine menu including local Lithuanian berry wines along with international wines. I decided on the sweet wine with cinnamon, cloves and ginger – In the olden times it was believed that this drink had remedial qualities. I finished my meal with a double espresso and was given a hospitality shot from my server. I was well taken care of at Lokys.

One Lithuanian dish that was on my must-try-list was this ‘Pretty in Pink’ Cold Beetroot Soup. This traditional dish was as flavorful as it was beautiful. If you enjoy vichyssoise or gazpacho, this cold beetroot soup should be on your soup bucket list.

For my main entrée, I decided on this hearty potato dish as it was big enough for a main meal. These savory potato balls were filled with ground game meat and were delectable. The potato cutlets were accompanied with a side of wild mushrooms and fresh sour cream, which made for a very flavorsome meal.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Restoranas Lokys


Another Dose of Asian Food

If you are familiar with my blogs then you know that when I travel, I get an itch for Asian food. It could be my South East Asian roots but once or twice a week, I need some type of Asian food. When I came across Asia Vet restaurant in Vilnius, I was already over that one week mark.  I went straight into the restaurant after I got off the train from the Hill of Crosses and happily ordered this noodle dish.


The Vietnamese Food at Asia Viet Restaurant was very delicious and and flavorful. They offer a full menu of different dishes for inexpensive prices. My Stir-fried noodles with beef was €6.50. It was an amazing dish for the price and my Asian food fix was met.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their Facebook page – Asia Viet Restaurant


Etno Dvaras – I Ditched the Group for Food

I knew about Etno Dvaras prior to my Lithuanian trip and it was on my checklist of places to eat. While on the free walking tour, our guide pointed it out and we ended our tour blocks from the restaurant. As usual, solo travelers will group together and decide on a place to eat and talk shop. I was not sure where my new group of ‘Day Friends’ were going to eat, so I quickly excused myself- “OK bye everyone! It was nice meeting you. I need to get going!” I pretty much ditched the group so I could eat at Etno Dvaras. So about five minutes after I was seated solo, guess who comes in as a group? Yup, the group that I ditched- Oops. I do not think they realized my intentions because we all shared a table, had a great group talk and ate delicious food. I felt a bit embarrassed but should have realized they would have chosen Etno Dvaras. It ended well though!


These Honey Mushrooms sounded so delicious and I am glad that I ordered them. I love trying local fungi and am always interested in how each country prepares them. This dish was wonderful as it tasted fresh and light. The mixture or pickled honey, mushrooms, red onions, zucchini and radishes were beautifully plated as well.

“Did you try the potato dumplings?” “You need to eat zeppelins” is what you will hear from locals. It is a must try dish in Lithuania and it is delicious! Zeppelins are meat stuffed potato dumplings and Etno Dvaras is recognized as serving the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC.  They offer different potato dumplings and I chose the one with a side of crackling. I liked it because it leveled up the flavors of the already wonderful zeppelins.

When you meet other solo travelers and share a meal with them, you might literally “share” your meal. It is not uncommon for your table mates to ask “Do you want to try some?” or for you to ask the same question. My table mates offered bites of their own dishes so I was able to try the mushroom soup in a bread bowl. I love mushroom soup so I enjoyed it very much. Then I tried the drink, Kvass, to the left which I was not fond of. Kvass is a fermented bread beverage that is traditional to the region.

Etno Dvaras is the first traditional Lithuanian cuisine restaurant that is Certified by the Culinary Heritage Fund. It is true down to the core of their ingredients. They work with local farmers and choose local products, which always contributes to the authentic flavors of a country’s dish. For those looking for a certified authentic meal, Etno Dvaras is the best choice!

For restaurant information and location, please visit their website – Etno Dvaras


Kebab Burger With a New Friend

My new day friend, who I met after getting off the train in Siauliai, and I decided to grab a bite at Hesburger at the bus station. We had just finished checking out The Hill of Crosses and were pretty famished. If you are a solo traveler then you understand what I mean about a day friend. For those who do not, it is simply a friend that you meet while traveling. They are another solo traveler whom you spend the day with, have a meal and connect on social media after.  Sometimes when you travel solo, you really are not traveling solo and walk to a mound of crosses in the middle of nowhere. Then you eat fast food burgers and fries afterwards!


I ordered the Kebab Burger, which is a kebab seasoned beef patty topped with jalapenos and your typical onion, cheese, lettuce and tomato, All folded in a pita bread, it was good for a fast food burger. Hesburger is a fast food chain restaurant that is based out of Finland and reaches well into the Baltic States. They offer environmentally sustainable food options which does not surprise me from a food chain in this part of the world.

For more information, please visit their website – Hesburger


First Class Sandwich

This sandwich set set up was given to me while riding in the first class section from Vilnius to Siauliai, where you will find The Hill of Crosses. I was not expecting anything to eat since most transportation in Eastern Europe do not offer complimentary food on first class sections- I was thankful!


The attendant did not speak a lot of English but she asked, chicken or fish? I replied fish not knowing what to expect and was given this simple salmon salad sandwich on white bread. Not bad for being a pre-packaged sandwich! I washed it down with a caffe and a little chocolate treat at the end. I like first class on Lithuanian trains very much.


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📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property- Trixie Navarre

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